“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 25 - Healing pain with another pain [Republished]


It’s damn late and I’ve just realized I haven’t called Becks all day even though I’ve promised to be home early.

But I was almost done with arrangements and all it took was a few hours more to close everything. I could spend the rest of the time here only with Becks.

I feel guilty though to have left her alone till this hour and now I am doing my best to control the car as I am speeding like insanely on an empty road.

I was thrilled I finally had arranged all businesses here, in NY, which meant I could travel to Italy whenever we wanted and most importantly I could spend time with Becks once we are there, away from Salvatore.

I left her alone for too long today. I didn’t pay any attention to the time passing, jumping from one meeting to another until it was too late be back home for dinner.

When finally, I checked my phone before getting in my car it was filled with missed calls, from papa, Salvatore, but mostly from Becks.

The last one was half an hour ago and that’s the one that worried me most. It’s a late call and I really hope nothing has happened, but still, I have a hunch that cringed my racing heart in worry.

I pull the car in front of the house and jump out of it, rushing to the entrance door.

“Becks!” I shout her name, hoping she is still awake.

“In here, Vincenzo,” I hear my father’s voice from the living room and it makes my muscles stiff.

“What are you doing here?” I ask him while walking in but the sight in front of me makes horror fill my brain.

Becks was laying on the sofa with a towel held on her head by my father who was sitting on a chair next to her.

“What the fuck happened?” I run to her and sit on the edge of the sofa.

Her face is white like paper and barely she is breathing.

“Becks. Becks, wake up, baby,” I tell and grab her chin moving her face towards me.

I hold her hands, strongly rounding circles with my thumbs on the back, hoping my touches will bring back life in her.

Which it did. Her eyes fluttered a few times and the green of her eyes bore into mine.

“Enzo, my God. I called you so many times. Your father...” she tried to tell me sitting up and curling her arms around my neck but when she saw papa behind me, she freezes, her eyes gauging behind me.

“It’s okay, Becks, it’s okay. I am here now. Don’t worry,” I am trying to calm her down and I pull her in a strong hug, relieved she is awake.

“Vincenzo, you need to leave for Italy as soon as possible,” papa says but I don’t pay him attention.

Not yet. I have Becks in my arm, rubbing my hand on her back, giving her the time she needs to recover.

Her arms are still wrapped around my neck in a strong grip and I know something that really scared her has happened here.

She slowly untangles her arms and pulls herself from my hold.

I check her face pushing away some thick, black strands of hair and caressing her face just to make sure she is fine. She smiles shyly and I can tell she regains comfort in my presence.

“We are ready to leave, papa. I made arrangements for tomorrow evening,” I tell him without taking my eyes from Becks, smiling back at her, both of us lost in our moment where nobody else fits.

“We’re leaving for Italy? Already?” she asks surprised, still smiling and those smiles make me confident that this is the best thing to do.

“This is what I’ve been planning to talk to you tonight,” I reply, scooping her face in my hands. “I will tell you all about it in a minute, okay? Let me show my father out first,” I complete and placing a kiss on her forehead.

I stand up and see my father is already on his feet ready to leave.

We both walk to the exit door, my father stretching an arm around my shoulders.

“Enzo, you need to make sure she is alright before anything. Salvatore was here and... well, there was a little incident. I am sure it’s nothing serious but you better check. She bumped her head when she fell down. Nothing happened, it was just an accident. She was trying to run away from Salvatore, but she stumbled and...”

“Salvatore? He was here? What the fuck for?” I asked confused and angry. “And what do you mean she stumbled...?”

“Son, it’s best you two travel to Italy immediately. Salvatore... ” he tried to reason but I couldn’t listen any word about the one that was adamant to take Becks from me.

“Papa, I won’t let him come close to Becks again. You know damn well I am ready to...”

“I’ll take care of Salvatore. I will make sure he is married before your time comes to get back here,” he says avoiding a straight answer but looking confident that he will be able to keep his word.

“I’m going to kill him,” I say with an unbeaten confidence.

“He is your brother, Vincenzo!” my father replies visibly pissed and hurt at the same time.

Now I understand that actually my father didn’t only want me to handle his businesses in Italy.

He was also trying to protect me and Becks. And of course, save Salvatore.

