“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 34 - Shootings for my rescue... again [Republished]


I am so fed up with being pushed from one place to another, taken by either side, call it my father’s side, or Lucas’, and this time I decided I wouldn’t give in without a fight.

Fuck it, kill me now, I am done with being weak.

Two men were dragging me out on some corridors, and I tried to pull myself out from their grip, struggling to get away.

“Get your filthy hands off me!” I was pushing them away from me, ignoring the pain I felt in my legs, where the bruises were almost black.

My head was throbbing and I constantly felt blood taste in my mouth as my hurt lips kept bleeding.

“Rebecca, calm down. Please. Enzo sent us. We are supposed to take you home. We’re not going to hurt you. We will take you safely home,” one of the guys said and I stopped, staring at them in disbelieve and wonder.

I wished they said the truth, but I didn’t believe them, fact that didn’t go unnoticed.

“Look, do you want to talk to Feli? She is already home, waiting for us,” the other one said and waiting no word from me he pulled his phone out and dialed a number.

“Yes, Alex,” I heard Feli’s voice. It was deep, serious, like meaning business.

She almost sounded like Enzo when he was dealing his businesses.

“Feli...” I whispered when hearing her voice and then shouted her name one more time.

“Becks!” she said back with the same surprised voice as mine. “Becks, you are alive, thanks God!” she continued in relief.

I grabbed the phone from the guy she called Alex, a name I heard many times from Enzo but never met in person, and only then I noticed my hands were filled with blood. I didn’t even know whose blood was it.

“Becks, listen to me. Alex is going to bring you home. I can hear gunshots so you must still be in the area. You need to get out of there. NOW.”

“Yes...” I whispered and Alex took the phone back from me.

“I’m waiting you home, Becks,” were her last words before the line died.

“Let’s go,” Alex said and I let myself taken away, covered by the two bulky men protecting me, turning around from time to time, measuring any possible threat around.

Just before we got out from what seemed to be a warehouse yard, my protector from my left side groaned in pain and fell on the ground.

Right in that second I got flashes of Lucas being shot and collapsing next to me in the filthy dust.

My heart stung and eyes filled with tears, falling down to the wounded man next to me and out of instinct I started to pull his body with us.

“God damn it! Stand up! Stand up, we need to leave!” I was shouting trying to pull him up while Alex was struggling to take me away from there.

“We need to leave, Becks. Now!” he was shouting, struggling to lift me up and finally throwing me on his shoulder he managed to run towards a car waiting for us.

He gently placed me on the back seat, and he got himself in the driver’s side, pulling out the phone from his pocket.

He started typing a few words on the phone and once done he threw it away and started the engine.

“Rebecca, are you hurt?” he asked me while speeding away from the scene.

The other guy sitting on the front passenger seat speaks with someone on the phone.

“Yeah, she is with us. I don’t know, we will take her home. Feli is there already. Yeah, sure thing, boss,” I heard the guy speaking.

I knew Alex asked me something, but I couldn’t find myself capable to answer.

I was for the second time in the middle of a shooting spree and images of the previous one were rolling in front of my eyes, all of them mixed with the blue beautiful eyes of Lucas, lying on the ground in the pool of his own blood and staring at me and encouraging me to run further away from him.

I felt a prickly pain in my chest at the memories of him. I’m shaking and I can’t stop tearing.

“Rebecca, are you hurt? Whose blood is that?” I hear Alex again.

“What?” I manage to mumble.

“Rebecca, snap the fuck out of it! If you are hurt, you need to tell me. I will have to call the doctor,” he shouts one last time at me, and I feel blood rushing up my head, boiling.

“Stop fucking shouting at me! No, I am not hurt. I don’t know whose blood this is!” I shout back at him and start wiping the blood from my hands with spasmodic moves and in despair, trying to get rid of it, shouting and jerking.

“Fuck! Fuck! It wouldn’t go away!” I desperately cry but at some point I feel the car coming to stop and Alex getting on the back seat next to me.

The car starts moving again, speeding with creaking wheels.

He grabs my upper arms in a strong hold forcing me to stop and look at him.

“Rebecca, look at me!”

My eyes lock with his coffee-colored ones.

He is a man in his early forties, black hair, strong jaw covered in a black stubble, perfect Italian style.

He has a kind and handsome face although right now his eyes look deadly serious, piercing into mine, trying to snap me out of my shock.

Tears roll down my face and the smell of blood keeps me hanging in my hysterical splurge.

“Where is Enzo?” I ask him.

I need Enzo to make sure they are who they say they are, being still afraid that I will be taken away by God knows who this time.

“Rebecca, my name is Alex. I have been friend with Enzo since we were kids. Feli, Enzo and I have been just as good as a family for many years. I am only going to take you home, but I need to know if you are hurt so I can call a doctor to meet us there.”

His voice is deep and in a low tone which makes me feel safe, it makes me trust him. He sounds genuine.

“I need water,” I whisper feeling to pass out.

I am exhausted, I smell of blood and I feel my flesh shaking on my bones and my throat is dry and tender.

“I need Enzo, please...” my voice fades and when I feel just about to block out I feel some strong arms holding me and pulling me into a deep hug.

“Enzo will come home when he is done, we will wait for him there,” Alex speaks in a soothing voice while his chest vibrates the words he says, pressing my head on it.

“Here,” he says handing me an opened bottle of water. “You are fine now, Rebecca, it’s all over now. You will be safe home.”

“I wasn’t safe earlier,” I say sarcastically after gulping the whole bottle of water while I pushed Alex aside. “They took me from the fucking safe house.”

