“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 29 - The attempt which was not an attempt [Republished]


I didn’t get the chance yet to know which was Enzo’s room.

He never showed up for dinner and I wanted to take some food up in his room.

I knew I hurt him by running away like that when he needed someone the most and I wanted to apologize.

“Feli, can you please tell me which one is Enzo’s room?” I asked.

“Sure, sweetie. It’s the one next to yours,” she replied in the warmest tone ever.

I nod and stand up taking my plates to the kitchen. I look around searching for a tray but Feli comes to my help.

“Here, use this,” she says taking a tray out of a kitchen locker and preparing some food on it, knowing exactly what I am planning. “There you go,” she hands me the tray, smiling.

I take it from her hands but before I turn to walk away she stops me.

“Becks, if he is not in his room then you can find him in the apartment on the second floor.”

Was that the kind of apartment Enzo was telling me about earlier? And so, my curiosity grew some more but I threw the thought away. No, I am not going to dig Enzo’s past, nor wanted mine to be shuffled.

“Okay, thank you, Feli,” I reply and take my way towards the stairs.

Reaching in front of his door I knocked lightly, twice, waiting him to answer, but nothing happened.

I knocked again but still no reply, so I grabbed the door knob and opened the door slowly, peeking my head inside into a room similar to mine, but empty, I didn’t see Enzo anywhere.

I walk in and put the tray with food on the night table next to the bed and shifting my eyes to the opened glass doors of the balcony, my eyes glue to the beautiful exit to a balcony with sheer, white curtains fluttering with the wind.

I walk out hoping I find Enzo, but he is nowhere to be seen.

One coffee table and two rattan chairs lay in the middle under a huge pergola, offering the best shadow from the burning sun but nevertheless, with a chilly breeze.

I was so tempted to sit and nap over there, but I came here to find Enzo. I’ve hurt him, and he has done only good to me.

Chasing away the thought of staying on the balcony I turn on my heels and walk back into the room, decided to check the apartment at the second floor, just as Feli has told me, being sure I will find him there but before I reach back to pick up the tray with food, the bathroom door opens and Enzo comes out, steams following him from behind, drops of water glistering on his bare, muscular chest and a towel wrapped around his lower waist, hanging carless on his hips.

“Becks, what are you doing here?” he is asking me as if he sees me for the first time, not giving me too much attention though.

“Mh... well... “I mumble something incoherent.

Sometimes his coldness is making me lose my confidence and I want nothing more but to run.

“What is it, Becks?” his voice sounds a little rougher than earlier.

I decide that my fear will not solve anything, so I lift look to him, fixing his eyes and staring at each other, fighting for dominance.

I do feel my cheeks burning again and I bet I look like a tomato, but I don’t hesitate, holding high his stare.

“You didn’t come for dinner and I thought you might want something to eat,” I said with a straight voice, hard from outside, crumbling from inside.

He shifts his look to the tray of food, and I see his eyes soften. I had no idea what he thought I was doing in here, but definitely he was not happy before he laid his eyes on the food.

“Well... I will let you have your dinner then,” I say and turn towards the door, leaving the room and that tension which was already making me dripping wet.

I left directly to my room, I locked the door behind me and shut all connections with the reality around.

I gulped two of my sleeping pills and got under the blankets, hoping for a fast and long sleep.

Closing my eyes, I wished to fall asleep in seconds but failing to do so, I stood up and took two more pills, swallowing them with a fine full glass of whiskey this time. The room was facilitated with a minibar on the vanity of my bedroom and I thought something burning my throat wouldn’t harm.

There. This should really knock me off.

I walked back to the bed and before I pulled the blankets over my head, my eyes were half closed and soon I was drifting in a deep sleep that I’d missed so much.


I knew she was sorry for rejecting me and keeping me at arm’s length. I surely got angry.

But I was not upset with her, I was angry with myself and my lack of self-control, like I was a horny teenager, but that’s exactly what Becks was doing to me, making me lose control as if she was the reign of me.

All the past events were so sudden, for both of us and I did wrong by rushing things.

Here I was again, in the place I always loved but where I never wished to come back to, and her... a sweet and intriguing change in my life, being with me, thousands of kilometers far from her place and from the man she loved with all her being and now living with another man, lusting for her like a kid.

