“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 21 - Falling apart [Republished]


Hearing the shooting sounds getting further behind I slowly lift my head to check my whereabouts and see the one who has taken me out of there.

I was somehow sure that Ben managed to pull me out, but when I looked to my left, I gasped in fear and grabbed the door to open and get out, forgetting the car was in motion.

Next to me, in the driver’s seat it was a fuming Enzo, all frowned, insanely staring to the road, speeding the car to get away as fast as possible from the shooting grounds.

When I try to open the door and jump out he grabbed my arm with force, digging his fingers in the flesh, pulling me back and doing his best not to lose control of the car.

“Shut the door, Becks! Shut the fucking door!” he spat at me and when I did, he blocked all doors from his side.

“Enzo, let me go! Leave me alone!” I yelled and started to hit him with my fists, hoping he would stop the car.

“Becks, if you don’t stop that I will tie you up! Stay still! I am not hurting you!” he growled and made me freeze.

I was shocked to see a totally changed Enzo, the exact opposite of the one I knew.

In front of me unfolded a furious Enzo, with a madness in his eyes that could stop your breath, with arched nostrils as if exhaling steams, frowned eyebrows, joined in a straight line and under the skin of his face jaws were clenched, veins pulsating in a crazy rhythm that froze the hell out of me.

But I found the courage to challenge him.

“You’re not hurting me?!” I shouted back at him in disbelieve. “What do you want from me, then? Are you taking me to your father? Why? What use I am to you?”

“How do you know my father?” he asked surprised.

“Are you joking me?” I was staring at him as if seeing him with two heads. “He came to see me at your...”

"Cazzo di merda!” he cursed.

He didn’t even look at me.

He kept his look on the road, his face twisted in anger, constantly staring in the rear mirror to check how far we were from the shooting scene and if someone was following us.

“Whose blood is that?” he said looking at me in short glares. “Are you hurt?” he asked.

I didn’t answer. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I was still shocked to see Enzo, this Enzo.

He was not kind anymore, he was not warm and tender as he used to be and I was wondering which one was the real Enzo, the one who helped me escape days ago or the scary one, unfolding in front of me.

I snapped out of my thoughts reliving the shooting, looking over my arms and chest, filled with blood.

I remember it was Lucas’ blood and started to cry, shivering and shaking.

“No... it’s Lucas’...” I whispered between my sobs.

His hands curled tighter around the car wheel.

“Shit!” he cursed between clenches teeth and I got lost in my tears, giving in to Enzo kidnapping me and taking my sweet time to cry with my head leaned against the window on my right side.

I don’t know for how long we have been driving.

Enzo didn’t speak a word, I didn’t either, I just sobbed till went dry of tears.

I felt so weak like almost fainting and I could only think about Lucas.

I noticed on the way that we passed NY through the outside highway and we were going further south.

“Where are we going?” I asked without granting Enzo a look.

He didn’t answer for a few seconds and I didn’t repeat the question.

It wasn’t that important where he was taking me. I only wished I had news about Lucas.

“I have to see Lucas,” I say.

“You can’t,” he muttered.

I snap my head towards him.

“What the fuck that means?”

“That fucking means you can’t see him, Becks!” he shouted annoyed. “Not until I figure out what the fuck is going on,” he continued lowering his voice.

“What do you mean what is going on? Are you that stupid? Are you blind? I am being traded again by my father, for you, for Salvatore, I don’t know. Fuck, might be for your father! Who the hell knows? And who the fuck gives a damn? I only need to know what happened to Lucas! That’s all!” I shouted at him.

I knew I couldn’t change anything of what was going to happen to me, and I also knew all I needed was to do what I was expected to do, and Lucas would be safe. I only wanted to know if he was still alive.

Enzo hit the steering wheel with his fists and cursed spitting Italian words over and over as my eyes pooled again in tears and hid them away.

We approached an estate where Enzo entered typing a code at the gates and after we drove in, a beautiful Victorian mansion was in front of us.

He stopped the car at the entrance and got down coming to my side. He yanked the door for me, waiting me to get down as well.

“Come on, Becks. We need to get inside,” he says in a harsh voice but visibly trying to control.

Not doing a particularly decent job.

“Fuck off!” I cursed showing no intention to get down the car.

“Becks, we need to get inside before we are being seen by someone,” he tried to reason but I didn’t move, staring in front, not because I didn’t want, but because fear and shock paralyzed me.

“Oh, for fuck sakes!” Enzo cursed and sneaking one arm around my waist he pulled me out of the car like weighting nothing and threw me on his right shoulder with my butt up and hands dangling at his back.

“Put me down, Enzo!” I demanded but he completely ignored me.

He typed another code at the door and the lock opened.

He entered the house and retyped the code, locking the door behind us.

I was hitting his back with my fists, throwing my legs in the air, trying to get off his shoulder but he kept on walking till we reached the living where he threw me on the sofa.

He started to pace around the room like trying to find something but not exactly searching, running repeatedly his fingers through his hair and mumbling things I couldn’t understand.

He was fuming and I couldn’t understand why and moreover, why he took me away from there to bring me here.

I would have expected to be taken to his father house but instead, we were here, in an empty house and it was obvious to me we were hiding.


Carlos told me where they kept Becks and I was on my way to take her from there when I run into the shooting.

I was that fucking lucky because nobody would have expected me to be there so nobody was concentrated on me.

I sneaked in there and grabbed Becks with a crazy confidence that I will succeed and luckily now we were both here, to my mansion.

