“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 41 - She woke me up [Republished]


I could still smell Becca’s scent long after the door closed behind her.

I screamed, I jerked, I pleaded her not to leave but it was all in my mind.

My body wasn’t listening, it kept being stiff and hard like pure rock, like it wasn’t mine.

What the fuck was she saying she would leave far to safe me? I don’t need her fucking saving, I need her! Period!

When I finally managed to move a finger, she was long gone.

Some hours later, I opened my eyes just to see an empty room around me, a dim light flooding the space and my father stretched on the two-seat sofa, next to the entrance door.

I had an oxygen mask on my face and an IV connected to the back of my right hand.

I presumed it was night because my father was sleeping, my mother was not there, and it was all too quiet around.

I felt the surface around with my left hand and found the remote of the bed where I knew I would find the button to call the nurse, and I pressed it.

Seconds later two nurses barged in the room while my father stood up, startled by the noises and then his eyes landed on me, frightened.

“Son...” he says and in two huge leaps he is next to my bed, trying his best to take a peek at me between the shoulders of the nurses and the doctors that have gathered around.

I want to speak. I want to ask dad to call Becca, but my throat felt like dry cement and I could only gulp my words.

“Lucas, just don’t speak, son. Let them finish, let them do their job,” he says, and I agree but my eyes never left my father’s. I was afraid he would leave the room before I asked him about Becca and with the stare of my eyes I was begging him not to go. The effort of just spelling a word was excruciating.

Soon the doctor sent the nurses out as I presumed all vitals were fine and now it was just me, the doctor and my father left in the room.

“Mr. Tate, do you know where you are?” the doctor asked me.

Fucking idiot, my throat feels like filled with glue and he is expecting me to answer that?

“Water...” I mouth to him and dad rushed to bring me a glass of water which I drained down my throat, feeling a bit better, at least capable to spell some words.

“Well, I guess I am in a fucking hospital. How long have I been here?”

“A little over three months, Mr. Tate,” the doctor says as if it is no fucking big deal, but it is. Three months and Becca could have been anywhere on this planet.

“Three months... what happened? What’s my situation right now?” I ask the doctor being more interested on when I can stand up and leave.

“You will need therapy, probably you will need to learn walking again...” he starts mumbling crap and I just feel I can’t take his bullshit anymore.

“Like fuck I need...” I shout and push myself off the bed, eager to show the idiot that I am walking just fine.

But before I could touch the ground with my feet I flipped off the bed and hit the solid surface of the tiles, seeing everybody jumping to catch me while I falling down, defeated and embarrassed.

“Oh, for fuck sakes!” I yell in frustration and roll on my back, taking time to recover my breath, faced up and staring to the ceiling. What now? How am I going to find Becca now?

My father and the doctor fetch me from the floor and place me back on the bed.

“Well, Mr. Tate, it seems I was right. Now, there has been no damage the any nerve of your legs or spine but due to three months of coma, muscles have given in and they need to learn to help you walk again. Your therapy will start tomorrow. I will have Ms. Healey assigned to you and she will be the one to have a look at your situation and prepare the schedule accordingly. Until then... be grateful for today. We were not expecting you back at some point,” the doctor concludes in an emotional voice.

And then I realize that my coming back has been sealed with Becca’s words: ’If you love me, wake up and find me′ she said.

Those words never left my mind since I heard her saying them and that was exactly what I was going to do.

There will never be a time when Becca needs me, and I don’t turn the world upside down for her.

There will never be a time when I don’t know about Becca.

There will never be a time that I don’t watch over Becca.

I raise my eyes to my father asking him to give me his phone exactly when the door slams opened and I see mom barging in, running into my arms and curling hers around my neck.

She is a crying mess and tightening my hug around her, I hush her cries with soothing words in her ear.

“Shhh, mom. I am okay. I am good,” I tell her while cupping her face in my hands and placing a kiss on her forehead.

“My son... Oh God, Lucas... we thought...” she tries to speak while tears roll down her face.

“Yes, I know what you’ve thought but right now nothing of that matters,” I try to calm her and caress her hair and cheeks. “Mom, can you please bring me and dad some coffee from the cafeteria down stairs?” I ask her. “I need a few minutes with dad.”

Stupid thing to ask, I know, but I need her to give me a few moments with dad.

“Sure, Luc,” she says quickly, wiping her tears away and giving me a smile, cupping one of my cheeks with her palm before she exits the room.

“Dad, give me your phone, please,” I tell him in a deep, rushed voice. “Do you have Gio’s phone number here?” I asked while scrolling through the numbers in his phone but before he had the chance to answer I already found it and dialed the number.

“Mr. Tate, what can I do for you?” Gio answers.

“Gio, it’s me, Lucas,” I tell him as if it wasn’t the fucking biggest surprise for him.

“Shit! Fucking shit, Lucas! It really is you! Brother...” he said with a shout. “I am on my way,” he continued, and I heard shuffles around him as if he was in rush to get out and the call disconnected.

Damn! That I call a happy man!

I gave my father his phone back and I could hear already the gears in my brain building up the plan find Becca, and right in the middle my thoughts were stopped by my father.

“She is not in the States anymore, son,” he said, and my eyes snapped towards him.

I knew he was talking about Becca.

“Where is she?”

“Italy. With Vincenzo Benito. He is a Don now, back in Italy,” he enlightens me ironically.

I nod a few times, staring back to my immobile legs and I wrinkle up my nose with a hissed curse, thinking that it will be too hard for me to go after her as long as my feet don’t help me yet.

