“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 38 - Officially, the Don [Republished]


"Enzo, you’re home already,” I said in a neutral voice with my thoughts still trapped in Mike’s proposal. “This is Mike Saphiro. He used to be my father’s right hand,” I tell Enzo while he walks in, closing the distance between him and Mike.

“Mr. Benito, a pleasure to meet you,” Mike says with an honest smile, standing up and reaching his hand to him but instead of a hand shake, his hand is left in the air, as Enzo passes by, ignoring him.

Unlike his calm and open nature, Enzo becomes the exact opposite when he feels the slightest threat of any kind, and Mike, being in his house and an old acquaintance of mine, had all the prerequisites of a threat.

Mike and I exchanged a few short glances, and he makes sure I can read in his eyes that he can put up with Enzo.

I had no doubt, Mike had always been one of my father’s best guards, both in protecting us for many years and also in the actions and negotiations he carried out in my father’s name.

“What brings you here, Mr. Saphiro?” Enzo is asking while fixing himself a glass of whiskey.

“Actually, I am here with a proposal for Rebecca. I would like her to come back to the States and take over her father’s business. It is rightfully hers and the company needs someone to run the business,” Mike says in the most peaceful way possible.

I can see he hasn’t changed. He has always been this self-controlled nature, rarely showing signs of weakness or irrational acts.

Enzo turns his hard look towards me, with his eyes burning under some frowned eyebrows.

“And who the fuck are you to “would like that”? What makes you think that Rebecca wants to come back?” Enzo replies, as if testing both me and Mike, still staring at me while I was crumbling under his hard look.

Mike pauses for a few long seconds, taking in the tension between Enzo and I, and... well, let’s say he likes challenges.

“With all due respect, Mr. Benito, but I believe she fully deserves that company as well as the freedom and strength to self-stand by taking over the Downhill Inc. It belongs to her, sir,” Mike replies cordially.

Although his voice was calm and controlled, Mike pressed each word with the right amount of importance in order to make sure that Enzo understood exactly what he meant and, at the same time to make it clear that there was only one solution, and that was me returning to NY.

Enzo listened his words without taking his eyes off me, searching in the depths of my stare for the true intentions my mind was nesting, and probably my eyes did not say the same thing as my tongue did, because I kept saying no with my lips while my brain and heart were saying something else.

Truth be told, I loved the idea and Enzo read this in my eyes because his stare was changing colors in matter of seconds.

I see Enzo walking fast towards Mike which didn’t wince even for a second, determined to confront Enzo’s wrath.

“Get the fuck out of my house! Becks is not coming back to NY!” Enzo roars in an anger he can’t contain, and let me tell you, this is not the peaceful Enzo.

Mike held high his look and kept himself in the same spot, challenging Enzo, and right there and then I knew I had to interfere, walking close to Mike and grabbing his arms so he would break the deadly stare with Enzo and face me instead.

“Mike, I am really sorry, but I don’t want to come back. I don’t want to go back to that life, that place which holds only pain for me,” I tell Mike, but I can see in his eyes he doesn’t believe me.

He smirked and damn it, that moment I knew I was going to change my mind.

“You have my number, Rebecca. You can call me anytime you are ready,” he replies and placing the glass of booze on the coffee table he nods once to Enzo and allows me to walk him to the door while Enzo mumbles curses under his chin, sipping his whiskey.

“Rebecca, if something wrong was to happen here, you would tell me, wouldn’t you?” Mike asks with concern before I open the door for him.

“Mike, nothing wrong is happening here. Enzo knows I am not ready to go back to NY. He is just overprotective. Please Mike, let it be. I can’t do it,” I say one more time, trying to convince... I am not sure whom.

Mike knew just as much as I knew that I could do it, it was just not the time. And if I was not strong enough to do it, we both knew I was crazy enough to try it.

He takes a good look at my face, nodding his head as if understanding but still with a trace of doubt.

“Alright, Rebecca. Just for you to know, I’ll be in Sicily till the end of the month. Reach me for anything you need,” he says and places a kiss on my forehead.

That one kiss took me back to NY and yes, I could tell I missed it.

Finally, he decides to walk out of the house and with another glare to me he gets into his car.

