“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 23 - They finally got me [Republished]


"The fuck I will! I told you I don’t want to have anything to do with it. My business is here, my life is here,” I spat to my father knowing very well this was going to come.

"Fai parte della famiglia!" my father shouted standing up, all menacing and fuming. (You are part of the family).

“I never asked for this fucking family!” I shout back giving no damn care if he gets angry or not.

With the corner of my eye, I see Salvatore shifting and in a split of a second I reach for my gun and point it to his face before he even had the chance to pull his own gun from the inside pocket of his jacket.

And he froze just like that, his hand shoved inside his jacket and eyes burning holes in mine.

“Don’t fuck with me, Salvatore,” I hissed.

I had always had a fucking faster hand than Salvatore when it came to guns, a much better aim and damn, when I was pissed I could be the most ruthless and heartless motherfucker mafia son. Just the way my father liked.

Being out of the family businesses was all a waste, he always said.

And I knew he needed me. I knew I would do a fucking excellent job, but I just didn’t want to. Not after the loss I had.

I kept myself far from it longer than I thought I ever could, and I was not going to back up now.

“Put the gun down, Vincenzo,” I hear my father saying but I don’t break eyes contact with my brother, nor lower the gun.

He walked around his office, coming closer to us, putting one hand to Salvatore’s arm, slowly taking it out of the jacket and making him lose the thought of pulling out his gun. I still didn’t lower mine.

My father took out his phone and dialed a number.

“Did you bring her?” he asked the guy on the line.

“What?” I said and frowned at the thought that just crossed my mind, my body stiffening and my hand gripping even tighter the gun pointed between my brother’s eyes.

“Get in,” he ordered and ended the call.

He walked back to his chair and sat on it, with an unbelievable calm.

“Vincenzo, one thing I am disappointed in you is that... you seem to take me for granted. I do love my sons, both of you, but some things must be done in a tougher way than others,” he speaks in a deep, serious voice.

The door of the office opens, and I see Carlos coming in, bringing Becks with him.

I turned my eyes towards them, and my heart cringed.

She was standing there, in all her beauty, with an even face, blank of all emotions.

Her big green eyes were staring at me, empty, as if she was in peace with whatever comes.

While staring at her, my heart raced in anger and tension pulses in my temples when she mouths to me ’it’s okay′ and I can’t believe this woman.

It made me angry, it was driving me nuts to see how damn easy she was giving up.

This was not what she deserved; this was not what I wanted for her.

I lowered my gun, never taking my eyes from Becks.

“No Becks, it’s not okay,” I told her and started to walk my way towards her.

I curled an arm around her waist and pulled her in a hug, kissing her forehead.

Surprisingly, nobody moved, nobody said anything.

“I will see you in the morning, papa,” I told him still looking at Becks and locking my eyes with hers.

They knew I agreed. They knew I could never give up on her.

I was going to get in the business, I was going to become Don in Italy, and I was going to become fucking ruthless with anybody crosses my way and my father knew that.

He knew me very well and I also knew he needed me in Italy because I could be exactly that, which meant things were not going very well there, so I was going to have hell a lot of work.

Becks and I left the office and my father’s house without any other word to anybody around or to each other.

While crossing the living I saw mamma facing her back to me, working something in the kitchen.

I didn’t stop, I just walked towards the exit door, holding Becks hand, decided never to step a foot in this house again.

I was going to do whatever my father wanted me to do, I was going to keep Becks with me and at the right moment, I was going to get out of the business once things were settled in Italy.

I opened the passenger seat door for Becks, and she slides in, making herself comfortable while I buckled her seat belt.

Once I closed her door I walked around the car and got in the driver’s seat but before I turned on the engine I pulled my phone out and dialed Carlos’s number.

“Hey, Carlos, how are you?”

“Good, Enzo. Listen, I am really sorry, I had orders. I swear I didn’t touch her in any way.”

“I know, Carlos. I know. Listen, do you have any news about Tate?” I asked him, as I had a promise to keep.

“Yeah, he has been taken to hospital after the shooting and for what I’ve heard he is in a coma.”

“Which hospital?”

“Unity Hospital, Rochester,” Carlos replied and as always, Carlos had been the best help.

“Thanks, Carlos.”

"Nessun problema," he said, and the line disconnected. (No problem).

I put my phone down and as soon as I let it fall in the holder Becks takes warmly my hand with both of hers.

“Thank you, Enzo,” she says and lifting my eyes to her I get lost as usual in the green of her big eyes, floating in a pool of tears.

I scoop her face in my hands, wiping the tears away with my thumbs and pulling her into a kiss.

“You never belonged to me. You never belonged to anyone. You belong to yourself only and I will be more than happy to support you in that.”

She closed her eyes and sobbed loudly.

I knew I had stirred up all her memories and pains from the past, but I needed Becks with a healed soul before I could make her mine.

