“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 35 - Revenge [Republished]


I was in Palermo for about two days when Feli called and told me she would be in Rome the next day.

I specifically told her I need her home with Becks but my bad luck, her long-term boyfriend was going to be in Rome as well and I couldn’t say no.

They barely see each other a few times per year and I couldn’t take from her the only moments she was completely happy.

I was supposed to be back home one day after Feli would leave for Rome and I thought nothing would go wrong in a matter of a few hours.

Besides, as I had most of my men with me and not enough left to guard the mansion back home, I had two of them watch over the Valentinis’ mansion.

Since I came back to Sicily they were walking on my toes and kept pocking me in the nastiest ways so I knew they would plan something as long as my return was not official yet and I thought watching their nest was safest.

I wanted it this way. My official return would have put all the weight of a Don on my shoulders but fuck, there was no way to avoid it and this trip to Palermo was meant to seal the support of the families here.

The news of Becks being left home alone was hanging heavy in my mind. I just hoped Valentinis were not stupid enough to try something while I was away, but fuck! That’s exactly what happened.

Fucking idiot likes to play with fire.

One of my men called me saying that Paolo Valentini and Roberto, Vivi’s brother, had left their place with a few cars and were heading towards my mansion, where I had Becks alone.

I left the moment they called, and I hoped to make it there on time and to stop whatever shitty thing they planned to do.

Taking my jet back home was supposed to be the fastest way to get there but it felt like an eternity before the staff announced our landing.

Before I left Palermo I had Alex coming to pick me and ordered the other two men I left behind to never lose sight of whatever Valentinis were doing.

We landed finally and as I descend the stairs, Alex welcomes me.

“Brother, we need heaving weaponing,” he says without any other introduction.

“What the fuck! Becks...” I finally put the pieces together.

Cazzo! They couldn’t stop the Valentinis. (Fuck!)

“Yeah...” he said as if reading my mind. “We were outnumbered, Enzo. They discovered our two men and took them down. I am really sorry. But we have everything ready. We can leave to their warehouse right now, we brought everything,” Alex suggests and I totally agree.

As I am approaching the cars waiting for me, two men open the trucks of their cars and show me the heavy weapons they have gathered, and we start pick one each. The rest of them is already off the plane and they have grabbed their guns with full determination.

“You need each one of you to have bulletproof vests,” I order them while I wear myself one. “And get ready for a fucking war.”

I was ready to kill, merciless, blindly until I had Becks back.

This was my shit and Valentinis were supposed to take revenge on me. It wasn’t necessary to involve Becks, but the idiots didn’t know what was coming.

“Alex, as soon as we are in, you and Blade take Becks out and go home. Stay with her and Feli till I come,” I instruct Alex and he nods without a word.

I am sure he doesn’t like me keeping him far from the action but he is also someone outside of this problem and I don’t want him to fight my war.

I know he wants to help, and this is the only way he can help, taking Becks away and stay the fuck out of my way.

The will I had to take the Valentinis down for good was blinding and the people I cared most needed to be out of my way.

We get all in our cars and we start the engines, driving towards my forever enemies’ warehouse.

“Enzo, you really need to make official your coming back as a Don. Your father has decided this and you are really needed. And without the families’ support you and Becks will always be in danger. There is no other way. You know that, right?” Alex states the obvious. “If you keep dragging it, they will keep doing this kind of shit and maybe worse. They need to fear you, Enzo. You are the Don.”

I knew Alex was right and this is why I didn’t reply, I just nodded and kept my eyes on the window, diving my stare into the dark outside.

“We are going to throw a reception soon. That will be my official return.” I say after a few good minutes of silence.

I so much didn’t want to do it, but I had promised papa and Becks was the prize I got in change of accepting to be the Don. I’ve postponed it long enough. Papa was getting anxious lately and now Becks was in a matter of life and death. I knew the Valentinis. I knew the motherfucker Paolo Valentini. He won’t give up till he sees blood, mine or someone’s close to me. And Becks was more than close, she was the air I breathe to stay alive.

