“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 28 - Italy [Republished]


It took us hours to reach Italy, happily Enzo decided to take his private jet so we could make it as fast and comfortable as possible.

I am not used with this kind of awfully long flights, for me it’s my first trip to Italy, and second to Europe. Lucas took us once for a month vacation in a small mountain village in France. And that was my whole experience with long flights. Or Europe.

During the flight Enzo sat next to me, always with his laptop in his hands, working, but never forgetting about me.

He was either holding my hand, or my head on his chest while I was taking a couple of hours of sleep, or holding my legs on his lap, running his hands along them, warming up my skin.

It was as if him, feeling his hands on me was getting the enough amount of air to breathe and go through the day. I was the air he needed.

When we landed in Italy I’d learnt that we landed on the island of Sicily.

Well, where else?

As Enzo told me, we were at the Catania airport, which was only 27 kilometers far from his home, or so.

The car drive took us less than 20 minutes before we stopped in front of a quite impressive property, Italian style, of course.

I was impressed but maybe not so much by the surroundings as much as by the fact that I was thousands of kilometers away, the fact that I was in a completely new place where I could keep my mind busy with different new things and where I could find a new life.

Enzo got off the car first and coming to my side he gallantly opened the door and, as always, he offered me his hand to help me get out.

And again, like always, he kisses softly the knuckles of my hand.

“Here we are, Becks,” he said wrapping an arm around my waist and running his eyes on the home in front of him.

I could clearly see how happy he was, as if here was the nest he had always wished.

“Yup, here we are,” I replied taking a deep breath of the salty air that brought the sea in my mind. “It smells of ocean.”

“I know, although the sea is about 30km far from here. But don’t worry, the pool in the back can be quite a substitute,” he said shining with happiness, kissing my temple while my waist was strongly pressed on his right hip.

He was so much taller than me that I could barely reach his shoulder with the tip of my head.

He placed his hand on the sides of my face and bent down to my lips in such a tender and sweet kiss that almost swept my feet from the ground and made me dizzy all together.

That’s how Enzo was, physically irresistible.

He continued his kiss until I had to tap his shoulder to let me breathe.

I harshly gulped a good chunk of air once he let my lips go, smirking, and before I had the chance to exhale, someone ran right towards us.

"Enzo, mio dolce fratellino," the woman said and jumped right into his arms so sudden that he had to push me behind him, so I won’t get crushed by her. (Enzo, my sweet little brother)

Startled, he almost got knocked off himself if he wasn’t a strong man as he was.

"Bellissima Felicia,” he said and hugged her strongly while she stretched all on her toes to reach his neck where she curled her arms. (Beautiful Felicia)

"Sei finalmente arrivato,” she continued ruffling his hair. (You finally arrived).

She definitely looked older than Enzo and they shared the same black big round eyes, although she was short and little chubby.

"Ti avevo detto che sarei tornado,” he replies laughing. (I told you I would come back).

“Yes, you did. And you always keep your promised. But 4 years have been too long for me,” she said when she was back on her feet. “And you brought an angel with you,” Felicia continued peeking her head behind Enzo, meeting my widened eyes.

“Felicia, this Rebecca Downhill, Becks, for me. Becks, this is my elder sister, Felicia Benito,” he introduced us.

“Oh please, call me Feli. My, my. You were right, Enzo. She is beautiful.”

Her eyes narrowed thin when looking at me as if she could just recognize me from a description.

I looked at Enzo questioning with my eyes when he had the time to speak with his sister about me, and moreover, tell her I was that beautiful.

Under my scolding glare he shrugged, like a naughty kid and grabbed my hand pulling me towards him.

“Come on, we need to change and rest. It’s been a long flight,” he said.

The three of us entered the house and I could only be amazed by the interior.

Europe was magnificent with its old styles and long tradition, going back to thousands of years of history.

For me, entering Enzo’s house was like visiting a museum.

What I loved most about it, as we entered, were these huge glass doors taking you to the back yard where, just equally impressive, a huge sparkling pool was laying in the shining rays of the sun.

Like every time when I felt a breeze, my senses woke up and I could not resist the feeling.

I closed my eyes and walked towards the glass doors, letting the warm wind blow my hair to the back and tease gently my face.

Ah, I loved it.

Together with that blissful caressing of the breeze I felt a strong hug wrapping me from the back, and I smiled. I knew Enzo was always watching me, always making sure I was at least comfortable.

“Do you like it?” he whispered in my ear placing a kiss on my neck.

I tilt my head aside to make him space and welcome his kisses.

“Yeah... you know me, just give me a little breeze and I am over my head with joy,” I reply.

“Kids, dinner is waiting for you. Why don’t you refresh up a little in your rooms and then come down to eat?” Feli says while entering the living.

There was something overly sweet in her voice and the way she called us “kids”. Well, I must say I miss a mother.

My own was all wrapped in the insanity of my father, walking blindly on his steps while Lucas’ mother, although polite and never having anything against me, was never too close.

But Feli, she had something special and I knew she could have never been anything but a motherly elder sister.

“Come, Becks. I will show you your room,” Enzo said and holding hands, we walked back to the stairs, which were equally stunning.

He took me to the room that was going to be my bedroom, a wide space with high ceiling and tall windows, allowing the whole light of the day to thrust in between some heavy gray curtains hanging along the windows and the balcony doors.

It had a walk-in closet, of course, a huge bathroom with big, wide windows, bathtub and shower and a vanity as long as the full wall.

“Impressive,” I say running my eyes on every detail of the room. “Isn’t it too much, though?”

