“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Becca finds her happiness marrying Lucas Tate, but when her father finds out that her marriage has been a fake trade planned by Lucas, he decides that it's time to take her back and marry her off with Salvatore Benito, the elder son of the Italian mafia head, Marciano Benito, for better businesses. Sniffing danger coming, Lucas has to build yet another plan of taking her father and Marciano Benito down, his own father being involved in their shady businesses, so he decides to get rid of them both, and live peacefully for the rest of his life with Becca, the woman he has madly fallen in love on a summer night, at the first sight. His plans throw him and Becca into a whirlpool of danger and death hanging on their heads with Becca running away and making it even harder for him and falling into the hands of Enzo, the son of her husband's enemy which finally becomes his ally. Family secrets are revealed, and nobody is who they seemed to be, with friends becoming enemies and enemies becoming friends, for life. Dive into Lucas and Becca's endless love story, filled with passion, pain, sacrifice, and joy, a passionate mafia romance, Book1 of the "Mafia in love" series. 🎯 Make sure you don't miss Book2, "Enzo's girl". 🎯 Soon to follow, Book3, "The Don between the covers". All Rights Reserved - 2020

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