So, I let her leave my room, we both needed some time apart, to get used with the present and hoping that the future would not be bleak and harmful, even though I really doubt at this point.

I know what I want, I am sure of the feelings I’ve grown to have for her, but she needs to be on the same side with me before I make her fully mine, and right now, rejecting me is all she does.

So, giving some space to each other seems only right.

Nobody knew yet that I was back, none of the families from here and there was a precisely one which I was sure still wanted my head on a plate.

How could they not? I killed their only daughter and the love of my life.

I wanted my own head on a plate at that time, so I couldn’t blame anybody that the Capoldini’s would still wish for a revenge.

I left the food untouched and grabbed my phone, dialing a number.

“Vincenzo, you bastard! How long do you need to make a call back to your oldest friend?” Alex says answering my call.

I smirk. He was more of a brother to me than Salvatore ever was.

“Well, I am calling you now, right?”

“Late, my brother!” he laughs. “Damn, it’s good to hear you! How are you, Enzo?”

“Mh, why don’t you come to pick me up and see for yourself?”

“You, sonofabitch, you are in Italy!” he shouts clearing surprised and excited.

“Yeah, I am. Come, I’ll wait for you. I really need to see you and can surely use some fun.”

“I know just the place for that. See you in an hour, brother.”

“Done,” I say lastly and end the call.

I needed time away from here and I also needed Alex’s advice on how I should make my return as a Don in front of the families in Sicily.

It had to be really smooth and nobody knew the families here better than Alex.

True to his word, Alex was in my home in no more than an hour.

“Bother!” he said when I opened the door and he saw me.

We hugged manly, strongly tapping our backs in what seemed to be the most brotherly hug ever.

“Alex, it’s so good to see you,” I say.

“Four years, Enzo, four fucking years I didn’t see you. You’re looking good.”

“So do you, brother. Come, let’s have a drink.”

“Oh, hi Alex. Nice to see you,” Feli says coming into the living room and walking towards us.

She is usually a very discrete woman and you don’t feel her around very much, nor she interferes in other people’s lives and her coming out of nowhere right now was a sign she was watching. She had a worry.

“Nice to see you too, Feli,” he replies, and they give each a hug.

“Enzo, I am going to check on Becks,” my sister says with a bit of concern in her voice and I frown at her words.

At the same time, I am grateful she is here, with me. I know Feli will be a much-needed help around.

I didn’t know why but I couldn’t face Becks right now.

I knew I should have been patient with her and still I jumped on her today, almost forcing her.

“Becks?” Alex questioned, looking at me with naughty eyes.

I glare at him between my eyelashes, with a smirk plastered on my lips, head bent in front, as I would unconsciously always do whenever I was anxious. I gave him a nod in confirmation of his thoughts.

“You, old dog, you bring here a woman and you never say anything?”

He knows I’ve never brought a woman in this house besides her, and now Becks, who obviously, being here with me, became of much interest to Alex and the most natural thing to me.

I shake my head knowing exactly what he must think.

“She is special,” I say.

“I bet she is. When do I get to meet her?” he is asking but I keep silent.

My mind right now is concentrated on seeing Feli coming back and tell me how Becks is.

Finally, I see her walking down the stairs and fixed my glare on her, asking her about Becks with an anxious look of my eyes, raising lightly my eyebrows.

“This girl surely sleeps deep. I had to lean my ear to her mouth to make sure she was breathing,” Feli said surprised. “Oh, Enzo, she is fine, don’t worry. She must be tired after the long flight,” she said trying to send my worry away.

I remember how many times I had to turn my look towards her whenever we were both in the car and she was deeply engulfed in her thoughts. She was so silent that one couldn’t never say if she was still there or not. So I didn’t find Feli’s words very strange.

“Go on, kids, go, have fun,” she shooed us both out and we chuckled, heading to the exit.

But I still had my heart heavy when I left.

I knew I should have checked on Becks before leaving the estate, but Feli assured me she was okay, so I left my worries behind and tried to enjoy my night out with Alex.

The club was packed with people, it was one of the best and one of our usual when I used to live here.

Of course, I didn’t recognize anybody anymore, and the ones I did, I avoided. It wasn’t the time to show myself yet. Alex on another hand, had stopped like twenty times to greet people before we got to our table.

