“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 45 - She is coming back [Republished]


Gio left my office, and I sat there for a little while, having my drink in silence. I was restless. I missed Becca more than anything. This house is an empty cave without her. It felt like filling it back with her presence, with her laughter, with her soft voice was my only purpose in life.

And with that thought tormenting me, I fixed myself another glass.

I know! My mom was worried about my drinking habit lately, but fuck it, I hoped the burning liquid would surpass my constantly working mind on how I am going to get Becca back.

I still didn't contact Benito to find out Salvatore's intentions with Becca. I couldn't believe that he gave up. He was one stubborn mule. And stupid above all. Something totally different from Vincenzo. I had a feeling that Vincenzo was... a good man for Becca, but... I can't let her with him. Not before she looks into my eyes and tells me herself that she wants to stay with him.

I wouldn't take it, of course, even if she did tell me that, but at the moment and considering I was out for so long, he was the best option for her safety.

He was the best option because now things are different. I am back. She must know I am back. She has to know that I am still breathing and as long as I am breathing... she is mine.

Gio filled me up with details immediately I woke up from the coma, and let me tell you, it didn't look good.

Even after she left for Italy, Salvatore was still rooted to get Becca and for that reason Marciano believed it was better if she left with Vincenzo.

It was an unwritten rule between the two brothers, or rather fear, as I understood. Even though Vincenzo was the youngest, he was feared like shit, even by his elder brother. He was the devil himself, as I heard, but he could keep Becca safe from the long arm of Salvatore.

Might be true, but that was before I came back.

Now it's a whole different scenario.

I grab the phone from the desk and dial Marciano's number. I have to start somewhere.

"Tate, I can't believe I am getting your call," Marciano said after the first ring.

He seemed cheerful, genuinely happy. There were very few times when I suspected Marciano of being fake or having a hidden agenda.

"Marciano, we need to talk," I told him in a deep voice.

"Pleasure or business?" he chuckled.

"Don't push it, Marciano!"

"Okay. Okay. Let me take a wild guess. Il tuo uccellino..." he says (Your little birdie).

"I need Salvatore out of my way. Now, you know I respect you Marciano, but we had a deal that you would keep him out of my away. I can do that on my own if that's what it takes."

"Kid, you're lucky I like you."

"You don't like me, Marciano. You like the money I am making for you."

"Not just any money, Lucas. Denaro pulito! I surely need it with the fucking DEA on my tail. Listen Lucas," Benito continued after a moment of silence and his voice became deeper. (Clean money).

"I am dealing with the things with Salvatore. Rebecca was just a trifle for him and that only to compete with Enzo. Now, Enzo is while another story here. He fell for the girl, so being far from here was the best choice at that moment."

I growled deep hearing about another man falling for my woman.

"She is mine, Marciano," I said bluntly, and I couldn't believe I was trading her again as if she was a merchandise, but I didn't care. I would bring her back no matter what. "Name your price, Benito."

"Cazzo, if she only had one! I knew she would break a lot of hearts the first time I saw her when she was a child. I just never thought they would be my sons' hearts. She is one hell of a woman, I must say," he said and sighed. (Fuck).

"Lucas, do whatever you think is right, I will help you. But nessuno dei miei figli gets hurt, you've got me? I don't want a war with you." (none of my sons).

"Smooth my path and nothing will happen, Benito," it was all I said and hung up.

Funny how I became one of the most dangerous mafia man in NY having no roots into mafia world, from the decent college student who dreamed to be just a business owner following my father's steps.

And fuck, I was damn good at it. I never knew I had it in me, but I guess my burning temper as a young man when something was not going my way should have spoken volumes.

I was feared because I was heartless. I was feared because nobody was getting away alive if ever crossed me. I was feared because I never thought twice about blowing brains out with my own hand whenever I was dealing with traitors and enemies.

And I hated to be feared. I hated the life I was leading, but I never forgot the reason I've got into it.

I never forgot Becca and she had never left my mind or my heart and she never would.

I would gladly give my life for Becca's, as my life meant nothing without her.

I would be a dead man walking, much of what I am now. I missed her so much. I missed her skin on mine. I missed her scent. I fucking missed her lips crushed by mine and her damn clenched cores around my shaft.

Rubbing my palms on the face, I tried to put myself together. I wished this was done deal already because I felt I was going insane here, stuck with this fucking walking cane and powerless.

A knock at the door made me growl.


Healey peeked her head inside, which meant it was 11am already, time for my therapy.

"Hey. You're ready?" she said, walking in and taking a seat in front of me.

She was a kind woman, somehow the only person who could bring some softness in my life.

She had the strength to put up with my moods and rough behavior, and she never asked questions. She seemed to know more than she wanted to show.

I guess my mother has confined her more than I wished, but I've never opened the subject.

I never had the brain for it. So I let it be. No questions, no answers.

"Lucas, a bit early for booze, don't you think?" she said in a soft voice.

"Don't start Healey! My mother is more than enough on my head," I hissed back at her. "I will meet you at the pool in a few," I said, and she understood up.

Like always, no questions asked. She just stood up and left my office.

I didn't get any update from Gio yet, so I took my phone and called him.

"Gio, what's new?"

"He is taking the flight to Becca's mother tonight. He will do it, Lucas. He wants her back as much as you do."

"He better the fuck not!"

"Not in that way, dickhead. Damn, you're a pack of nerves. What is it?" he asked, but I was in no mood for chatting.

