“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 14 - They got Becca [Republished]

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It was a summer night when I first saw Becca.

It was the yearly charity reception for children with special needs, the night when reach idiots of New York showed off their perfect outfits and perfect bodies shaped with expensive surgeries and perfect mistresses or perfect charitable wives that they only knew traveling and shopping and sitting around their shitty expensive yachts and mansions, but hey, they were charitable and donated ridiculous amounts of money but the real reasons of the gathering were always hidden behind closed doors, where business partnerships of billions of dollars were sealed and they were not always clean deals.

She was sitting alone at her table and I found her the most gracious woman I ever saw, her legs crossed perfectly aligned together on the right side, elbows pinned on the table and chin leaned on her long, elegant fingers.

Her shining powder-pink dress was covering her full shape from the shoulders to her middle thigh, just enough to show her beauty.

She seemed comfortable alone, looking around and admiring God knows what, but still sweetly smiling.

She looked breathtaking.

I asked my father if he had any idea who she was, and he told me about her being the daughter of Robert Downhill. Right there and then I knew what I had to do.

The plan built by itself immediately in my mind and at the moment I would have done anything to complete it or change it to whatever if that was making her mine.

My plan worked perfect, of course with a little help and change from someone who really knew how to deal with it.

And sooner than expected she was in my house, as my wife.

Maybe the best thing I had done in my life up to that moment. But things got complicated soon and even in my house she was not safe anymore.

Throwing my head on the back, my breath becomes heavy while she gently opens my belt, freeing my shaft and crouching between my legs, never stopping her kisses on my upper hips, making me curse between my clenched teeth while she peels my pants off.

I stand up and lift her swiftly, placing her on the bed in my spot while kneeling in front her, between her legs, grabbing her head and pulling it down, capturing her lips with mine. The strands of her hair fall in waves, wrapping our faces like a silk curtain hiding our kisses. My mouth demands more, in pure lust.

I grab her parted legs and pull her closer, pressing her cores on my pelvis and tugging the hem of her dress, peeling it over her head. Desperate for the warmth of her skin I pull out her breasts in search for those pointed nipples, worshiping them with my lips and circling my tongue around them before I suck gently.

I never knew a woman’s strength before Becca ran her fingers through my hair and pulled while I had her nipple buried in my mouth first time... her first time... much like now, grabbing full hands of my hair, whispering how much she missed me.

She missed me... I missed her more. Every second passing by was cold stabs into my heart, in my brain; freezing shivers crossing my spine in the lack of her scent around me, her warmth against my skin, her presence soothing my mind that was always longing for her, tormenting me, longing for her, keeping me awake, tensed and bitter.

I had women rumoring around me all the time, offering themselves to me shamelessly, for nothing and everything, and every time one of them would throw herself on me, making out and begging me to ravish them, Becca’s beautiful face would flash in front of my eyes. And the next instinct I always followed was to push the bitch away and run back to my wife.

There was never a moment I wished to feel another wetness but hers, I never wanted another woman’s cores clench around my length but hers, I never wished for other kisses but hers.

And I had that, being the happiest husband alive during our first year of marriage although I never stopped building darkness in me, for the next two.

But tonight, I will have her all, tonight I will feel every inch of her body, inside-out, until I fall dead drunk with her kisses, touches and bites.

With the bra already removed I have full access to her breasts which I worship, one by one but equally, with my lips and palms while removing her pants and lower my kisses to her navel as her upper body slowly lays flat on the bed.

I move lower south, along her thighs that are shivering under my lips and I move from the left one to the right one, upper, to the string of her panties that I move aside with my finger, aiming for her folds that I rush to taste and tug with my lips.

Her back arches as she escapes a moan, and my name rolls on her lips in the fucking sexiest way possible.

Every note of her voice is music to my ears, and I smile against her folds feeling grateful to every power of the universe for allowing me to have her between my palms.

Her thighs stiff under my works on her cores.

“Please...” she begs but I am not done. Not yet.

I will kiss, bite and suck every inch of her skin and there is no part of her body that I won’t love and worship. There is nothing else I want to kiss tonight, nothing else I desire and want to take.

I welcome her plea and dive two fingers inside, one by one, as she moans and trembles. I lift myself up, hovering above her, grabbing her nipples softly with my teeth as I feel her cores clenching around my fingers and I know she is close already.

I pepper kisses up from the valley between her breasts to her collarbone and higher to her neck, never stopping my fingers’ moves, in and out, twisting and curling inside.

“Becca, look at me,” I request as she breathes faster and her thighs clench some more around my wrist.

I want her to stare into my eyes while she reaches her peaks, I want her to remember my face forever, I want myself imprinted in her memory for the rest of her life.

Her forest-green lazy eyes open and she frowns as I speed up the moves of my fingers.

“Come, love. Let it loose, enjoy it, baby,” I allow her and seconds later she shouts my name, her eyes, a darker shade of green, pinning lustily into mine and she releases in all her glory on my hand.

I’m watching her beautiful, red flushed face while she is breathing heavily. I bend over, kissing softly her lips, then cheeks, then her pointed nose.

She circles her arms around my neck pulling me to her mouth, pressing me hard and kissing me with thirst.