Once his car is speeding out through the mansion’s gates, I close the door and walk back towards Enzo who is rolling the booze in his glass, staring outside towards the patio.

I walk silently to him and I wrap my arms around his torso, as soon as I reach behind him, pressing my chest on his tensed back and laying my head on it.

I can feel his breath heaving and I keep hugging him like this till the muscles on his back relax little by little and the longer I hold him, softer his tense body becomes. I walk around him, my face inches away from his lowered head, cupping his face with my hands and peppering kisses on his lips.

I want him to release the anger and fear he feels right now. I want him to know that I am here to stay, and I won’t go back. At least, not yet.

“Becks, I won’t survive here without you,” he whispers to me, pressing his forehead on mine and squeezing tight his eyes.

“Of course you can, but you won’t have to, because I am not leaving, Enzo,” I answer him, and my words unleash a passionate, wild kiss pressed on my lips while Enzo glues my back to the nearest wall.

I take in his kisses and respond tenth folded as the hunger I can sense in him is making me feel useful, wanted.

His skillful hands and cunning fingers soon found their way under the skirt of my dress straight to my throbbing folds, sinking deep and thirstily into my cores in circular motions and hitting repeatedly my sensitive spot.

I curl my arms around his neck and arch my back while thousands of sensations pool in the pit of my cores, stirred my Enzo’s teeth biting my nipples through the fabric of my dress. He captures my lips next, crushing his mouth on mine in such an urgent kiss as if his life depended on it.

“Enzo, please...” I beg him and my jaws are clenched by his hand, holding my head still and forcing me to look at him.

“Look at me,” he demands and I open my eyes just to meet his intense stare, frowned eyebrows and burning eyes.

“God, you’re beautiful...” he whispers and right there and then I pressed my lips on his, diving my tongue deep in search for his and.

He growls from the pit of his throat and skillful moves on his fingers throw me on the peaks of my absolute ecstasy as I am whispering his name between his parted lips, gasping for air.

He keeps peppering kisses on my face and my eyes giving me the time to recollect from the heights of my climax.

My breath is heavy and I let the weight of my body fall on his, forcing him to lift me in his arms and surrendering with a double meaning: I trust him, and I will not leave.

I don’t know why I feel the need to show him so much that I won’t leave when actually, deep inside I know it is what I want to do.

Enzo walks towards the sofa, carrying me in his arms, never stopping his kisses.

He takes a sit and places me on his lap, tightening his arms around me and resting his head on my left breasts.

“I am so sorry Becks, I truly don’t want to stand in the way of... whatever you feel that makes you happy,” he finally admits it and yes, I know Enzo. I know he will come around eventually. He is not the dominant and possessive Lucas.

“Enzo, look at me,” I said, grabbing his head with my hands and forcing him raise his eyes to me.

His kind look is now dark and tense, eyes shining in a cold black, piercing mine, pooled in sadness mixed with anger.

“Whatever is to come, we will take that decision together, I promise. Until then we are having a particularly important reception coming soon. Why don’t we concentrate on that?” I tell him caressing his cheeks and hoping I can drift him away from Mike and the events of today.

He didn’t reply, he just stood there, looking back at me with eyes filled with doubts and I decided not to go further into the subject for the moment. The sadness in his look was ripping my heart in two.

The reception was going to be organized at the mansion in a luxury tent behind the house. There was a huge piece of land that was just perfect for that.

Enzo was handling everything. The only worry I had was having my nails and hair done and making sure I have the best dress one could find.

It took me five hours of shopping to find the right dress.

The entire day of yesterday and today the events company was working on setting the party tent behind the mansion and Enzo, with his personal assistant and his right hand had been spending hours of guiding and making sure everything was perfect.

And the heaviest work was for Emma. Yes, Emma, his personal assistant had left NY as well and moved with us to Sicily to continue being close to him and I knew exactly why, it was written all over her face.

Today is the day of the reception, an extremely important event for Enzo. As for me, all I had to do was to look exquisite.

My hair was done. It looked natural and shining as silk and once the hair stylist was out of my room I slide into my green taffeta dress which Enzo said fitted me perfect and then put on my silver heels taking one more look at myself in the mirror.

