“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 18 - My rescue fails [Republished]


Robert Downhill sits on the chair in front of the desk, trying to look relaxed but I know he is shaking in all his joints.

When he came to me two days ago to tell me that his son-in-law was giving info to the cops I knew he was shitting his pants.

He stunk of fear but the hate he had for Tate was overcoming the fear of me.

I hated the guy. He was a scum not for selling his daughter for a business but for the way he treated her and his family.

I already knew that Lucas was digging us and collaborating with the authorities, but I also knew we were not his target, Robert Downhill was.

And boy, did I like that? This Lucas kid was my kind of kid.

I’ve been dreaming about revenge over Downhill for years now, and no, I didn’t want him just dead, I wanted him tormented, shitting his pants every step he took, death blowing into his ears at all times.

And Lucas was just doing that for me. I only needed to pretend I want his head and Downhill would dive deeper into his soon to come end.

That Tate kid was never meant to be a gangster and I am sure he never wanted that life, but he took it, in a brave and I must admit a dashing handsome way.

He was adamant to take Downhill down and take away the woman he loved.

Not something I would dislike. He is fucking brave. Braver than I was, anyway.

He was exceptionally good in what he was doing, he tripled his money after he took over the business from his father.

He was now a billionaire slash gangster and a man madly in love, who would do the craziest things for his wife.

I didn’t want Lucas. I wanted Robert Downhill’s head on my plate. And I was going to have it.

The only problem I was facing now was Enzo. I respected Lucas but I loved my son. He was my son, and I was going to do anything for him.

“So, you’ve finally got your daughter back. She is nice a lady,” I tell Robert trying the waters.

“Yeah. That little slut has never been anything but trouble,” Robert spits and it makes me feel disgusted.

“You are a shitty sonofabitch, you know that? You disgust me, Downhill. She is a fine a lady but as a motherfucker as you are, you damaged her.”

He stares at me and becomes paper white.

He fears me. I like that. I want him to fear me.

I want his bones to shake whenever he hears my name.

He had the guts to turn against me and become ally with the Russians and fuck, we barely made it out from the shooting.

I want his head on a plate and I will have it.

“How much do the cops know?” I asked.

“Not sure. But whatever they know shouldn’t be much. None of them reached me yet. That’s why we need to take Tate out, as fast as possible.”

“Do you think he will come?”

“If I think? I am sure of it. That idiot is whipped. He will come for his little slut,” he says smirking mockingly.

“There might be a little issue, though,” I tell him and let it soak in his head.

“Which is?” he finally asked seeing me pending.

“Rebecca was with Enzo for a few days. I don’t know how they met, but they know each other. And I know Enzo. He fucks around more than rabbits but never takes a woman to his home. Which he did with Rebecca. And that tells me a lot.”

His face twisted into hysterical laughter while rubbing the back of his neck.

“That little bitch knows how to wrap men around her fingers, doesn’t she?” he says shaking his head and stands up, pacing around the room, running his fingers through his grey hair.

“And why do you say it is an issue?” he asks.

“Because I can’t let you slit her neck, Robert, and I know you secretly want to do that after we put our hands on Lucas. I rather have your neck slit,” I tell him smiling, savoring the fear nesting in his bones.

Robert stared at me in shock and I could tell he wasn’t expecting me to know his plans, but the idiot was too transparent.

“Enzo is the nicest one of us all. He might be clean and far from our family businesses, but he can be the worst gangster if he wants to. He is nothing like me. I get soft too easily. He doesn’t,” I lower my voice and let each word get under his skin.

He sweats like a pig, eyes gauging back at me, trying to understand if my words are a threat or I am just playing him around.

“That little slut, as you say, can be the death of you. And boy, you really can’t change that,” I complete, laughing loudly and enjoying his anguish and trembling hands.

What I didn’t understand was why Lucas didn’t come to me directly.

I would have gladly joined him in taking Robert down.

He was a man of his word and yeah, I would have cut the dirty deals with him and let him live clean once his father-in-law was cold dead.

“Just make sure when he comes he doesn’t go out alive,” I concluded and stood up. I wanted to see Rebecca before leaving.


