“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 20 - The hit [Republished]


We exited the house surrounded by my father’s boys, which by the way, they were much less than I remembered.

I could tell he was in a bad shape. No wonder Lucas left unharmed.

I heard him saying something about Benito and I could only guess he was taking me to him.

They were working together, and it was a good think Lucas was staying away. I don’t care what happens to me as long as Lucas is safe.

I knew my father very well. He was going to trade me again but hey, what could be worse?

To be used by someone I love and living every day with the pain of being hurt instead of being loved back, or to be used by someone I didn’t care about?

Eventually, this is what I’ve been born for, to be traded.

I was glaring carelessly on the black windows of the SUV while father kept silent.

He surely was stressed.

I wasn’t. I was blissfully careless of what was going to happen next, but I still had a nod in my stomach, sensing a danger coming.

Strangely enough, even though I knew my father was taking me to Benito, I knew I could find Enzo there.

I never felt fear around Enzo, he had never been anything but kind to me and that gave me a calming vibe.

Even his father was not so scary, although I knew he was after Lucas.

But Lucas was smart enough to take care of himself.

Besides, if I was going to be a good girl and did whatever my father or Benito wanted, Lucas would be safe.

And with that thought in my mind a peaceful wave engulfs me, making me shut my eyes and hoping the drive to our destination will be long enough to take a nap.


I see Gio in the middle of the warehouse rushing the guys to the cars, checking their weapons and rerunning the plans for one more time.

I told Gio this was our best chance to get Becca, as Robert was alone, and he could have been easily hit.

I check my two weapons to be fully loaded and shove some extra munition in my pockets, making sure the knife is where it’s supposed to be, glued to my right leg, under my pants.

“Lucas, we need to go. Like now or else we will miss the ambush spot,” Gio said peeking his head on the door of the warehouse office where I was preparing myself.

I nod and throw the jacket on.

We get in our cars and drive away from the warehouse premises in high speed to make sure we get to the decided spot before they do.

I am in one the cars on the back seat and Ben driving while Jack and Gio are in the first car, just in front of mine.

I take my phone out and dial Gio’s number.

“Yeah,” he says.

“I need you or Ben take Becca out of there no matter what happens,” I tell him straight.

“We will take you both out of there,” Gio gets stubborn.

“If you have to choose...” I insist.

“I won’t choose, Lucas.”

“Gio, it’s a fucking order!” I tell him in a softer voice, like not really meaning it because I know she won’t follow it anyway.

He gets too fucking stubborn sometimes.

“We arrived,” he says and hangs up.

Lucky bastard!

We stop our cars hidden above the under passage from where Robert’s convoy will emerge to the surface after a tunnel of about 500 meters.

He is not stupid and for sure he is expecting something to happen here.

“Ben, let me drive. Get in the back,” I tell him and getting out of the car I remove my jacket, rolling up my sleeves and opening a few more buttons of my black shirt.

My anxiety increases and my mind runs by itself to Becca while my phone buzzes and picking it out I see Gio’s call.

He is on the other side of the road and while holding his phone to his ear, his frowned eyes are fixed on me, sending me messages to answer.

I smile and nod once, pressing my lips in a thin line and rejecting the call.

I know what he wants but he insists, and a message appears on the screen.

G: “What the fuck, Lucas? We got this! You know we do!”

I can tell he is pissed. I know he is right, but I really need to have things in my own control.

This isn’t just any hit. This is getting Becca back. Alive. I had to be in control.

I turn off the screen of the phone and get in the driver’s seat, ignoring everything and everyone, especially Gio, waiting for the time when Robert’s cars will come to surface.

We are all prepared, each man in its own place.

I glare at Gio on the other side of the road and he looks tense. I am above tensed.

We had the confirmation from our guy we left behind at the farm house that Becca was in the second car of the queue and we would get notified when they got into passage. From that moment on we will have exactly two minutes to load our guns and ambush them.

My left hand is already on the gun, the right one holding the gear, my foot propped on the speed paddle and as my phone buzzes once, I know the two minutes start when I read the message on the screen.

G: “Ready!”

I clench my hand on the gear and I am fully prepared.

I see the front of the first car appearing and I hit the speed paddle, my foot down to the floor, my left arms out on the window holding my gun.

I know Robert must have the bulletproof cars so I aim for the wheels, but my heart squeezes because that means the car can flip over and I am not sure how secured Becca is inside.

Our cars run left and right, close to Robert’s convoy and as we try to get closer to them, the hell on earth erupts.

Shootings spread from all sides. I am being covered by my guys as I aim to the second car where I know Becca is.

I drive centimeters far from it, but I can’t see inside, the windows are black.

Shooting the wheels to force the car to slow down, my worst fears comes true.

I see the second car of the queue flipping over a few good times and gets out on the sandy side of the road. I manage to cross the road and get on the other side, as my guys in the car are shooting rain of bullets, covering me.

I need to get to that fucking car! I need to get Becca out of it!


I must have dozed off during the drive, the sun light warming up my eyes through the eyelids and at some point everything darkens.

Slowly I opened my eyes just to notice we were driving through a tunnel, not too long one though, as I could see the day light at the end of it.

I cuddle a bit more in my seat to see my father typing something on his phone.

If before I wished for the drive to be longer, now I couldn’t wait to reach the destination. The air around my father and my brother was dense and unbreathable.

I shifted my eyes from one to another, my father’s face was hard and frowned while my brother’s expressed nothing, most probably being high again.

I turned my eyes back to the window as light was coming through, telling me the tunnel was finished but when the sun rays hit my face, a chaos of shootings started around us.

My father snapped out of his phone and threw it away, fetching his gun, coming all too hasty to open the window and start shooting in the cars that suddenly attached to ours, driving alongside us, shooting at us as well.