I needed Becks to reconcile with her past and begin to look to the future as a new, reborn woman, a woman who would willingly accept me into her life.

I kissed her forehead lightly then turned on the engine and left my father’s house.

The ride back to my mansion was in complete silence.

She kept her eyes on the window on her right side, never moving her head in front or towards me.

If I didn’t take a glare to her from time to time, I wouldn’t even know she was still in the car with me.

I decided to take her to see Lucas the next day.

I wished I never had to, but she asked, she wanted to, and she didn’t belong to me, yet. Who was I to tell her no?

It really bothered me though, I couldn’t deny it.

My fingers were curled tight around the steering wheel and I felt a nod in my throat that I couldn’t swallow.

I felt to shout on her, yell, asking what the fuck she saw in the guy that clearly made her life a hell.

Why else would she run away from him? He was always there, always in her mind, I could see it in her eyes.

Every fucking time she would remember him or speak about him her eyes were tearing and shining and besides the usual sadness I saw love, love for him.

And it was driving me insane.

When we finally reached the mansion, I could see that my staff was already there, as the lights were on. I called them on the way to my father to come and revive the house to a living place, properly prepare our rooms and have done dinner for us.

Becks got down the car before I could reach and open her door for her and walked besides me towards the door.

Ms. Steward opened the front door and welcomed us.

“Hello, Mr. Vincenzo, welcome. Hello Miss,” she said to Becks.

“Hello,” Becks replied.

“Ms. Steward, are the rooms ready?”

“Of course, sir. All is prepared. I was going to start dinner,” she replied while we were walking in the house.

“Becks, something special you want for dinner?” I asked her while as we strolled into the living.

“No, anything will be fine with me,” she replied coldly.

I nodded and pressed my lips in a thin line deciding that this was not the time to push her around.

“Come, let me show you your room,” I grabbed her hand, and we went upstairs.

The first room on our right was mine, she would take the second.

It had a bathroom with a bathtub, and I thought it would be more comfortable for her even though we would stay just a few days more at this location.

I needed about a week to prepare our departure to Italy.

“This will be your room, Becks. It has the bathtub, so I thought you would like it better,” I told her as we walked in.

“Thank you,” she told me uninterested.

She didn’t look around the room, she didn’t care where she was, if it was okay for her or not.

She just walked straight to the bed and laying down, she curled into a ball on her left side, arms crossed around her womb, staring at the window.

I was numb. I didn’t know what to do, what to say.

She looked depressed and lifeless.

“Um... I will ask Ms. Steward to let you know when the dinner is ready,” I said without walking further into the room.

“Thank you,” was all she said, and I stood there a few seconds more before leaving the room.

It was painful to see her like that and it also made me angry. I mean, for fuck sakes, what was she trying to do? Get sick? Try to die?

I decided to leave her room and go to mine. It was the only way I could prevent an unnecessary scene of jealousy. An act that would only increase the distance between us.

I desperately needed a shower and change my clothes and then I realized she had nothing to wear.

She was still wearing her pants and the sweater I gave her earlier today.

I should bring her some clothes tomorrow, something to wear before she would be shopping her clothes by herself.

I went down to the dinning after I was done and saw Ms. Steward arranging the table for dinner.

“Did you tell Becks the dinner is ready?” I asked her while I was fixing myself a glass of whiskey.

“Yes, sir, but she said she wasn’t hungry,” she replied.

I left the glass on the table and rushed upstairs, climbing the stairs two by two.

I knocked on her door but there was no answer, so I let myself in.

I searched the room but didn’t see her anywhere. The bed was empty as well, still neatly done.

I went to the bathroom and I when peeked my head inside I heard the shower running and through the steamed glass I saw her curled on the shower floor.

“Shit, Becks!” I cursed and opened the door quickly so I can take her out.

I turned off the water and bent down to her. “Becks, what are you doing here?” I asked her while pushing aside the rebel, wet strands of hair that were covering her face, trying to find her eyes.

She turned her face to me. Her beautiful eyes were now puffy and red, filled with tears.

She stared at me for a few long seconds.

“Grieving for my baby,” she said sobbing and my blood froze.

I stared at her, quite sure I looked shocked. I wasn’t expecting that.

“Jesus, Becks. Come on, let’s get you out of here,” I said and lifting her up in my arms I walked out of the shower.

I placed her on the counter while grabbing a towel and dry her skin and took another one for her hair.

“Don’t get sick on me now, Rebecca,” I told her while rubbing her skin to dry it and also to warm it up, as I felt the temperature of her body a few degrees less than normal.

“I killed my baby, Enzo!” she yelled in an excruciating cry letting herself crash on my chest and I had to pin my feet strongly on the floor so I wouldn’t fall under the weight of her body.

“Consume less, create more.”
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