I startled when I heard a knock at the bathroom door and I stood up, turning off the shower.

I don’t know how long I have been in here but probably too long. My body was ice cold and I was already shaking.

“Rebecca, are you still in there?” I hear Benito’s voice.

Even his voice is familiar. It sounds so much like Enzo’s, but a little deeper.

I don’t answer him. I get out of the shower and wrap a large towel around me. Opening the door, I see Benito standing in the middle of the room with his hands in the pockets of his pants, a signature of Benito men, I think, remembering Enzo.

His back faces the bathroom door and when he hears it opening he turns around to me with a warm smile. A warm smile that instantly disappeared at my sight.

"Dio mio, Rebecca, you are all black and blue,” he says walking fast towards me, grabbing my hands and rubbing them to make the blood run through my veins. (My God).

I stare at him and I can’t understand why he is so kind with me.

He is the fucking head of mafia. He is the one after Lucas.

He kills and hurts people and yet with me he is soft and caring.

I ignore him and walk to the closet to find something to wear.

I pick a pair of tight jeans and a warm, oversized sweater and after putting them on I exit the closet.

“What do you want from Lucas?” I asked without looking at him.

“His head. Not much,” he answers, and it makes my blood run cold.

I whip my head towards him and pierce his eyes with mine.


“He is fraternizing with the cops. And I can’t have that. You do know who I am, Rebecca?”

“A fucking mafia,” I spit.

He smirks and shakes his head as if I am a spoiled kid in front of him.

He comes closer to me and the moment he is inches close, he grabs my chin in an iron grip of his hand, lifting my head up and staring into my eyes.

"Ascolta, piccola signora, I have no problem having your head next to Lucas’!” he hisses through his teeth, his face impossibly close to mine and breath fanning my cheeks. (Listen, little lady).

I whimper in pain but daring his look, staring back at him in the strongest hate I can utter.

“What makes you think I give a shit about my head?” I ask him back.

And it’s true. I don’t.

I only want Lucas away from here. I want him not to care and keep himself safe.

I want him to fucking hate me and save himself.

Benito stares at me for a few more seconds before he lets me lose. He untangles his fingers from my hair and shoves his hands in his pockets after running his fingers through my messed-up hair trying to arrange it and I don’t know why but he feels so wary, so soft, in a total antagonism of what he is trying to show.

He has a weird look in his eyes while looking at me and playing with my hair. There is a softness in his glare, looking at me but looking actually through me at the same time.

“You look a lot like your mother. Which is a good thing. Your father is a fucking prick and has never deserved her,” he says and turns away, pacing the room towards the door.

“That filthy mouth of yours will bring you only trouble, piccola signora,” he says in a fatherly tone before he exists the room. (Little lady).

I release loudly the air collected in my lungs, hearing my own teeth chattering with the tension of before.

Eventually Lucas would come after me and deep inside I knew I couldn’t stop him even if I wanted, even if I asked him to stay away.

I wrap my arms around my body squeezing tight, unable to hold my tears.

I shift my eyes towards the windows, looking out at the bright light of the sun.

There was nothing around, just deserted land and a road sneaking on the plateau of the sandy earth.

A line of five black cars makes its way on the road and my heart shrinks.

My breath hitches with sobs as I try to open the window.

I pull strong and frantically twist the knob but it’s locked. I run to the other window to find it locked as well.

I look at the train of cars which gets closer to the house by the second. Other two are leaving the estate to the other direction.

I keep trying to open the windows one by one, but they are all locked. Even the balcony doors are locked, and my pulling becomes disturbingly stirred, shouting from inside, hitting the glass with my hands when I see Lucas getting down from one of the cars, tall, standing stoic with his broad shoulders, straight and deadly look on his face.

“Lucas, no! Go away, Lucas!” I keep shouting although I have a strong hunch he can’t hear me, but I hope he can at least hear my hits in the glass, but even that doesn’t happen, I can’t make myself heard no matter what I do.

I couldn’t stop Lucas.

Tears spring out of my eyes and I give up when I see him approaching the house, disappearing under the balcony.

And that’s the moment I let myself crumble on the floor, shouting my cries in despair.

"Fight for your fairytale."
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