"Did you pass the papers to the lawyers?"

"Yes. She will have them in a week's time."

"Good. I gotta go. Healey is waiting," I said, and hung up.

I took my cane and walked outside to the pool where Healey was waiting for me, already in the pool, with her arms spread along the edge for support and her head leaned on the back, enjoying the sun.

I cleared my throat to make my presence noticed, and she turned her head to me.

"Lucas..." she said and smiled. How the hell she always had the mood to smile, no matter how rigid and rough I was.

"Come in, we better start," she continued.

I hummed and removed my t-shirt together with my sweatpants.

It was difficult with the rigidity of my legs, but she never jumped to help.

She always let me do it no matter how difficult it was and I really appreciated it that from her.

She never showed pity on me. She was the only person around to treat me normally, except for Gio. But he is a motherfucker.

I got in the pool next to her and she stared at me.

"We will start with the same exercises as yesterday and continue with them for the rest of the week. Next week we will move to the next level..."

"We will start with the next level today, Healey," I said.

"I wouldn't advise that, Lucas. The program I've built is..."

"Build another one! I want to be ready to travel in two weeks," I growled at her.

"Lucas, I can't change..."

"Building a fucking new program, Healey! For as much as I remember, I am paying you to make me better. So, fucking do it!"

She stared at me with wide eyes, and lips parted, startling each peach of my voice.

"Well, if you can't do..." I said, turning around and ready to walk out of the pool.

"No, Lucas. Wait," she said and stopped me. "I do not believe in miracle recoveries but... okay, we will try harder, but it won't be easy. You will experience a lot of muscles pain..."

I walked through the water by I have no idea which magical powers and came so close to her she had to bend back her head to look up at me. I was in deep anger and other's resistance was not sitting well with me lately.

I saw the fear in her eyes but I didn't move away and surprisingly, she didn't either. I was so close to her I could feel her breath fanning against my face, and I was struggling not to lift her up and throw her out of the pool.

I was supposed to get better. She was supposed to make me strong again and instead she was playing games.

And then, one of the most unexpected things happened and I couldn't do anything about it but stand still with my feet rooted to the bottom of the pool.

She lifted herself on her toes and brushed her lips against mine. She was almost as tall as me.

I didn't like tall women. I liked my tiny Becca.

But Healey was a kind woman, she knew how to deal with me.

Although I could see her shaking, she seemed fearless, almost like my Becca. Almost.

No matter how rough I was with her, she never stopped speaking her mind to me, although she knew what was coming.

I felt Healey's thumb on my lower lip, pulling it down and parting them so she can get access, and I allowed her.

The kiss became deeper and as if woken up from a trance I inhaled air loudly and grabbed her head, pushing my mouth deeper on hers, hearing her whimpering as she hanged herself by my shoulders for balance.

I broke the kiss, allowing her to breathe, but my mood didn't change a bit.

Yes, I needed a woman so damn hard. It was too long since I felt a woman around my shaft and I could use one to release all the tension, but Healey was not the one for that.

I could get a whore to use, but not Healey.

Staring deep into her eyes, I became even more pissed.

"We start today," I ordered and she nodded a few times.

And we did start that day and continued harder in the next days.

The effort increased and indeed I had trouble sleeping due to muscles pain.

Healey was right, she knew her job well, but I was not into going soft on myself.

And it did pay off. I could walk without help in just three weeks.

I've worked my ass off to bring Downhill Inc. back on the track, and it was now stable and getting new deals.

Construction sites contracts were running one after another, and I even had to put some on hold before had the time to start them.

Mike was happy with it, although he constantly showed hostility towards me.

He was not a man of many words, and he was so fucking protective of Becca and everything that belonged to her.

During the next couple of weeks I set back on the track both my business and Becca's.

My underground business was also doing well, shipments coming and going almost on the spot so basically police couldn't get a track of them even if they gave their life for it.

Yeah, I still ran that business, but I was thinking more and more about the day when I would get out of it.

The stronger you became in these deals, worse enemies you get, and I am pretty fed up with enemies.

My parents were already off to their home, my therapy was done and over long ago but kept seeing Healey for weekly training.

I was training like fuck. I was a full pack of muscles, but it was doing good to me, taking off the stress whenever a whore was not enough.

They were never enough. They were just tools for release.

"Luc, you really need to snap out of it," Gio said, sipping his whiskey.

He convinced me to go out to a new club this evening.

Truth be told, I was in a need of getting shitty drunk and smash a whore. I was tense and the last week was one of the hardest.

"Any news?" I ask just to give him a reminder of why I couldn't snap out of it, although he damn well knew it.

My medicine was still away from me, and I was addicted to it.

Becca was the only one who could find the human in me and calm the beast nesting inside.


"So what the fuck are you talking about? She didn't give any sign. She must have the papers by now, but she is still there, isn't she?"

"Why don't you just take her?"

"Kidnap? Wouldn't be something I didn't think about. But things in Italy are not that easy. I am strong here, not there and it's not like I give a shit on my life but I can't put her to that risk, Gio."

He nodded as he agreed, but we were interrupted by his phone buzzing.

"Yeah," he answered, and I see him frowning his eyebrows, listening.

"Got it," and he hung up.

I stare at him, waiting, and he stared back. Motherfucker was boiling me.

Then he smiled. He fucking smiled and I knew there was so much in that smile that I could contain.

"Your lucky night, brother. She is coming back to NY."

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”
George Eliot
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