“I love you,” I hear her whispering and I feel I am the king of the world. No other words have ever given me so much power and never a woman has ever made me feel happier.

I grab her body with my right arm, wrapped around her waist, and pull her higher on the bed. She whimpers to the force I put to lift her up and then drop her back on the bed and before she can realize what’s next to happen I throw my boxers away, wasting no time.

I squeeze myself between her thighs, leaning the weight of my body on my left arm, elbow pinned on the bed, and with the right hand I grab her chin, strongly, forcing her to look at me.

I know my eyes are burning in need just like my body is longing for the warmth of cores and I watch her angelic face and her forest eyes, wondering back at me for the strength of my moves, almost in fear.

I feel her wet folds around the tip of my hard, throbbing length.

“Becca, there is no woman I’ve ever loved, or I love, or I will ever love more than I love you,” I confess, and I can see again tears sparking in her eyes like the morning drew.

And waiting no equal reply or any reply for that matter, I push myself in with one hasty move and a deep groan, filling her up, thrusting her in my full length and keeping myself inside, still but growing thicker, allowing her to adjust to me and myself to enjoy the tightness and wetness of her cores.

She is so fucking hot around my shaft, and I growl from the depth of my throat, melting in that heat.

Her eyebrow frown while she escapes a pitching moan and while I stay still inside of her I see a glamorous smile spreading on her face, eyes locking with mine and lips moving sensually.

“I missed you, Lucas,” she whispers softly.

I bury my nose in the crock of her neck inhaling deep the scent of her black hair and pressing my lips on her soft skin, kissing and nibbling as her hands trail along my back down to my butt that she grabs strongly and presses me deeper inside.

I move slowly, in and out, savoring every inch of her inside muscles and I match my groans with her moans as the heat of our bodies becomes one.

“Fuck!” I curse as I speed up my when I feel her clenching around me, squeezing me so damn tight as if tonight it is her first time and I... I am throbbing inside, heated blood rushing to my shaft. I know our release is not far and I don’t want to let her have it alone.

“Lucas...” she whispers.

“Come, love. I am already there...” but hardly I finish my words when she arches her back and shouts her climax while I groan my own release, spilling my seeds like never before.

The room is filled with our scent and sounds of our heavy breaths’ echoes like in a cocoon sheltering our love from the dangers of outside.

I pepper kisses on her lips, her face and eyes while I whisper in a heavy breath and with a guttural voice ′I love you’s’ one after another as if infinite number is not enough.

She tries to catch her breath and smiles, her face shinning with content and happiness.

I lay myself next to her, along her sweaty and warm body and I spoon her between my arms, her back against my chest. In that blissful silence which held only our breaths, she falls asleep under the brushes of my fingers along her navel, down between her thighs, cupping her intimate, heated V with my right palm.

I couldn’t wake her up, seeing how peacefully she was sleeping in my arms. It felt like forever since she was this comfortable in my presence. So I stood up, cleaner myself up in the bathroom and brought a warm, damp towel to clean her thighs and navel, carefully, so she would wake up.

Then took my place again next to her, wrapping her in a tight hug and letting myself drifting in my sleep.

There must have been just a couple of hours, as I see it’s still dark outside.

Becca lays in my arms in such a deep sleep that you can barely say she is breathing.

I am sweated and I feel the need of a shower and after placing a kiss on her temple I slide out of the bed and head towards the bathroom, not before I take one more look at my Becca, sleeping like an angel on one side with the left leg stretched straight and her right one bent over it.

The bed sheets barely cover her from the waist down, as her top is bare naked, both hands clasped under her left cheek and her breasts shyly showing from under her right arm.

She is the goddess of beauty and I feel the luckiest man on earth having her here, under my eyes, in my nest, in the full shine of her sensuality.

I feel the carnal instinct of tasting her nipples but I refrain my lust and running a hand through my hair, shaking my head with a smirk in the surprising happiness I feel, I walk into the bathroom.

Once in the shower, I let the chilly water ease the heat I am starting to feel just by looking at my wife.

I didn’t spend long in there, driven by the need to feel her again in my arms.

Wrapping a towel around my waist I exit the bathroom just to freeze at the sight in front of me.

The bed is empty.

I don’t see Becca around, but her clothes are still laying on the floor.

The bed sheet that was covering her body just a few minutes ago is missing as well and I see the door of the bedroom wide opened.

“Becca!” I call her but like the first time when she left, the fear of not finding her overwhelms me, making my brain boil and my heart shrink.

The fear freaks the shit out of me because this time she didn’t leave by her own will, I can tell.

I rush into the living room calling her name over and over and a knot forms in my throat.

Her purse lays on the sofa where she left it last night, her clothes are still on the bedroom floor and linking the dots I snap my head towards the exit door just to see it slightly opened.

And then it became clear to me.

“Fuck!” I shout as the realization of my fears becomes stronger.

I run to the bedroom and grab the phone from the side table, dialing Gio’s number.

I set the call on speaker while I grab my clothes and put them on with the speed of the light. Gio answers my call after only one ring.


“They got Becca!“I let him know with no other explanation and hit the exit door after I make sure I tuck one of the guns in the hem of my pants and the other one in the holder belted around my shoulders, throwing a leather jacket on.

"Take every chance, drop every fear."

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