“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 11 - The return to NY [Republished]


Scrolling for Gio’s number in the call log I hit the green button waiting him to answer.

“Did you get it?” I ask coldly.

“Sure, brother. I am on my way to pick you up.”

It didn’t take long till I was in the car, with Gio driving us to Enzo’s place. I knew he could find it. There is nothing Gio can’t find. I was relying on him hugely and he never disappointed me.

I feel a wave of anger tickling my temples and I run my fingers multiple times through my hair, unable to contain my eagerness to find Becca and leave together back to our home where she belongs.

I was so stupid for not being more cautious with her, for not watching her better, for not understanding her strong will to leave me, her pain, her suffering.

I was so eased having her limp in my arms, molding her to my body, believing I got back the woman I had always wanted and always had, but I was too fucking stupid to hurt that much.

I should have never fallen asleep, wouldn’t have been the first time but the painkillers the doctor administered me were strong enough to knock me down and that’s when she found the proper moment to run away.

I should have never lost her from my sight.

Gio pulls the car in front of a flat building, luxurious enough for someone like Enzo.

I have been doing business with his father for almost two years now but I’ve never met him, never heard of him even.

When we reach the first floor Gio rings the doorbell of the only flat on the floor.

Seconds later I hear footsteps behind the door and my heart jumped in my throat.

I was ready to push the fucking door opened, grab my wife and get the fuck out of here. At least that’s what I thought. But when the door opened the head of a short, fat, old lady appeared.

“How can I help you?” she says.

I burn in the flames of hell not seeing Enzo in the door.

“We are here to see Enzo,” Gio replies, seeing me in no state of having a decent word to say.

“Mr. Enzo is not in. Actually, he traveled back to New York this early morning together with the young lady,” she informs us.

“Fuck!” I roar in anger.

I walk away from the door, pacing around in anger and rubbing the back of my neck with the right hand while I run the left one through my hair.

I don’t care anymore what she has to say but I am thankful for Gio being so calm.

He presses his hand on my shoulder trying to calm me down when I am back next to him.

“Do you expect him to come back soon?” he continues.

“No, sir. He comes quite rare here. But I am sure you can find him easily in New York. His office is in Time Warner Center.”

“You have been extremely helpful, ma’am. Thank you,” Gio says and nods to the lady.

“Good day, sir,” she says and closes the door.

“We fly now to New York,” I says and Gio nods in approval.

I was sure he expected nothing less than that.


True to his words, Enzo took us to the flight early morning.

I was so nervous to go back to New York where I knew there were people knowing me, my father, my brother and surely Lucas, but hey, this was New York, the most crowded city in the world.

I could have stayed hidden and nobody would find me before I filed my divorce papers and got to be on my own.

As soon as we got in the flight Enzo made sure I was comfortable in my seat and he even buckled up my seatbelt.

There was a certain softness around him that was making me feel safe, but I couldn’t stop comparing him with Lucas.

With Lucas there was always that kind of forbidden attraction that was making me aware of being a woman, a beautiful, appealing woman waking up all the lust he had in him.

And if there was a moment I would forget who I was, Lucas would always remind me with a kiss behind my ear when working something in the kitchen, sliding his hands under whatever I would wear in search for my cores that would never have enough of him, or tugging my nipples through the fabric of my blouse, out of the blue, turning me on and making my face burn in blush, or sucking the air out of my lungs in passionate kisses making my lips throb against the strength of his lips, no matter the place we would be in, always finding a corner to hide as if we were two teenagers taking advantage of being together.

There were always sparks and fireworks between us, like I was the only woman on earth, like I was the only woman he ever knew and wanted.

I felt wanted, I felt needed, I felt loved.

Although Enzo was undoubtedly an attractive man, the sparks were not so bright, on the contrary, the atmosphere was one of calm and peace, exactly what my broken heart needed.