It was the only place that came into my mind although I didn’t know for how long we would be able to stay in here before my father found out and I needed a plan like fucking now.

“Enzo, will you stop pacing around like this? You make me dizzy,” I hear Becks talking.

I snapped my head towards her, taken out of my thoughts and alarmed by her weak, sickly voice.

She was sitting on the sofa, her skin was white like paper and her blouse, arms and face were stained with dry blood that she seemed to have forgotten about.

She had her elbows pinned to her knees and face buried in her palms.

“I think I am going to be sick...” she whispered becoming impatient, searching a place to ‘be sick’.

“Becks...” I mumbled and rushed towards her, lifting her in my arms, running to the ground-floor toilet and placing her in front of the sink, holding her hair back while she was loudly emptying her stomach.

Shit, that must have been over the edge for her.

Her body became suddenly feeble and she sunk to the floor so unexpected that I hardly managed to absorb the fall before hitting her head on the bathroom’s tiles.

“Jesus, Rebecca,” I said feeling dead worried.

I took a towel and dumped it with water to clean her face, her neck and a feeling of horror rushed through me, thinking of what she had witnessed only an hour ago.

No wonder her body gave in.

“Becks, can you hear me?” I whispered while trying to hold her head steady and make her look at me, impatiently waiting for her eyes to open.

The pupils moved under her eyelids when hearing my voice which I softened in the urge of soothing her fear and weakness and when she opened those fucking beautiful emerald eyes looking straight back at me, my heart stung, and I skipped a heartbeat.

Those amazingly shining eyes were always making me lose myself in their deep, heavy sadness every time they would look at me.

She stared at me, tearing green eyes making my blood rush up to my head and loose my shit, hands trembling with anger. I couldn’t see those eyes tearing anymore.

Since I’ve met her that’s all she’s does and that’s exactly what I am bound to change.

“Let’s go upstairs. You need to take a shower, babe,” I mumble and lifting her again in my arms we go upstairs to my room and I place her on the bed while I was going to prepare her some things for the shower.

When I am done I walk back to her and kneeled in front of her, leveling my face with hers as she is now sitting on the edge of the bed. I lift her head with one finger under her chin and make her look at me.

“Will you be okay taking a shower alone?” I ask her, being worried that she can’t even stand on her feet.

She nodded lightly.

“Okay. Come on.”

Like a good girl she stood up and followed me to the bathroom.

I helped her take her clothes off, her body still weak and molding lifeless to my moves.

“Is Lucas dead?” she asks, barely wording properly.

I press my lips in a thin line, suppressing my anger and jealousy.

I am so fucking sick of hearing about this Lucas guy whom I understand was not the kind of loving husband he should have been.

I wished I erase him from her memories for good. Literally I wished he was dead.

“I don’t know, tesoro. I don’t know.” I answer amazingly calm. (Sweetheart).

She starts to sob again.

As I am done removing her clothes I grab her hand and lead her to the glass shower.

“Do you want me to help you?” I asked and she shook her head.

She grabbed the shower knob and turned on the water, sliding the door closed and leaving me outside.

I fought my instinct of taking off my own clothes and getting inside with her to help her wash, but I could swear I wouldn’t be able to hold my lust I always felt every time I was around her and this was not the fucking time for it.

I made a few steps back and leaned against the counter, waiting her to have her shower.

She was still sobbing and quite heavy as I could clearly hear her covering the sound of the shower.

I’m watching her through the steamy glass as she rubs her arms harder and harder, washing off the stains of blood, sobbing even louder.

She was not washing herself, she was fallen in a trance, scrubbing violently her skin.

I had to stop her before her own blood would surface and opening the glass door I spoon her in my arms, tightening my hold and forcing her to stop, not caring about the shower watering us both.

She falls spineless on my chest, taking her sweet time to cry.

“Shh, Becks, it’s okay. Everything will be okay. I promise you that.” I whisper in her ear. ”Andrà tutto bene, te lo prometto," I say rocking her lightly, trying to ease her pain.

I turn off the shower and stretch outside to grab a towel wrapping her with it when I felt the temperature of her skin dropping warily.

I dry her skin with the towel and carry her to the bedroom. She obediently lays on the bed and rolls over to her left side, bending her knees to the chest and placing the hands under her head.

I search something for her to wear, something warm and I pull out a sweater of mine.

“Becks, come on,” I tell her and tried to lift her up, but she battles my hands.

“Leave me alone...” she says pushing me away. “You are just the same.”

Of course, I am just the same. I am man, I am motherfucker man like all other men, taking and making his own what he wants.

Don’t we all do that?

I know that Becks needs me right now.

Me, to take her away from her previous painful life and make her a new woman, a new loved woman, giving her all she deserves, all she needs.

I swiftly grabbed her arm, lift her up and force the sweater over her head while she keeps fighting my hands.

When she was dressed she crushed back on the bed and I didn’t know if that was a faint or she just fell asleep, but she didn’t move anymore.

I stare at her and I wonder how she has gone through her life this far with all the heavy pain she’s faced.

And why someone, at some shitty proper time didn’t do anything to stop that.

I take off my wet clothes and lay next to her on my back, rolling her over my chest, covering us with blankets and pressing Becks deeper on my chest till I feel her nose pocking me and her breasts crashed on me.

I inhale deeply her scent and pepper kisses on the crown of her head.

“I will make it right, Becks. I will fight for it,” I make her a promise which was more addressed to myself.

That moment my phone buzzes and I check the screen only to realize that my mission just has become harder.

It was my father.

"Stop shrinking to fitplace you've
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