“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 13 - Mine again [Republished]


She suddenly stood up from my lap, grabbing my hand and dragging me to the bedroom.

Once inside she let my hand loose and ran to her locker, pulling things to get dressed with in such a rush as if something was burning her ass.


“We need to leave. Now!” she shouted without looking at me, busying herself to find something to wear while I stared at her instant change.

Well, that was easy. I didn’t have to struggle too much to convince her, which made me wonder what was behind this sudden change of mind she had.

Either she realized the danger I was so much battling to bring to her knowledge or she was just eager to come back to me. Any of the choices was good with me, as long as I could take her to safety.

Being happy with what she picked she ran to the bathroom but seconds later she twisted back on the ball her heels, walking back to me. She took me by hand and pulled me in front of a chair, digging her index in my chest, forcing me to sit.

“Don’t. Go. Anywhere!” she tells me, threatening me with her finger.

God, I forgot how sweet my wife was!

I smirk with a corner of my lips and promise her.

“I won’t go anywhere, baby. I promise.”

As she turns around and disappears in the bathroom, I take out my gun out, making sure it’s ready, just in case.

Then I slide out the phone from my pocket to dial Gio’s number.

“Tell me, brother.”

“I am coming out in about ten minutes and I will have Becca with me. How is everything?”

“I have Ken watching from outside, other two boys in the back and two others for each emergency exists. And I am at door, outside. All seems clear.”

“Gio, I will have Becca with me,” I emphasis one more time. “Make sure nothing fucks up till I take her out of here.”

“Will do, brother.”

When I hang up the call with Gio I see Becca in front of me, already staring.

I didn’t know for how long she was standing there or if she heard me talking to Gio, but at that point I didn’t care much about it.

I am not going to hide anything from wife anymore, good or bad.

“Ready, baby?” I smile at her.

“I come with you with one condition ... actually two,” she quickly changes her mind.

“One would have been easy, but two ... what is it, baby girl?” I tell her trying to be funny and dragging her between my legs, holding her hips tight.

My head is tilted to the back while she bends hers, her hair falling in cursa in the sides of her beautiful face.

“Nothing happens to Enzo. And Gio goes with you,” she speaks confident.

My face hardens hearing Benito’s name on her lips.

“Told you so. Two conditions are hard to grant, baby.”

I stare at her hoping she wouldn’t fight me on this but she doesn’t seem to let go of her two conditions, holding proudly my look.

“Enzo will be safe as long he doesn’t do something stupid, ALTHOUGH I would love to snap his neck just for touching your arm in that fucking shop. And Gio will stay with you. No discussion, baby!” I set my own conditions in a serious voice, expecting her to argue.

“Can I change my mind about the conditions?” she asks with a smile, not being happy with my terms but trying to look angelic and convincing.

I know what she wants but she won’t have it.

“No baby, you cannot. Gio stays with you and please, please don’t fight me on this,” I plea with her, my voice softening.

She cups my face with her tiny hands brushing her thumbs on my eyes that can never have enough of her beauty.

“Promise me you will come back safe,” she whispers, and I see tears forming in her eyes.

It hurts me, those tears hurt me.

I wished it never reached to this point. I wished I could just fetch my wife and run away from all of these, some place where nobody knew us, some place where I could peacefully love her, feel her, some place where I could take off this bad boy coat and be the man I was when I fell in love with her, some place where I could give her the world, just as I promised when I married her.

I pull her head down to reach her lips and press them on mine as the entire world around us stops existing.

“I will never think of doing otherwise, Becca. I will always have you to come back to.”

My phone buzzes and I know we need to get the hell out of here and before I check my phone I know that it’s Gio.

“We need to leave, Becca,” I said grabbing her hand and running out of the bedroom towards the exit while I am answering the phone.

“Tell me, Gio,” I say.

“Car pulled outside. We need to go.”

Before he finishes his sentence, we are already face to face.

We take one of the emergencies exits while he is covering our back.

We run to the back of the building where Ken is waiting for us and after get down the emergency stairs we jump in the car and take off.

My apartment is just two blocks away and it takes us no less than five minutes to reach.

Becca was silent all the way. I would have expected her to be shocked, freak out but her face was neutral, and she was asking no question.

As we entered the apartment her steps slowed down, her eyes gazing around the room, shifting her stare from one corner to another.

“This is just...” she mumbles.

“Yeah, the house from the island,” I say proud of myself. “I thought you would feel more comfortable this way.”

“You did this for me?” she asks surprised.

“I would do anything for you, Becca,” I said in a muffled voice, closing the distance between us and spooning her cheeks in my hands.

“Why?” she asked with a smile, searching annoyance or lies into my eyes but that annoyance had disappeared forever when she agreed to come with me. And lies will be no more.

“Why what, baby girl?” I ask playfully.

“Why would you do anything for me?” her eyes are now staring into mine, shining in lust.

“Because I love you,” I answer, standing tall in front of her as she keeps looking at me with tilted head on the back, almost not blinking.

“Why?’” she whispers seductively.

“Why what, baby girl?” I reply bending my head and brushing my lips over her parted ones.

“Why do you love me?”

I wrap one arm around her waist pulling her impossibly close to me and with the other hand I hold her jaws, sliding my finger along her neck, feeling the heat of her skin and pressing my lips on hers, begging for a kiss with peppered touches.