“Too much for you? No, trust me, all women in our family have at least this kind of room if not a full apartment. They like to be independent and sometimes, live separate.” he continued but in a millisecond there was a faint sign of sadness and pain in his look, which made me wonder.

It was a new feeling to learn about Enzo and immediately I knew there was something behind it, something he didn’t tell me about, and I was somehow sure he wouldn’t. “They like having their own space,” he continued almost whispering.

“Hey, are you okay? What’s wrong?” I asked walking towards him and scooping his face in my hands, bending back my head to reach his look.

It wasn’t until his black eyes fixed mine that I saw a deep sorrow in that stormy black staring at me, all frowned and restless.

“Enzo...” I whispered in concern.

“I am sorry, but you can never have one of those apartments. It will be either this room or my room,” he said coldly, totally unexpected and with a seriousness that almost made my blood freeze.

“What? No, Enzo. This room is just fine. Why would I...,” but my words got cut with a rushed and painful kiss on my lips that I almost lost my balance for.

While I was ravished by his lips and not wanting him to stop I was thinking that there might be so much more to learn about Enzo, and it made my heart shrink, not feeling too comfortable about it.

The darkness in his eyes was mysterious and deep and it sunk my thoughts in questions and doubts that maybe Enzo I’d learnt to know back home was not the Enzo of Italy.

He lifted me up in his arms, forcing my legs to wrap around his waist and walked with me towards the king size bed of the room where he threw me strongly on it while I escaped a whimper.

His face got darker with lust and his eyes frowned as he was hovering above me, burying his face in the crock of my neck, kissing and sucking my skin in my most sensitive spots.

I run my fingers through his hair on the back of his neck, moaning and breathing hard, arousal building up in a pool of sensations in the pit of my cores.

It was odd how both of us would find our way of suppressing the hurt and pain nesting in our souls with wild and fierce sex, as if it was the last thing to make us feel alive.

“Enzo... Feli is waiting...,” I try to reason the fact that I was not in the mood of being used right now.

“She can wait,” he speaks in my opened mouth while kissing me.

“But... the food...,” I try again and that seemed to have snapped anger in Enzo, something that sends cold shivers down my spine.

“Fuck it, Becks!” he shouts and breaks all contact with me, distancing and sitting on the edge on the bed pressing the orbs of his eyes with the back of the hands.

I found the strength to bend my legs bringing the knees to my chin and gather around me the cover of the bed, as if that would make me invisible for him.

He spent a few seconds just sitting there, saying nothing while I struggled to silence my heavy breath.

That’s one side of Enzo that freaks me out and I wonder just how many of these I would face over here.

Without turning his face to me he reaches one arm and grabs gently the ankle of my left leg and I flinch at his touch.

He doesn’t react, he knows he has scared me, but I don’t move either, sitting frozen in my spot.

“I am sorry, Becks. I really am... You go downstairs and eat with Feli. I’m not hungry,” he said and that was the only thing I needed.

Waiting not a second more I jump down the bed and run out on the door. Once I am outside I lean against the wall, waiting to catch my breath and calm down before I meet Feli.

I wasn’t afraid of Enzo. I was afraid of what he was making me feel. I was afraid of that constant, overwhelming desire he would inflict in me every time he touched me, every time he kissed me.

He was gradually conquering space in my heart, invading my being with his love and care. And that scared me. Not because the spot that Lucas felt threatened, but because Enzo was everything that Lucas had not been for too long, and the feelings towards the new man in my life were growing to the point of him becoming fundamentally needed for my comfort, for my balance and self-esteem.

I run my hands on my face to throw away the last traces of anxiety and get ready to go down stairs and give Enzo time to recollect.

When I reach the dining, all is prepared and Feli is waiting, sitting on one of the chairs.

I sit on another, just across her, face down and still breathing heavy, cheeks flushed and obviously still shattered.

“Oh, tesoro, I was waiting for the two of you,” she said and stood up to bring the food on the prepared table.

“It’s just me, for now,” I tell her with a faded tone.

I see her turning around and frowns at me, noticing my anxiety.

“Oh, Becks. Sweetheart,” she says coming close to me and wrapping her arms around my shoulders in a warm hug. “He did it, didn’t he?” she asks, and I lift my eyes to her face finding very awkward her question. ”Tesoro, Enzo is a very good man, and I am not saying it just to because he is my little brother, but because he really is. It has been awfully hard for him and I don’t think he will ever get over it. Now, sometimes he snaps, and I know it is getting ugly when he does that, but he doesn’t mean it, sweetie.”

“I shouldn’t be here,” I say.

“Well, if he brought here, that’s exactly where you should be. He never brought someone here besides you and her. I am not saying it just to praise you, dear, but you could be his healing... I hope you will be.”

Feli brushes her knuckles on my cheek, looking down at me with a gentle smile.

“You look so much like her. Not physically, but that look in your eyes it’s just like hers.”

“Who is she?” I ask.

“Oh, you need to ask Enzo about that. Ask. He will tell you. But for now, let’s eat. I am sure you can’t wait to get some sleep, e vero?” (Is it true?)

Maybe she is one of the ghosts in his locker, as he put it once. And no, I was not going to ask him about her.

I didn’t care who she was, as long as he wouldn’t act like that anymore. We all have our past to overcome and most of the times we do that all alone.

Well, Enzo was supposed to do that, all alone.

But then again, I am not dealing with mine on my own, I have Enzo, like he often says.

"Be anything but predictable."
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