“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 19 - Let the games begin [Republished]


Robert opened the iron door showing some stairs going down in a basement.

It didn’t look good.

I knew what that was. A dungeon. I fucking had one and hell, I knew very well what it was for.

“Lucas, your men need to leave the guns up here. Sorry, no guns allowed,” he says with a venomous smile.

I chuckled, refusing to let myself intimidated, holding high his stare.

Shit, I see sweat running down his temples and that speaks volumes to me.

It gives me power and I know I can pull this through. I wave to my guys to hand over the weapons and we all go down the stairs.

While walking slowly and proudly I assess the basement which was just like any other gang basement, cement cold walls, blood-stained floor, chains all around and in one of the corners lays an iron bed with filthy sheets on it.

I picture myself Becca laying in there, chained and beaten and that raised a blast of anger in my chest.

My tie feels too tight and my hands automatically clench in iron fists.

I shouldn’t bother talking to Robert. I should simply discharge my gun in his temple and be done with it.

But I need him to find Becca. I squeeze my jaws in anger although I feel like snapping his neck right here and now.

In front of us there is a table with two chairs, one facing the back to the wall, the other one just across the table.

I know Robert is not himself, I can feel it, so I push some more and walk directly to sit on the chair in front of the wall, as if it was my basement.

He chuckles surprised and sits in front of me.

“Your home is my home, Robert,” I repeat his words of earlier.

I pull out my gun and place it on the table exactly in the middle, leaning forward, eyes glued on his face.

“Now Robert, let me just make it short to you. I don’t bend. Not to you, not to any-fucking-body. You will tell me where Becca is, nice and quiet. I take her, I leave, Benito will know nothing.” I say, stressing each word carefully, making sure they get imprinted to his fucking mind.

I know he has Becca and I know Benito is fucking hiding here, somewhere, but seeing Robert sweating in front of me tells me things are not as he wished. And what he doesn’t wish is to be on his own in all of this mess.

Something was cooking and I kept my senses sharp. I can’t miss any detail, any move, any smirk on his face.

My mind goes back to Gio and his men who are out there, waiting.

I have half an hour to take her back... or me going out. Alone. Well, twenty minutes, to be more specific.

I know she is here. I can feel her and the thought of getting out of here without her is making me mad.

I fucking hate to feel weak and that feeling was raising only when it was about her.

Robert bursts in a crazy fake laughter, struggling to hide he’s shitting his pants.

“Lucas, you can’t get her out. And if you do, they will come back for her. You’re doomed, Lucas, and at this point there is little I can do,” he says changing suddenly in a serious look and I don’t know how but he sounds genuine. “I gave you Rebecca and look what you’d done,” he is pushing my buttons.

“Robert, you sold me Rebecca, with no remorse. And you would have sold her to anybody who promising you some money so don’t try to play a fucking saint with me.”

I hate the guts out of him! I should have snapped his neck long time ago.

Instead, I tortured Becca and let him live, worst fucking decision ever.

I stand up from the chair I sit on, there is nothing more to talk about.

Grabbing my gun to fit it back into my belt, I bend to his ear, feeling him shaking.

“Fucking piece of shit! I’ll get her back, together with your head!”

He didn’t even breathe or blink.

I didn’t know for sure if Benito’s men were around or not, so I thought an attack was not the thing for now as I still knew little about their plan.

What I knew for sure was that this house belonged to Benito and there were high chances to loose any fight at this point, whatever move I made.

I motion to my guys and walk to the exist. Surprisingly enough nobody stops us.

My guys fetched their weapons, and we leave, getting in our cars and rushing away from the farm house.

I turn my head gazing back to the house as I know so well she is in there.

My heart shrinks and a knot forms in my throat, making me lose my tie and remove it just to throw it somewhere on the back seat.

The shirt buttons burn my skin and I open them.

My skin burns me everywhere and a sense of choking makes me breathe heavy.

