Sunflower Inn

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They didn’t have any guests tonight or the next day, so Lucky wanted to surprise Jet with something special. She planned on getting up early and preparing what they needed to go for a picnic. She wanted him to enjoy himself and just relax for a bit. He had practically been running himself into the ground since the funeral. She also needed to talk with him, she needed to know where they stood. The last thing she wanted to do was leave, but her initial plan was to buy the Inn. Donna had left it to Jet in her will, which was completely logical, however, it left Lucky without a place to work or a place to call home. She needed to know what Jet planned on doing and if she would be included in his plans. After spending the last two weeks with him, during some of the roughest times of his life, she had grown to admire him so much. She loved him with all her heart, she wanted to spend her life with him. But she feared that his declaration had been made because he was going through so much, she didn’t want to believe it could be how he truly felt. She decided that a picnic really was the best way to speak to him, and if it all went South, at least she could treasure one last beautiful moment with him.


Jet walked out onto the porch and into the blinding sunshine. He tipped his head and let his stetson shade his eyes. He stretched his limbs, having recently woke up, and walked down the front steps. He was on his way to Pinto, he needed to clear his mind, his thoughts had been on the Inn again. Lucky had been a lifesaver over the past few weeks, helping so much in every way she could. Every time they were close, he wanted to pick her up and drink in her sweet scent, but he held back. His mind was racing about so many things and he didn’t think it was fair to her if they went further in their relationship when his mind wasn’t clear. But he knew that he would regret it someday, he could feel that she was waiting for him to unload his burdens. She wouldn’t wait forever and he would be damned if he lost her.

As he made his way into the forest, he heard his name being called from the house. He turned quickly, hoping it was not another emergency, praying that she was okay. She was the love of his life and he wanted to be with her for as long as possible. He galloped towards her, noticing how the wind swept her hair up, tossing it every which way it wanted. She was holding a picnic basket in one hand, a cover in the other and she had a huge smile on her beautiful face. He breathed, everything was okay. Everything was more than okay, he was finally going to talk to her. He didn’t want to keep acting this way, keeping her at arms length. He wanted her in his arms all day, every day, for the rest of his life.

Lucky looked up at him as he rode up next to her and stopped. He held out his hand and she slowly gave him the items she held. Once he had them secured, he lifted her up and sat her down in front of him. He grabbed the reigns and asked her where to go. He knew by the basket and cover that she had something planned. He couldn’t wait to find out what.

Lucky felt his strong arms reach around her to grab hold of the reigns. She felt so small riding atop the magnificent creature, yet when she felt its strength beneath her, she felt empowered. She had never had the pleasure of riding a horse, yet it felt so natural. She closed her eyes and felt the wind pick up her hair. She asked Jet to find the sunflower field, she hadn’t been to visit it yet and she loved the image it conjured of them sitting among them together. When he told her they were almost there, she opened her eyes and was blown away by the sight. Never had she seen so many sunflowers, all turned towards the same direction, seeking the sun. Her heart felt content, she sighed and leaned back into Jet’s body. She felt him lean down next to her and his warm breath grazed her skin. They stopped next to a post and dismounted, tying Pinto before walking hand in hand to the middle of the field. The yellow beauties had been arranged with enough space between them to sit, they were so tall that Lucky couldn’t see over them. As they laid down the cover and placed the basket beside them, they both sat and were cocooned by the giants. Lucky took out the food and arranged it on the cover, hoping Jet was happy with the options. She saw him smile, but he wasn’t looking at the food, he was looking at her.

″This is just what I needed. Thank you Lucky.″

She smiled up warmly and grabbed a piece of cheese and some crackers. They ate in silence for a long time, gazing at each other adoringly and at their surroundings. Lucky grabbed a napkin and wiped herself before speaking.

″What are your plans with the Inn?″

Jet didn’t expect her to be so direct, but then again, he had been keeping her at arms length for awhile now. He cleared his throat and answered her the only way he could think of.

″I’ve been wanting to talk to you about it for few days now. I’d like to hand the Inn over to you. It was ma’s wish to have you as the owner.″

Did that mean that he was cutting ties with the place and moving on? She felt as though she had the wind knocked out of her. She felt like she was beginning to hyperventilate. She looked down at her hands, they were shaking against her thighs.

″What will you do?″

She couldn’t even look him in the eye when she asked him the question. She was too scared that he had decided to leave. She felt his hand touch her chin, as he brought her face up to look at him.

″I was hoping you would keep me on.″

Her heart did flip flops in her chest and she felt the butterflies in her stomach reappear.

″As a farm hand?″

He shook his head and took one of her hands in his. His touch sent tingles throughout her body and she closed her eyes when he leaned in and kissed her.

″I was hoping you would say yes.″

Her eyes opened wide and she saw him reach into his pocket and pull out a velvet box. She didn’t even wait for him to open it, she flung herself in his awaiting arms and kissed him. He held her close and smiled as the woman he loved clung to him. He pushed her gently back onto the cover and opened the box.

″Is that a yes?″

He couldn’t believe that this incredible woman was going to be his wife. Well, she hadn’t technically said yes but her reaction was positive, so he felt brave.

″Of course Jet! Yes, a million times yes!″

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