After the flight attendant brought us a sort of brunch, I felt the need to doze off for a bit and I leaned against the left side, lifting my legs on the seat next to mine as Enzo was sitting in front of me, working on some papers, but after a while, as I opened my eyes, I felt my ankles wrapped in something warm. Turning my head around I saw Enzo sitting in the seat next to mine, with my legs laying relaxed on his lap, his hands curled around my ankles and him sleeping on the lowered backrest of the seat.

I smiled and dragging careful my legs, I rolled on my other side and laid myself in his lap, resting my head on his shoulder as he stirred up in his sleep, hugging me in his arms and cuddling better in the seat.

I fell asleep again only to be woken up some time later with soft kisses on my forehead and my name whispered.

“Becks, wake up. We are landing,” he said, and I looked at him for a few seconds before I realized I had to sit in my own seat and buckle up, preparing for landing.

Enzo said he had to pass by the office first and it was a good thing to do because he would have a chance to show me where I was going to start working the next day.

I haven’t been working for a long time and I am afraid I won’t be able to hold a job.

We entered the huge glass building and Enzo was greeted right from the lobby reception by a young blond lady, all smiles and twinkles on seeing him.

“Good morning Mr. Benito. How are you today?” she says.

Enzo returns his smile in cordial and decent way.

“I am fine, thank you Miss Jenny.”

He takes my hand and pulls me closer.

“This is Ms Rebecca Downhill. She will be working with us starting tomorrow.”

I didn’t give Enzo my marriage name. I wanted to get used back to my maiden name although I was not happy being again part of the family I hated.

“Nice to meet you, Ms Downhill,” she greets me with the same bright smile.

“Me too,” I reply.

We walk towards the elevator, Enzo resting his hand on the small of my back while allowing me to step in first.

It was only one button to press, 34. Which meant it was a private elevator, taking us directly to his office.

While going up, he grabs my hand squeezing it lightly and trying to smooth the nerves I have in my stomach because surely, it is showing on my red face.

I give him a shy smile and in the same silence.

When the doors open, a wide open-space office reveals in front of us, with only one reception on the right side where another young lady was sitting.

She looked like just ripped off of a fashion magazine and thrown there, at her desk.

“Mr. Enzo, good morning. You have your coffee waiting for you on your desk and your brother as well is waiting in the office. Is there anything else I can do for you, sir?”

“Thank you and no Emma. Hold all the calls and don’t let anyone in.”

“Sure, sir,” she says and sits back to her seat.

“Shall we, Becks?”

I nodded and walked towards the direction he showed, to some big wooden doors which I presumed it was his office.

He opens the door for me, and I enter shyly, meeting an older man than Enzo, probably in his late thirties but an exact copy of him.

"Enzo, fratello mio, è un piacere rivederti.” the elder man said cheerful and standing up he hugged Enzo manly, tapping each other’s back. (Enzo, my brother, it’s nice to see you back.)

“Salvatore, nice to see you too,” Enzo replied in English. “Please meet Ms Rebecca Downhill. She is a good friend of mine and she will be working with me starting tomorrow.”

Salvatore turned his eyes on me and reached his hand which I politely shook.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Benito,” I mumble.

“I’ve always known that my little brother had a good hand in having beautiful friends, but he gets better and better,” he replies making me blush even more, if that was even possible.

“Down, boy,” I hear Enzo saying with a playful smile but quite piercing eyes towards his brother.

“I am sorry, I didn’t mean anything bad. I just believe that a beautiful woman deserves to be told just that.”

“Becks, shall I ask Emma to bring you anything?” Enzo is asking but I refuse.

He comes closer to me and taking my hand he pulls me to the two seats sofa close to the glass walls.

“I only need to have a talk with my brother and then we will leave for lunch. Just give me half an hour, no more.”

“Sure, take your time. I am fine.” I say waving one hand in the air while he was squeezing the other one.

They had a talk in their native language that I couldn’t understand a bit, not that I was extremely interested to know.