It felt weird at the beginning, my mind couldn’t go away from home, but together with the shots of booze, the fun and sensual women dancing on our laps those thoughts disappeared and soon I forgot about anything except the fun of the moment.

I had booze, I smoked, I danced and had women dancing for me, grinning their curvy shapes on me, felt some damn good boobs in my hand and sucked some soft necks till almost morning when the night came to an end with my shaft buried deep down the throat of a voluptuous woman.

I couldn’t go to the back private rooms from the beginning though. Every time I was invited, Becks was flashing in front of my eyes. But as the night went on, alcohol and joints got the best in me and finally I gave in to one of the finest blow jobs I could remember.

Close to 2am I was ready to go, way too drunk and way too dizzy.

Alex’s driver took me home first and after saying our bye’s, he left as well.

I didn’t start using any of my man yet. I wanted to keep my arrival a low profile as long as possible, enjoying a bit more of my freedom, hoping to spend some time with Becks before I made my coming back official and slum into work in long days and nights.

I entered the house and walked in the living room for one last drink.

The house was quiet, too quiet and some bothering thought was shattering my heart.

I finished my drink and went upstairs but didn’t enter my room before I checked on Becks.

Opening the door of her room I see her small frame on the bed, covered with sheets, still deep in her sleep.

I felt the urge to go closer, but I didn’t.

I didn’t want to wake her up, not in the state I was, so I closed the door, entering my room and crashed on the huge bed without bothering to shower or change my clothes and let the sleep take me over.

I slept like a rock till almost noon the next day. I woke up fresh, done my shower and got dressed, thinking I will go to see Alex and discuss some business matters.

"Buongiorno, Feli," I tell my sister, walking down the stairs and placing a kiss on her temple as soon as I reached her. (Good morning)

"Buongiorno, caro. Dormito bene?” she is asking me back. (Good morning, dear. Did you sleep well?)

“Best,” I replied, grabbing a piece of toast from her breakfast.

“Hey, you have yours in the kitchen,” she playfully scolds me.

“Don’t have time, Feli. I am meeting Alex in half an hour. What are your plans today?”

“I need to shop some groceries for the house. And then spend some time with Becks, since I presume you will be out all day... ”

“You are treasure, Feli. Grazie.” (Thank you).

"Prenditi cura, Enzo,” she warns me as I leave the house. (Take care, Enzo).

I took a taxi to Alex’s office and pick him up. We had lunch out but tried to be extra careful and pick a place where I was sure I wasn’t going to be recognized.

After lunch we went to his place and had it all planned. We finally decided that a grand reception would be the best way to make my return official and that was going to be in one-week time. Before I stood up to head home I called Feli.

“Feli, where are you? Did you reach home?”

“I am on my way, Enzo. Will be there in about 15 minutes,” she replied.

“Okay, then I guess I will see you home. I am leaving now,” I replied while exiting Alex home. “Why don’t you come to dinner tonight?” I asked him, turning around and seeing him in the doorway of his house.

“Dude, you just came. Take some time to breathe,” he says with a smile.

“I insist, Alex.”

He looked at me and nodded.

“Okay, I will see you tonight then.”

We hugged and I took a taxi to my home. I arrived exactly when Feli was parking her car in front of the mansion, so I waited for her, stopping in my way inside.

“Hey, that I call shopping groceries,” I say when I see the bags she keeps taking out from the car.

“Well, I am sure Alex will be here for dinner, so I made sure we have everything we needed.”

My sweet Feli! She knows me so well.

I grab some of the bags from her and we both enter the house, walking to the kitchen.

“Becks!” I am calling her. “We’re home!”

I didn’t get any answer so after dropping the bags on the kitchen counter I turn towards the stairs.

“Enzo, the breakfast is still here. Untouched,” Feli says surprised. I take a look on the fridge where I know I left Becks a note, but it was exactly in the same place I left it.

A knot forms in my throat and immediately I know something is not right.

“Maybe she is still sleeping?” Feli tries her luck but I doubt, and I know she doubts too.

“Who the fuck sleeps seventeen hours straight, Feli?” I shout and jump directly on the stairs, almost flying towards Becks’ room.

"Ignoring is a classy revenge."
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