With the corner of my eye, I see Enzo coming in, leaning against the door frame, shoving his hands in the pants’ pockets and holding between his teeth a red rose, smirking seductively at me.

He looks so damn handsome in his dark blue Armani suite, the perfect tailored lines contouring his tone body making him such an attractive sight to look at.

Walking closer to him I grab the collar of his jacket, pulling him lower to my lips, kissing him and taking between my lips the rose he brought me.

“You look fucking gorgeous, Becks,” he says in a husky voice making my arousal form sweat on my temples.

“And you look ravishing attractive, Vincenzo,” I knew his full name rolling out on my lips with a breath would turn him insanely on.

Yes, sex was amazing with us.

“Let’s go down, we are being expected,” he says offering me his arms to hold after he sucks a deep kiss from my mouth.

As we walk down the stairs all eyes shift to us and damn, that made my breath hitch.

Dons of other mafia families, reach men and women, guards that wouldn’t leave their bosses alone even for a millisecond, there were like tenths of eyes on us as we came down the stairs and approached the vas living of the mansion where the guests had been welcomed.

The voices stopped all in a second at our appearance and that silence made my blood freeze.

“Welcome, Don Vincenzo!” one of the men broke the silence and raised a glass of champagne, followed by other voices wishing Enzo the same.

Enzo looked around at the crowd and I knew he was not happy to be here, but he had no other option so, he had to embrace it.

“Welcome to all of you in my home. I will be a fair Don... and a hard Don when necessary. I guess most of you know me and also know what can make me become... not so nice, and if some of you don’t know yet, let me present to you the first thing to make me become merciless...” he tilts his head to the right side, pausing and rolling his eyes over the crowd and even I feel cold shivers along my spine... “This is Becks, and her safety is my priority. The lack of her safety it’s a red line... and I don’t like red lines,” he concludes and taking a glass in his hand he changes his mood in a second.

“To Becks!” he greets in a strong voice and all other voices follow him, hearing my name in a tone of different voices. My breath hitched and a void took over my chest. This was something new I had to get used to.

The night proved to be a nice one, though.

I was not pressured to be specifically with someone as knew almost nobody in there, so I could stay in the back, observing rather than entertaining myself, specially that Enzo was retrieving quite often to his office with different people in the need of sealing deals.

Whenever the wine was too much for me and I felt the need of fresh air I was happy I could leave the tent for a quick walk in the garden without becoming suspicious.

It was a bless that eyes were not on me or at least this is what I thought.

Walking along the trees edging the property I felt myself engulfed in a warm, deep hug and the scent of Enzo filled my nostrils.

“What are you doing here, alone?” he asks me, brushing his lips on the skin of my neck making me inhale deeply.

“I am not alone. I am testing your guards,” I tell him in a whisper, turning my head to the right and welcoming his lips on mine.

“Almost everybody left. I still have one last meeting in the office but I won’t take long, I promise,” he says, and I nod while he plants another kiss on my forehead.

“I will see you upstairs, then,” I tell him back and let him leave.

I continued my walk for another almost half an hour and finding myself close to the entrance door of the mansion I decide to walk in and close the evening. Passing by his office I am thinking it would be a pleasant surprise to pass by him and take him up to our room.

Like this, in case his meeting is not done, I will make it done.

I knock at the door, but I don’t hear voices, so I open it and enter.

It was empty. I could see light under the door of the bathroom, and I decide to wait Enzo here.

I stroll through the room and take a look around the space.

Some files are piled on the shelves and some others show out from his opened safe box.

As drawn by an unknown force I walk towards it and look between the files. My eyes fall on a specific one, breath stopping in my throat. I feel my blood freezing and my eyes popping out, tears blurring my vision and still the name and the date written on the file cover are truly clear to me.

I snap my head towards the bathroom door as Enzo comes out and stops in his way, seeing me holding the file, shifting his look from my hand holding it and my face burning in anger, crossed by thick lines of tears. He tries to open his mouth to say something, but I stop him.

“What the fuck is this, Vincenzo?!” I hiss in the most disgusted way possible and his eyes lock with mine in an intense but not surprised stare.

"Old ways won't open new doors."
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