It sounded a decent talk and from time to time, Enzo would turn his eye to me, distracted from the conversation with his brother and making me blush each time.

Towards the end of their discussion both have turned their eyes to me and that indicated I was the subject.

Salvatore was smiling while Enzo looked shyly to me a few times, as if his brother got exactly why I was here. I also knew why I was here. And no, not because Enzo needed to hire someone and neither because I was the employer of the year.

Finally, Salvatore stood up and shook hands with Enzo, preparing to leave.

“It was nice meeting you, Ms Downhill. Hope to see each other more since you will be working here and you will love it, I know,” he said.

“I guess so,” I replied.

"Ciao,” he told us both and left the office.

I exhaled deep the nerves collected in my stomach, relaxing, finally being just me and Enzo.

I stand up from the sofa and walked towards the glass wall, admiring the view but with the clear intend of hiding my flushed cheeks.

Enzo wraps his arms around my waist and plants a soft kiss on my temple.

“You don’t need to be this tense. My brother is what I like to call a womanizer, but he won’t move towards you. You are... how to put it... too decent for his taste, if you know what I mean,” he smiles.

“Decent?” I chuckle.

“He hasn’t been serious with a woman in his lifetime.”

“Unlike you?”

He smiles back at me with a million of meanings.

“Let’s say I just didn’t find the right woman to stay with me. Shall we? My plan for today is to take you for lunch first, then some shopping for everything you need and then to your apartment. You can stay there starting today. And I will ask Emma to call the lawyer for tomorrow, if it is okay with you to start the divorce papers this soon.”

“You have thought of everything, didn’t you?” I tell him with a grateful smile.

“If the plan is okay with you.”

“Sure, sounds great from top to bottom. ”

Truth be told I was really excited to see my new apartment.

I never had my own place before, first it was my father’s then Lucas’.

The feeling of a free woman was gradually inhabiting in my mind and that feeling was empowering me with confidence.

The day passed just as Enzo planned. Lunch, shopping and then to my apartment.

It was a modern two rooms apartment, light gray and white tones with a touch of black here and there. I liked it because it resembled somehow the house from the island in style and colors.

“I had someone bringing in everything you needed, from the kitchen to the bathroom. And yes, it was Emma so you can stay assured the things would fit you,” he said.

“Thank you, Enzo. You cannot imagine what this means for me,” I replied walking into the living and admiring it.

“You’re welcome, Becks. Feels good helping, especially you.”

He kept standing at the door, both hands in his pockets.

“Aren’t you going to come in?” I asked.

“I would love to, but I am sure you need time for yourself and I also have a business dinner. I will have a car sent for you tomorrow morning at 8:30. Take your time. Your first working day doesn’t need to be stressful.”

He was unsuccessfully trying to look at ease but I could clearly notice how tense he was. I could see his chest raising in deep breaths and his voice sounded deeper than usual.

His eyes were glued to me and I could swear they could see right through my clothes.

“I will be ready 8:30 and in the office by 9. Thank you again Enzo,” I say while walking towards him.

As soon as I reach in his proximity, he grabs me wrapping one arm around my waist and pulling me in for an urgent kiss, his hands running along my body, heating me up.

I curl my arms around his neck and push deeper our kiss, moaning into his mouth.

His breath his racing and he ala it sucked all the air in my lungs but suddenly he cuts the kiss, pressing his forehead on mine.

“And this is another reason I can’t stay,” he whispered trying to regain his breath. “Good night, Becks,” he says and walks out without waiting any reply.

I lock the door behind him and lean against it.

What am I doing? Is this what I really want?

I mean, I was going to have my own place, my own income, myself back.

And still, all of that comes straight to second place when Lucas and my love for him flood my mind.

I pick the phone from my pocket and hover my thumb over Lucas’ number, tempted like fuck to press for a call.

But I stop.

I am walking on a path that doesn’t include him, and I will do the best I can of it.

"... storm in her eyes, peace in her smile"
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