Fifteen minutes later, Gio enters and stops only when he reached me and pulled me in a strong hug.

“It’s damn good to see you, bro,” he says with shining eyes, staring at me as if he still couldn’t believe I was awake, bright and shining.

“I need you to help me, Gio,” I tell him, and he doesn’t look surprised at all.

This was Gio, always reading my mind. He always knew before me what I wanted or needed.

“I know, Lucas,” he says and patted my shoulder. “I’ve been keeping an eye on her and I know where she is now. You just need to tell me what to do.”

I rubbed my face with my palms in frustration, releasing a groan from the back of my throat.

My present condition will be of no help so I need to do the best I can and get back in shape.

“Just make sure you know about her at all times. I am starting therapy tomorrow so hopefully I will be on my feet soon. Hey, can you grab me a wheelchair?”

“Sure, just give me a minute,” Gio says and gets out of the room.

As soon as Gio brings me the chair I ask him to help me get in it and go to the bathroom.

With the corner of my eye, I see my reflection in the mirror and my breath stopped for a moment. I couldn’t recognize the man in the mirror.

I haven’t seen myself for like... years, it feels.

My hair was pretty long, that long that could be tied up in small bun on the top of my head and my beards were grown covering my jaws in a small, black stubble, although it looks well shaped.

I smirk remembering Becca being freaked out of my beards, but I like it so I decide here and now that I will shave it only before meeting her.

I like my new look.

I mentally thanked my mom for my looks. I knew she was the one to keep me clean and neat.

And next my thoughts traveled to Becca I am wondering how Becca looks like now.

Is she the same? Is she changed, like I am? Is she in love again? Is she happy with Enzo?

Well, if she is, I will never interfere, but before that I have to make sure she is really happy, or else I will grab her in a blink and bring her back to my side.

But for that, I need to find her. I need her to tell me in my face she is happy with another man or else... I won’t believe. And I will bring her back.

The second day I left the hospital, Healey visited, and we decided that the therapy would be in my home.

I had dad arrange a room of my mansion specially for sessions as I wanted to both catch up with my business, recover medically and have full access to information about Becca and for that I had Gio collecting it for me.

Healey suggested to alternatively use the pool, the therapy being more efficient, she said this way. And I agreed on the spot.

Yes, I know.

I wanted to catch up with all together but fuck, I’ve lost enough time already and Becca and my businesses had been neglected for too long, although in know dad was there.

I had to put my hands on the business and run it again.

As said, Healey came the second day and we started the recovery sessions.

She was a young woman of 22, sweet and cheerful, always giggling and laughing and sometimes her laughter was contagious like fuck.

She had a good hand in making things seem easier, but I was in a rush to become fully functional as fast as possible, so I was the one to push for more.

“Healey, I was thinking if you could come twice per day starting next week,” I told her while we were catching up at my pool, having a snack and some chillers.

Her brown eyes raised at me and she watched me for a few seconds, till it became embarrassing me.

“You are staring, Healey,” I tell her with a smirk, making myself busy with the sandwich.

“I know I do. That’s the whole purpose. Do you know what you are saying?” she asks.

“What?” I said confused.

“You are practically asking me to come mornings and evenings to touch those perfectly shaped muscles of yours. I mean, you really are eager to see me that often?” she said in a joke, one that I didn’t get at the beginning.

“Wait! What? Hell no, Healey,” I said being caught on a wrong foot and struggling to turn it into something as professional as possible, and not emotional.

But when her eyebrows frowned I realized it wasn’t a pleasant thing to say, the way I did.

“I mean, no, I didn’t mean it like that... Oh, fuck it!” I gave up explaining as none of my explanation was coming right.

“I am messing you, Lucas,” she finally said, and she spared me from the heavy embarrassment I felt, making me exhale in relief.

I smiled, looking at her small face and I knew there was more than messing around.

Her eyes were saying something else.

She smiled back to me while removing some strands of her curly blond hair from her face and her eyes shifted to her lap.

She was a beautiful young woman, and any man would be more than willing to have his way with her but for me she would have been only for sex use, I would never be able to give her more. And she wanted more.

There was something more in her mind and I did have a hunch about it, but I preferred to keep myself in the dark for her own good and finally I got saved by my butler showing up on the patio before that awkward tension suffocated both of us.

“Mr. Lucas, a package came for you,” the butler says handing me and envelope, breaking my thoughts and thanks God for that. I was already feeling a slight discomfort coming from Healey’s shy and sensual smile.

What the fuck can I say?! I am a man, a grateful and proud man for my system still working.

“Thank you,” I tell him grabbing the envelope and frowning my eyebrows seeing it was coming from a lawyer company.

I turn it front and back and I can’t see any details to tell me what it is.

I finally open it and my eyes fall on Becca’s name, mentioned a few times in the text and that is with her maiden name.

I read the title and my mind darken as much as my eyes did.

I felt my hand sweating in milliseconds and a sharp noise invaded my ears as I read ′divorce papers’, blood running through my temples, making them throb.

Becca was sending me the divorce papers.

“Fucking shit!” I curse and with one swift move of my arm, I wipe all the plates and glasses from the patio table, with a roar that would freeze even the coldest rivers.

Healey jumps off the chair taking a few good steps behind and that while a scream escapes her lips.

I frightened her, but I don’t give a shit.

I don’t have time for her right now nor the proper mental state to handle her touchy nature, so I ignore her and take my phone, dialing Gio’s number.

"Simplicity is the key."
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