“Enzo, you are both my sons, and you are equally important,” my father says stopping in front of the door and turning around to face me. His look is soft and still serious. This is the father I’ve always known and the man I’ve always looked up to. “You both have my support and will do my best to help you in whatever it’s best for you. I know how important Rebecca is for you and almost envy your stubbornness and fight to keep her by your side. I lacked that strength when it was my time. Rebecca is just crotchet for Salvatore and I know he is reckless but he is still my son and I want to handle him smoothly. I need you to give me that chance.”

I look into his eyes and press my lips in a thin line. I wished I could say I understand him but in truth I never wanted to be in his place. Salvatore was stupid enough to risk anything for a fling and I was stubborn enough to walk on dead bodies for Becks.

His eyes are glued on me and expecting my reply or rather, my countenance. And I agreed. I had to. Salvatore is my blood and if moving to Italy was the peaceful solution, I was going to do just that.

I give my dad a strong hug of appreciation and reassurance as well.

"Certo, papa,” I tell him and once we break our hug, he smiles at me, patting my shoulder and thanking me then turns around and walks out on the door.

I knew Salvatore wanted Rebecca from the day he saw her first time. I was suspecting he was adamant to have her, but my father had just confirmed it to me. I was not wrong.

I stood in the door frame for a few seconds more and when my dad’s car was leaving my mansion I returned to the living room just to find it empty, Becks missing from the sofa where I left her.

I heard some sounds coming from the kitchen and I knew it was her.

I walked in and saw her placing the dinner in the oven to warm it up for me.

I lean against the door frame, shoving my hands in the pockets of my pants and enjoying her sight, feeling so fucking lucky to have her here, in my home.

My chest cannot contain the happiness building up and baring no more to stay away even for a second, I walk towards her, wrapping my arms around her waist and pressing her back on my chest.

“I am really sorry, Becks,” I say placing a kiss on the back of her head, inhaling deep the orange flower scent of her hair.

“Salvatore should have never come anywhere close to you and he knew that. That’s what the deal is. My father was here because he knew Salvatore would come and he couldn’t find me over the phone. I am really sorry I’ve been late tonight.”

She patiently listens to my words, surrendered in my arms while I kiss the crown of her head but once I am done talking she turns around and pins her eyes on me.

“What did you give in change for me, Enzo?” she asks bluntly.

“Who told you I gave something?” I frown my eyebrows, staring back at her.

“Your father. He said he got what he wanted, and you got me.”

I swallowed hard the knot forming in my throat.

I didn’t want her to feel traded again, but here she was, asking me bluntly about how I managed to keep my promise.

I unwrapped my arms around her and walked towards the dinner table, pulling her after me and motioning her to sit on the chair in front of me.

“Becks, I have managed to keep my promise to you by agreeing to my father’s request to handle his businesses in Italy. I did it before when I was in Italy. Things over there are not like here. There, the rivalry between families is at high levels. At some point I decided to stop doing it. It was long time ago and that was the moment I moved to US and built my own business here. Clean, legit business. But now I need to go back, and I want you to come and stay with me there.”

“To come as what?” she says staring at me with a bit of anger. I felt it.

“Well, as my friend, as my...” I tried to explain but she didn’t let me finish.

She stood up and left for the living room as I was following her with my widened eyes.

She returned a few second later with an envelope that she handed to me.

“These are my divorce papers. They are ready, filled and signed from my side. I want you to have them signed by Lucas or his lawyers, or who ever,” she speaks, and her voice is cold and determined.

I took the papers from her hand and place them next to me, on the table. Seems my Becks was also busy while I was away this week.

“Alright. I will contact my lawyer tomorrow morning,” I say, and I hope my voice doesn’t betray the delight I feel.

“And I will come with you to Italy but first I need to see Lucas one last time,” she completes her demands.

Well, that’s about it with my joy.

But I’ve promised her, and I need to keep my promise. Besides, her saying ‘one last time’ was already sending Lucas far from us, bound to be left behind in the past.

I wander my eyes over her figure, standing straight and proud in front of me, having nothing but an emotionless look in her eyes.

She was so beautiful, her black hair falling in wild curls on her shoulders, her green eyes, round and shadowed with black eyelashes staring at me, waiting my answer to her request, her lips parted but with corners slightly curled down in a heartbreaking sadness which I knew I had to fight long and hard, but I was also sure I could do it.