“Because you are beautiful”... kiss “because your beautiful eyes never stop stirring me up”... kiss “because never someone made me feel so loved”... kiss “so desired”... kiss “so important”... kiss “so powerful.”

I grab the back of her thighs and lift her up as she quickly wraps her legs around my waist, squeezing me tight curling her arms around my neck.

Our kisses become burning passion and her moans lit me up, making me hard and wanting.

There had been two years since I didn’t feel my wife wanting me, two years since I loved her, smelled her, felt her only when she was not awake.

This moment seems so unreal that I feel the need of watching her continuously, to see her face, her eyes, I need to make sure that it is really her wrapped tight around my body.

I dig my fingers in the black strands of her hair searching for her eyes while I am strolling towards the bedroom.

“Becca, look at me. Look at me, baby. Let me see those beautiful eyes,” I ask her because I want her to remember it is me the one she holds so tight.

Green emeralds stare back at me, burning my face.

Her smile melts my heart, and I can’t contain enough the bliss of having her in my arms, and that while she is perfectly awake and aware of my presence.

Reaching the bedroom, I let her slide along my body, sitting her on the edge of the bed, peppering kisses on her eyes, on her lips, her cheeks while she moans and rolls up my shirt touching and making me shiver, brushing her fingers on my skin in the process.

She trails kisses on my abdomen, rolling her tongue in the middle of the burning circles of her lips.

“I missed you, baby. I am so sorry Becca. I didn’t know other way,” I keep saying feeling that it will never be enough to beg for forgiveness. “Forgive me. Please, forgive me,” I say, laying her gently on the bed, perfectly flat on her back.

She smiles, tears pooling from her beautiful eyes, rolling down along the temples and I feel like the worst motherfucker scum ever existed, who has stumbled across an angel that he doesn’t deserve.

I know she will not forget nor forgive too easily. I’ve tortured her longer than I’ve loved her and at this point I am not sure she will give me the chance to love her again.

Fuck, I don’t know if I even deserve the chance.

Her hands tremble while her fingers brush gently on my face like she tries to remember all the curves and muscles for a later time when she will not see them.

It breaks my heart in million pieces and a strange feeling of her not being here, even if I come back in one piece, is choking me, sucking all the air in my lungs.

Now I know. She came with me so easily just to leave again, on a later time. Probably sooner than I would expect.

I want to open my mouth, I want to ask her to stay, I want to force her to stay but I’ve forced her long enough.

“Becca...” I breathe out, my voice shakier than I intended.

She covers my eyes with her small, gentle hands, sobbing loudly and her sobs resounds in my ears as a painful goodbye.

“Please don’t...” I plea with her.

She removes her hands and before I adjust my sight with the room’s light, her eyes pop up, floating in immense pool of tears, in a perfect antagonism with her wide smile, shinning in perfectly shaped.

She can never be more beautiful. No woman can be more beautiful.

“Why?” she asks.

“Why what, love?”

“Why now?”

“Becca... ” I breathed, not knowing how to answer that.

I felt the need to explain but it would sound like such a fucking excuse when I didn’t have any.

“I would do anything to go back in time and never live one day without loving you, like I should have had. You didn’t deserve any of those hurtful moments, Becca. And now I need to be done with what I’ve started three years ago, baby. I need to put an end to it, or it will always hunt us.”

She keeps silent, looking deep into my eyes, waiting for more. She needs answers, she is expecting answers.

“Becca, I’d known your father for years now but didn’t hear about his real businesses and partners before I got in the business with my dad. When I found out, I took my father out and got myself in. Then I took you out from his home. I needed to take you out from there and put you safe. Seeing how easily he agreed with our marriage in change for money, I knew it was the best thing to do. Right now, baby, both your father and Benito want you. And I rather die before I let you in their hands.”

The tears dry on her cheeks while she stares at me and I can almost see the wheels in her head starting to roll, absorbing each word.

“Come here,” I say and grab her in my arms tucking her in my lap as I sit and engulf her in my arms, with the weight of her body pressing my thighs. “First and before anything I want you to know that whatever comes, I will sign the divorce papers.”

I swear I can’t believe what I am saying. I must be fucking crazy to show her she has a choice, but she really has.

She deserves it, if she still wants it, which I hope she doesn’t.

“But before that I need to be done with them and I need you to promise me that you will stay. You need to stay, baby,” I pitch every word hoping she understands that her life depends on her staying.

Before I even finish my words, she nods frantically, assuring me that she will stay, she will do as I say.

I didn’t mention until when she needs to stay, and she didn’t ask. She just agreed on the spot.

And I will not mention it. I will leave it for fate to decide.

“Lucas...” she whispers and her eyes sparkle.

My name never sounded more beautiful.

“Yes, baby” I say, and I feel losing my patience as my blood starts running through my veins and gathering in my hard bulge.

She curls her arms around my neck and closes the distance between our lips, whispering in my mouth with shaky breath.

“I want you. Now.”

My throat escapes a guttural groan as I crash my lips on hers in a rushed kiss, sucking and biting, asking for permission and when she grants it, I invade her mouth in lust and hunger for her taste like I was hungry and thirsty for years.

And I was. Hungry like a beast.

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