I started to shout and duck my head down between my knees while the driver yelled at my father to close the window, a bullet might hit us through it.

I couldn’t understand who is shooting who, where the bullets were coming from. I sat down behind the driver’s seat, trying my best to hide.

“Who the fuck is it? Who’s shooting?” Pete was yelling, holding himself tight as the car was speeding insanely with the driver trying to lose the ones following and shooting at us.

I was crying desperately, shouting and tears were rolling down my face as I couldn’t find a place to hide better.

A few seconds later, I felt myself flipping over, hitting the ceiling of the car, my body bouncing up and down like a ball, hurting my head, my arms, scratches burning my skin.

The car came to a halt at some point, but I felt too dizzy to react on the spot.

I heard the creaks of the doors opening and a hand grabbed strongly my arm, pulling me outside the car.

Squeezing my eyes shut I followed the stranger dragging me out. I didn’t care who was it. I was simply happy to be taken out from the crashed car.

I didn’t know where my father was, or my brother, I didn’t hear anybody speaking, only bullets being shot, and I was wondering how come none of them hit me.

A strong arm wrapped around my waist and only then I felt a well-known bitter wood scent filling my nostrils.

“I got you, baby,” I heard him saying and I opened my eyes to see Lucas’ face close to my own.

With his left hand he was holding a gun, shooting around and with the right one he pressed my head on his chest, doing his best to cover me from the bullets and hide my eyes from the horror around us.

I grabbed his torso, allowing him to take me to safety, hiding ourselves behind his car, but soon I heard other cars coming close and a booming voice that I knew.

“Carlos, grab Becca and cover Tate! Now!”

I look behind to where the voice was coming from and I saw Marciano Benito with a weapon in his hands, getting down from one of the cars newly arrived.

Shifting my eyes to the left I saw the car I got off from, my father crawling down from it and as soon as he got out, bullets thrusted his body.

My eyes widened in fear, but I couldn’t take my look away. He was my father, after all. He was pierced by tens of bullet, his chest covered in fresh blood as life was draining out of him.

While staring and being dragged away from the scene, I see Pete getting down as well rushing to my father but soon he also gets hit by a tone of bullets it seems to me and at that moment I turn my eyes away, overwhelmed by the chaos around. There was nothing more for me to see anyway.

While I shifted my look to Lucas, I felt him stiffen his muscles and an excruciating groan escaped his throat.

He arched his back and fell down to my feet. I look behind from where the hit came, and I see Pete crashed on the ground with an arm stretched holding the gun he has just shot Lucas with.

Holding himself kneeled next to me, keeping his back still straight to cover me, Lucas collapsed a few seconds later, face down and I crumbled over him, trying to pull him up with my hands filled with his blood.

“NO! Lucas! No!”

I was insanely shouting trying to drag his body closer to the car we were aiming earlier but I couldn’t move him.

His body weighted like stones and he wouldn’t move by himself.

“Come on, Lucas! Come on, baby, help me! Move with me, Lucas, come on!”

I was shouting and sobbing, pulling him with my full force but he squeezed my hand, and I turned my eyes towards him, begging him to stand and move.

“Please, Lucas...”

His icy blue eyes were piercing mine, barely blinking, just staring as he tried a smile, his beautiful lips frozen in a shade of blue.

“Becca... love... run,” he whispered. “Run, baby... now.”

I crawled back to him, everything around us ceasing to exist.

It was just me and him, like in a bubble, covered only by the intensity of our look to each other.

I leaned over to his face, cupping his cheeks with my hands and a thin red line of his blood escaped his mouth choking him and making him cough blood. It was ripping my heart in two. No pain has ever thrusted my heart like the one caused by seeing Lucas shot and cold, with life dangerously drifting away.

“No, no, no, Lucas. Stay with me. Baby, please, stay with me,” I begged while peppering kisses on his face, trying to give him from my heat, blowing life into his mouth while I sob and tremble.

I started to cry loudly, dragging his weak body in my lap, desperately searching for life in his beautiful eyes that never stopped staring at me.

I rock my body front and back, holding his head to my chest, pleading him to breathe and to stay with me, not to close his eyes, not to give up, not now, not today.

Someone crashed next to us and I saw Gio, coming to help.

“Rebecca, run! Now! I will stay with him!” he shouted, shooting randomly around. “NOW, Rebecca!” he shouted one more time and he pulled me away from Lucas, forcing me to take distance. “Ben is over there. He will take you out of here!” he showed me behind.

“Lucas... No! I am not leaving!” I said stubbornly refusing to leave and let Lucas there.

I didn’t know if he was still alive or not, he was not moving, not breathing, just lying in the dust next to Gio, his eyes still staring at me.

“I’ll take him out. GO, Rebecca!”

I flinched at Gio’s shouting and I stood up on my feet, still ducking from the bullets and ran in the direction he showed me before.

And as I was running further, faster I was, almost not touching the ground.

On my right side I see Carlos shooting and staring, covering me, making sure no bullet hits me.

Behind him, Ben was doing the same, but one bullet hits Carlos in his leg and puts him down.

I took a way between some cars and ran like crazy, trying to get away from there but then a body crushed over me, striking me down and I groan in pain when my chest hits the ground.

Some strong arms fetched me and pushed me to run further but didn’t lose the grip on my hand.

We reached a car, and I was shoved inside.

As soon as I was sitting on the passenger seat I ducked my head down, covering it with my hands.

The man who took me here, circled the car towards the other side and hopped in the driver’s seat, the car starting to move before his door was closed and before I even realized I was taken away from where I wished I had never left, from the place where my Lucas might be struggling for his life, if he still had life to fight for.

"Honesty is the highest form of intimacy."
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