Becca’s beautiful face runs in from of my eyes, smiling, on our wedding day, walking as a fairy along the isle, coming closer to the spot I was waiting her and I remembered skipping heartbeats every step she walked, with her eyes pooled in tears as I shouted non-senses to her when coming home late and frustrated for being unable to protect her enough, crying, hanging herself on my neck when I came back to the island house the day she left me, shivering, her skin sweated burning under my touches when we made love last time.

“Fuck!” I hiss. I can’t believe I am leaving here empty handed.

But I still got something and that’s the fucking key to everything.

Benito is hand in hand with Downhill. I need to build the hit. We will raid them, soon.

My phone buzzes and I pull it out answering.

“Gio, I am out. Fucking alone. The game is changed. I will tell you about it soon. Did you get the mole?”

“Yeah. He’s ready for you,” he says, and I know what it means when he gets them ready for me.

I just hope he still has a tongue to talk to me when I reach there.

“Good,” I replied satisfied.

The road to the mansion was fast.

I needed to see the sonofabitch who helped them take Becca before Gio and I decide on the plan.

I guess I only need from the idiot a confirmation of what I already know.

And yeah, his brains on my basement floor.

I feel my forehead frowning in a tense anger caging my brain.

Up to three years ago I was a normal guy with a normal life.

Well, that normal of community standards.

And now I am shooting bullets left and right.

Staring at my reflection in the window I don’t see any difference between me and any gangster, tattoos showing out of my shirt collar along my neck, beards I know Becca finds scary, hair slicked back, neat and stylish, and my hand always on the cold gun I am carrying.

And it’s all worth it. She’s worth it.

Fuck, I miss her.


“Bring that little bitch down here,” I tell Pete after I let Lucas go.

I have Benito on my neck and Lucas might come handy, so I have to let him go.

A few minutes later Pete pushed Rebecca down the stairs, stumbling and doing her best to keep steady, her eyes pooled in tears and lips freshly broken.

“Fucking shit, Pete! You can’t help yourself!” I shout at the idiot for hitting her again.

He laughs. Sometimes he is such an idiot.

He takes after his mother.

Rebecca’s face is all red and her puffy eyes are still tearing.

“Sit,” I order her.

She trembles and sits on the bed without any word.

I drag a chair in front of her and watch her lowered face.

I try to pull aside the hair that was covering her eyes, but she pushes me away.

“Rebecca, I know you don’t like this. But we might be able to help each other,” I tell her in a neutral voice.

Her eyes pin me like spears.

“Fuck you! I’ll never help you again,” she spat at me as if she forgot who I was.

I press my lips in a thin line while my blood starts boiling and I slap her strongly on her face.

She whimpers, falling on one side.

I seriously don’t have the time for the tantrums.

She immediately sits up, defying me.

“I saw Lucas leaving here. You couldn’t kill him, could you? You can’t touch him, and I am not going to help you do it.”

Boy, she became quite feisty since she is Lucas’ wife, I almost don’t recognize the daughter I raised to be humble and obedient.

“Little slut is in love,” Petr says laughing. “She was glued to the windows when she saw him. That’s how I found her.”

His laughter makes me fucking angry.

“Shut up, Pete!”

I need to think. Lucas knew Rebecca is here and I am sure he will come back for her.

“Keep her here, Pete. I need to make some calls. And for fuck sakes, don’t touch her again.”

I already had a plan built in my mind, but I still didn’t know how Benito would take it.

I had to move fast because I knew Lucas would be back and he could come tenth folded stronger.

For what I knew it could have been this evening, hell, the next hour even.

I go back to my office and before sitting I take my phone and dial a number.

“Benito, good evening. Listen...”

“Why did you let Lucas go?” he asked me in a low, relaxed voice. That kind of relaxed voice that makes your blood freeze.