Soon I see the warehouse of Valentinis in the headlights of our cars.

The idiot Paolo Valentini could not be even more predictable. The front entrances was guarded by a few tenth of his cars, clear sign this was where he had brought Becks.

And still, I kept as an option the fact that it could also have been a trap to lure me in the lion’s nest and become an easy target.

But that option ruled out when it has been confirmed to me that he had Becks in there.

Too bad for him. I knew him well and I was smart enough to have brought all my men.

We’ve got down from the cars we came with and spread around the building while some of us stayed grouped at the entrance door.

Each window or potential entrance or exit was watched by my men while Alex and I, together with two others planted dynamite at the main entrance and lit it up.

It exploded, blasting the doors and opening the way for us to access.

A spree of gun shots broke immediately after and taking down their men, one by one, we reached in front of the door where I knew Becks was.

With some other gunshots, we blew up the door and there they were, Becks laying on the floor, struggling to push the motherfucker off her and Paolo forcefully laying between her legs.

I ran towards them and hit Paolo in the back of his neck and before he falls limp on her I drag him away and pulled Becks up.

Her eyes were still closed, fighting with her fists and legs, being oblivious to the fact that the abuser was not there anymore, and I had her now in my arms.

I look back to Alex and Blade and push her lightly towards them, showing the way out and ordering to get the fuck out of here.

He nodded and I see both men taking my Becks out while Paolo started to come around, still fallen at my feet.

I hit him one more time with the back of my gun and motioned to my men to take him and retrieve to the cars. I’ve got what I wanted.

I made my way out, covered by my hitmen and once we were all outside I authorized burning the warehouse to the ground with no matter who the fuck was still inside but making sure that my men were all out.

Getting back to the cars we drive to my warehouse.

Me and Paolo were having things to discuss about before I would blow his brain out.

And discussing was not always implying talking.

I felt the need of torturing him. Because of his greed and manipulation Vivi was murdered by her family and now he dared trying to do the same to Becks.

Bad choice, bad day, bad luck, bad karma motherfucker! I will not run away this time. It is high time to be done with him and make the world a favor.

My phone buzzes and I read the message from Alex.

A: We have Becks. We are on the way home. Feli is there already.

Exactly the news I was waiting for. Becks was safe which was what I needed to relax and continue the play of the night. I smirked in delight, already feeling the taste of revenge.

Once we arrived at my warehouse, Paolo has been taken to the back room and I made a stop in my office to fetch a bottle of whiskey.

My throat was dry, and I desperately needed a drink.

“Prepare everything for me,” I order to the one standing as my guard and he left to comply.

I fix myself a glass of whiskey, dry, and threw it down my throat and then a second one, which had the same fate.

It’s only now that I notice the blood all over me and the iron smell.

It turns my stomach upside down and that feeling ten folds when I realize Becks has been going through the same shit. Again.

For his own sake, I really hope Paolo didn’t manage to force anything on Becks.

The length of his torture depends on how far he has pushed himself on her. Further he went, longer the torture would be. And I will make sure he begs for his death before I’m done with him.

I stroll along the corridor taking me to the back room, with the bottle of whiskey in one of my hands and the glass in the other.

In a fearful calmness, I open the door, coming in and taking a long look around.

Paolo was strapped to an iron chair in the middle of the room, hands at his back and feet on the chair’s legs.

His head was hanging low and blood was dripping from the tip of his nose.

Tilting my head on one side I try to understand whether Paolo was conscious or not.

I wouldn’t want to waste my energy if he doesn’t feel what I am about to do.

“Gino, bring me my tools,” I order while approaching Paolo in a slow and wavy walk.

I fist the hair on the top of his head and lift his face up. He was conscious alright, his pupils staring at me, covered in blood all over his eyes and face.

“So, Paolo, finally we meet. How long has it been?” I ask him.

My face inches far from his.

“Four years, you, motherfucker!” he hisses back at me, eyes filled with hate. “Four years since you’ve stuck your tail in my business and fucking ruined it in the process.”