“I know. Leaving you alone was the worst decision. I’m sorry, Becks. I should have kept closer,” Alex says.

“Who were they? Who took me?” I ask, completely ignoring his attempts of justified what happened to me. Or why.

I try to show myself brave, but I am still shaking, and I know I’ve asked for Enzo but in reality, my thoughts were only going to Lucas. And I was angry with Enzo. I was angry with him because I didn’t feel safe anymore.

“I guess it is better to ask Enzo when he gets back home. Rhino, have you updated Enzo?” Alex says.

“Yes, boss,” the man replies and those were the last words spoken before we reached the mansion.

I lift my legs up to my chin and curled my arms around them, laying my head on my knees and let my tears fall freely.

I feel to throw up and I also need my sleeping pills.

Yes, I’m going to take my sleeping pills and I’m going to sleep for a few days and when I wake up I hope to feel better, but my plan is not holding water.

If something was going to happen to Enzo tonight, I couldn’t what my fate would be.

Where will I go?

My father and my brother are dead, and as promised, I didn’t go to the funeral. I was already gone to Italy when that happened. And I knew nothing about my mom.

She was left the only one handling the family business and as weak as I knew her, probably she had lost everything by now.

And Lucas... he never sent back the divorce papers, I didn’t know if I was a divorced woman or widow.

And I was actually afraid to find out. I am not strong yet, I am not healed. I still depend on the men in my life and losing them both was my worst nightmare.

I had been isolating myself in my own world since I left the States, believing that I would be able to live like this forever, but I never imagined that one day I would have to be on my own.

And even though what has happened to me today is traumatic enough, I feel that the good part of it, if any, is the fact that in my mind I’m building up the realization of the necessity of being independent, something I’ve never felt before, something I’ve never had to feel before.

The world I was born in was never mine and Lucas knew it and he tried to take me out by entering himself in my world, my world that finally defeated him.

“Come on, Rebecca, we are here,” Alex’s words stop the train of my thoughts, holding my hand and pulling me out of the car.

We were already in front of the mansion and I see Feli coming out from the house, rushing her steps towards us.

“Becks, sweetheart, how are you? Thanks God you’re safely back,” she says pulling me in a hug and I hesitate to hug her back, as I am all covered in blood. “Come, let’s get in,” she says, and she guides me to the house. “Alex...” she tries to say something, but he stops her immediately.

“Yes, I am going to stay with you until Enzo is back,” he confirms her thoughts.

“Thank you, Alex,” Feli says and he returns to the car, having a chat with his man who has brought us here.

Feli takes me to the living room where I notice another two men standing at the door as guards. Enzo seems to have reinforced security but where were they when I was taken?

I sit on the sofa where Feli told me to sit and she brings me a glass of whiskey.

“Here, have this, it will make you feel better,” she says.

I take the glass and throw it all down my throat in one gulp.

The liquid burns my insides till I feel it in the pit of my stomach, and I wipe my lips with the back of hand.

“I need a shower. I stink of blood and dirty shit,” I said remembering the idiot who was just about to have his way with me before the shooting started and I could still feel him between my legs.

“Okay, I guess it is better this way. The doctor will be here soon, but...” she stops her talking looking into my eyes, trying to say something. “... unless... I am sorry, Becks. Did anything happen to you? Has anyone touched you?”

“No, Feli. Happily, he didn’t get the chance.”

“Good. That’s good, Becks,” she says with a deep breath of relief, nodding. “I am going to send the doctor up once she is here.”

I nodded her back and stood up strolling to the stairways to my room.

I walk directly in the bathroom and run the water in the bathtub.

With the corner of my eye, I see my reflection in the full-size mirror of the bathroom.

I was still in my white linen dress only that now it was soaked and blood stained and my arms were covered with dirt.

My breath heavies and tears form in my eyes, letting them roll freely on my cheeks.

I keep staring at my reflection in the mirror for a few good minutes before I hear Feli’s voice as she enters my room.

“Becks, are you in here?”

“In the bathroom, Feli,” I shout back at her.

“Oh, okay. Just wanted to tell you that Giovanna is here, and she is waiting downstairs. Whenever you are ready dear.”

“In half an hour, Feli. Thanks.” I reply and soon I can hear the door of my bedroom closing.

I wipe my tears away and remove the ruined dress, tossing it on the floor and then I dip myself in the warm, soothing water.

I wished I could stay longer but I needed to be done fast, deal with whatever doctor Giovanna had to do and then take my pills.

I couldn’t think of Enzo not coming back home or even worse, being brought back by his men... dead.

Why was it taking him so long to come back? What on Earth was he doing?

Enzo of Italy was the exact opposite of the one back in the States.

The kind Enzo was replaced by a ruthless Enzo here, he dealt with everyone in rough manners and he inflicted fear in anybody he worked with. But still he made me feel safe, I needed him.

I need Enzo and maybe I would have never realize it unless I was in the situation of being afraid to lose him.

There were a few times when he came back in the house full of blood and I knew what was going on in the basement, I just chose to ignore, to go deeper into my own separate world.

Everybody feared him so who had the courage to do this?

I washed my skin till it became red, not having enough of scrubbing the blood off me and still could feel the iron smell of it.

Finally, I gave up although I still felt myself dirty and getting out of the bathtub I dried my skin with a towel and put on a light silk dress.

A few minutes later I heard someone knocking at my door and Doctor Giovanna peeked her head in.

“May I, Becks?” she says.

“Yes, please,” I invite her in, and I do hope and pray she will not take long.

I need to be alone.

I need some time alone to wrap my head around the things that have happened today and things that will have to be done next.

"Not everyone you lose is a loss."
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