“I couldn’t keep him. He had his men. And I am sure there were other of his men around. I know Lucas. He would never come in the wolf pack unless he was sure he couldn’t be touched,” fucking smart Lucas. He always knew how to play his cards. “Besides, he knows I have Rebecca here and I am sure he will be back. I am not prepared for a hit. Not here, anyway.”

I only hear him breathing. I am not expecting to him to send back-up.

“I will send someone for Rebecca today. They will be there in two hours,” and the line disconnects.

Anything can happen in two hours. I have to send Rebecca now.

I walk down the stairs to the basement where I see Rebecca laying on the bed, curled up in a ball, sniffing, while Pete is sucking a joint. I slap his joint off making him mumble curses.

“Idiot,” I mumble. “Get the cars ready. We will take her to the Italians.”

I look towards Rebecca, waiting for a reaction as I know she’s heard me, but she doesn’t move, she doesn’t even blink.

She just kept on sniffing, little brat.

In fifteen minutes the three cars were in front of the door. I made sure to have the bulletproof cars with us.

In less than half an hour we were on the way. There was something in the air making my nostrils sting and muscles stiff.

Shit, I could already smell blood.

Something was going on with Lucas. He was too sure of himself.


When I reached my mansion, Ben was already waiting me at the door, handing me some leather gloves, my famous leather gloves that were never a good sign for the ones waiting me in my dungeon.

I grabbed them, passing by and going straight to the basement, where he followed me and where Gio was already waiting.

On a chair in the middle of the basement, chained and soaked in his own blood, Ugo was sitting, one of my newest men.

His head was bent low with his chin pinned in his chest, legs tied to the chair, hands cuffed at the back.

“Did he say anything?” I ask Gio.

Gio looked at me without an answer and I know he couldn’t get anything from the idiot in front of me.

I nod a few times looking at Ugo, tilting my head on one side and putting on the leather gloves.

I don’t know if Ugo is conscious or not, but to make sure I motion to Gio and he grabs a bucket of water, throwing it in the unfortunate idiot’s face.

Ugo groans and shakes his head while I am removing my jacket and hand it to someone.

“How long have you been working here?” I ask.

“Fuck you!” Ugo mumbles.

“Okay,” I say nodding, curling down the corners of my lips.

“How long have you been working here?” I ask again like it was the first time.

Ugo starts to laugh.

“You won’t get anything from me,” he mumbles, barely spelling.

I am pissed and I grab a full hand of his hair forcing his head up.

“Whom are you working for?” I ask, hissing through my teeth.

I smell the iron of his blood, my face inches from his.

I could snap his neck right now, but I still hope to get something from him.

My fist plunged in his jaws sending him on the floor together with the chair.

“Put him up!” I say and Ben lifts him from the ground.

I walk around the chair breathing deep doing the best I can not to grab my gun.

“You won’t find her. And he is coming after you, figlio de puttana,” Ugo says. (Sonofabitch)

“Not if I find him first.”

“Your time is up, Lucas,” he mumbles spitting blood out of his mouth.

“Well, Benito will have to try really hard for that,” I try my luck and the idiot doesn’t blink, which has confirmed all my hunches.

So, Benito took Becca and Robert has her. I was right. They were working together.

I exchange a long glare with Gio, but his phone rings and he answers, setting it on speaker.

“Gio, they are moving the lady out,” the voice at the other end of the line says. While being in Robert’s basement I managed to place a mic under the table and Gio had one of the guys hidden close the farm house with orders to report any word he heard, any move he saw.

I pull the gun out from my belt and discharge a bullet in Ugo’s head. No need for him anymore.

I never felt so relieved blowing someone’s brains like I did this time. It was as if every life I took was one step closer to Becca.

And most probably there will be a lot of them.

But I don’t care. I will gladly take them, one by one, without regret. Till I see Becca with me again, I won’t stop.

“Let the games begin,” I tell Gio removing the leather gloves and fetching my suit jacket.

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