“Yeah, well, I could say the same about you. Only that in my case, you caused the loss of her life. She never wanted you, Paolo. She was my woman by her own free will.”

I feel my eyes burning and I am sure they were filled with deadly anger. I see flashes of Vivi, dead, on the floor of her apartment, laying in the pool of her own blood and our baby girl, Samantha, her tiny body crashed next to her mother.

My chest hurts and my blood is boiling its way up to my brain.

“But it’s not only Vivi you are here for, Paolo. What the fuck was in that brain of yours to take Becks from my home?” I ask him.

“Ha, that little whore is not even your whore, Enzo. What the fuck do you care?” Paolo says with a smirk and there and then my patience ran off.

I really felt like playing with him some more, but he was pushing my buttons too fucking much so I’ve put my iron knuckles and without other words my fists start to land in his face, plunging strokes in the bones of his jaws, one after another until his face was unrecognizable.

Whenever he was fainting I was ordering a new bucket of freezing water over his head.

I wanted him awake and aware of what I could do to him.

I don’t know for how long I hit him, having short breaks for a quick shot of whiskey between sessions, until I feel an arm pulling me back strongly.

“Boss, that’s enough. He died, long time ago,” he tells me.

“What the fuck?! Dead? When the fuck did he die?” I asked pissed and still hungry for blood.

My breath was heavy, hardly control it and my knuckles were bleeding, his blood was splashed all over my white shirt, Paolo’s blood that is, mixed with my own sweat.

“Bring me the car. And get rid of this shit,” I say motioning towards Paolo’s lifeless body, realizing that my thirst for inflicting him pain had to stop.

I was disappointed. I felt I could keep it that way the whole night. Too bad.

I wipe my forehead with the back of my hand and take my leave towards the car waiting me outside.

I never knew how strong my thirst for revenge was before I took it on Paolo.

I had always wanted to break down Vivi’s killers one by one and I never felt my job complete knowing Paolo had escaped the deadly length of my arm, but I was so sick of mafia ways and murders and blood that I preferred at that time to leave everything behind and run off to the States, making myself a life over there.

Until I met Becks.

I was so strongly attracted to her that I knew from the first hours we spent together that I had to close the door of my past memories with Vivi and my sweet angel, Samantha.

I had to close that chapter so I can start a new one, with Becks.

And today I did it, almost with the cost of Becks’ life but Paolo just got what he deserved.

The only inconvenience here and the major factor that will decide my life with Becks and her security is me becoming officially the Don.

I didn’t know yet how she would feel about to it. Being Don means more work, tighter security, more danger waiting us and less time spent together. But she had to understand. After all, me becoming Don means also that she can stay with me and not with papa or Salvatore.

The train of my thoughts is stopped by my phone ringing and I see papa’s number. Damn, news does travel fast.

“Si, papa.” I answer in a deep voice. (Yes dad)

“Vincenzo, come stai? Rebecca sta bene?” he is asking. (Vincenzo, how are you? Is Rebecca fine?)

“Si, papa, Rebecca sta molto bene. Lei è a casa in questo momento, e io sto arrivando.” (Yes dad, Rebecca is fine. She is at home right now and I am on my way.)

“Giusto. Quello è buono. Vincenzo, sei stato bravissimo. Paolo meritava il peggio.” (Right. That’s good. Vincenzo, you did very well. Paolo deserved it.)

My father voice shakes while talking. He lived Vivi like his own daughter and Samantha was his little princess.

I agreed with a short and cold hm and then hung up the phone. Every single life I took was hanging on my neck like stones for a few days of agony.

Motherfucker Paolo has ripped away from us what we had dearest and even if he died a thousand deaths he would still not die enough. And still, his death added to the rest of lives I took and for which I knew I would be judged the day I reach the gates of heaven. Or rather hell.

I leaned back against the backrest and closed my eyes while the car was speeding along the countryside road, taking me home, hoping I could get some type of closure, living Vivi behind in the back of my mind as my ultimate heaven and start a new life with Becks.

"Have the courage to be disliked."
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