I felt my breath hitching in my chest and desire grew in me like hunger in a ferocious animal.

I reached my arm and took her hand, pulling her closer to me until I placed her between my legs. She didn’t fight it, she just floated towards me, not breaking our eyes contact, and walked forward till she was close enough to press her navel to my aroused shaft in my now very tight pants, and she whimpered at the contact.

I placed her hand on my shoulder and grabbed the back of her neck, pulling her down to my lips. I felt her breath heaving and I knew I did have some effect on her, or a little bit more effect as she didn’t fight it. On contrary, she took it in with heat and lust.

It turned me on even more.

She closed her eyes. I hated it. I wanted her to look at me. I wanted her to see it was me in front of her, I wanted her to know it wasn’t her husband, ex-husband-to-be soon, fucking Lucas kissing her and worshiping her.

It was me and I wanted her to acknowledge that both with her eyes and her body.

Her silky hair is curled around my fingers and while standing up I grabbed a full hand of her hair on the back of the head and pulled it gently, forcing her head on the back so I can freely reach with my lips the skin on her neck, below her earlobe.

I brushed my lips on that heavenly soft skin, sucking and biting it to my outmost pleasure.

And the more I kissed and sucked, harder I felt in my pants and then I sucked stronger.

She hissed in the most fucking sensual way and her lips were my next target, kissing her hard and painful as if I wanted to suck out of her all the memories she had before me, all men she ever knew, every touch she ever had, every ounce of Lucas ever being inside of her.

“Fuck Becks, you really make me fucking hot with those so fucking sad eyes staring at me,” I said, and my hands held her tighter, my finger digging painful in her flesh where I knew her beautiful skin would be blue the next day.

She didn’t protest, she didn’t reject it. I only felt her body becoming weaker in my hands as if surrendering to me.

The way she was giving herself to me was both confusing and arousing.

I knew she was not in love with me, I knew she was not even having another man in her mind besides Lucas. Yet.

I knew it was not me she surrendered to, but I still moved on and increased my kisses on her shoulders and neck, sliding down to her breasts and I bit a nipple through the fabric of her robe, hard, making her moan in pain.

I needed revenge for all the touches and kisses she knew before me and she needed to know that I was not going to go on top of them, but in place of them.

I spin her swiftly in my arms and pushed her to walk forward, cupping her breasts with my hands and throwing her on the sofa armrest, face down and butt up, simply perfect for my reach.

I squeezed one leg between her thighs.

“Open!” I order her and she did just that, without any complaints or rejection.

I lift her skirt and rip off her panties standing in my way, while I get rid of my own pants and boxers and in one rushed move I rammed inside of her in a rough, strong push.

She shouts in pain but doesn’t protest and I don’t stop. I push myself strongly, deeper, in the full length of my shaft.

“Fuck,” I curse when I feel her insides tightening around me and I bend in search for her salty lips washed in her tears.

Her fists are tightly clenched in the velvet of the sofa and she pushed her butt back meeting my thrusts, although I feel her in pain.

I ram inside her even harder and faster while myself I groan deep.

“Harder...,” she whispers to me when I briefly break the kisses to let her breathe.

“Shit, Becks, I am going to hurt you. I don’t want to hurt you,” I reply to her between her parted lips, but she frowns and shouts.

“Harder, fuck it, Enzo!” and I comply.

I don’t know why but I had the feeling she needed it. She was shouting and crying as I was ramming in her like an animal and she was asking for fucking more.

This was not love making, it was not even sex. It was something else, something damn painful and not only for her, for me too.

She was pushing herself back into me harder than I was thrusting her, and she kept crying between her shouts and fuck it, I hoped she would release soon so I can stop.

I knew I was hurting her. I felt her legs shaking and weaken and myself clenched inside of her with such strength that I found my own release together with hers.

Her body shook in loud sobs while I jerked with the last drops I sees spat inside of her together with an animal groan coming out from the back of my throat.

It was our first and not at all what I wished for. I let her lead all along and if that was going to help her release the pain and frustration, that’s what I was giving but I swore to myself it won’t happen again. Not like this. Not without love and passion.

"Inhale sky. Exhale stars."
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