“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 46 - A promise with a life worth [Republished]


"Fuck!" I hiss between my clenched teeth in a blissful satisfaction and I throw my head on the back, rubbing the hands on my face.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and dialed Mike.

"Where the fuck are you, Mike?" I growled when he answered.

"Italy still. Why?"

"Is she coming back?"

"I spoke with her today, but she didn't seem convinced. I will stay a few days more."

I understand now that Gio must have some damn powerful resources in Italy if he found out about Becca's plans before Mike knew.

"Keep me posted, Mike."

"Sure," he said, and disconnected.

"Are you sure of your intel, Gio? Mike knows nothing yet."

"Mike is just bodyguard, Lucas. He doesn't know the people I know."

I hummed, pressing my lips in a thin line and looking to the crowed on the dancing floor below the VIP room.

I heard the blood running through my veins and felt the need of another burning whiskey on my throat, so I threw the content of the glass I had in my hand in one swift move, down my throat.

Becca is coming back. She will be on my territory, and I am fucking ready for her. I am ready for her.

I stretched my lips in a smile and met Gio's eyes, smiling back at me.

"Finally, I see a smirk. A shitty ugly smirk, but at least there is one," he says and raises his hand for another round of drinks.

I smiled wider and lowered my eyes back to the dancing floor, and I see someone I wished I never did in the near future because I was still not sure if Marciano managed to cool things off.

Salvatore raised his eyes and when he met mine, he put two fingers of his right hands to the right temple in a vicious salute and gave me a venomous smile.

I didn't reply, just stared back at him, feeling my already boiling blood invading my brain.

I take my phone and call Marciano.

"Talk to me, Marciano. How far are you with our plans?" I say when he picks up and my hand was already feeling the gun tucked in the waistband of my pants, ready to shoot Salvatore.

"Tate, I was going to call you to tell you I am a happy father and will send you a wedding invitation," he says.

"A fucking wedding invitation doesn't make me happy, Marciano. I need insurances."

"What the fuck do you want me to do, Tate? Blow my son's brain to make you happy?"

"Oh, no. That's my job to do. Send him to Italy. Make sure he is busy there and away from here. And he will be safe."

"Fuck you, Tate! I am tired of this bitch and all the drama around her. Fuck you and fuck her!" he yelled and I pulled my gun out, clinching off the safety close enough to the phone to make him hear it.

"Marciano, last chance. Send him to Italy and we are friends again."

He sighs and pauses for a few moments, either thinking of a plan or repeatedly kill me in his mind.

"I will call you when it's all fixed."

I hung up the call with no other words and looked down at Salvatore's table again. I see him answering his phone and becoming agitated, walking out.

I take a wild guess that it was Marciano over the phone, and Salvatore seemed pissed.

My thoughts get interrupted by a firm knock on the VIP door and Gio jumps up from the chair, grabbing his gun and walking towards the door.

I turn my head just to the door just to see a fuming Salvatore in the door's frame when Gio opens.

"Tate, you motherfucker! You can't help sticking your fucking nose into my business," he yells from the door frame where Gio stopped him.

I tilt my head on one side, glaring at Salvatore, and after a few moments I motion to Gio to let him in. Reluctantly he opens the way and Salvatore walks towards me.

"Whiskey?" I ask him politely.

He stares at me, saying nothing, and I shrug my shoulders, accepting his refusal.

"Last I knew, you picked your nose into my business. What is mine is mine, Salvatore, and I am very much possessive with what is mine."

"Possessive and destructive," he hissed.

"Not your fucking business," I mumble with clenched jaws.

"You're a scum, Tate. A murderous scum that can't even keep his wife around his cock," and this was my trigger.

I snap on my feet and before anybody has the chance to a second blink, the iron of my gun is poking Salvatore's left temple and everything freezes in the room.

"If you say another word, your asshole will be around my cock, Salvatore," I hiss between clenched teeth and I can see sweat drops forming on his forehead.

"Now, if you value your pathetic life well enough and you know what's good for you, you will take your little unlucky wife-to-be and marry her in Italy. And you stay there, for your own good. You know I never speak things I don't mean, Salvatore. There is not enough place for both you and me in the States, less to talk about Becca's life. So, be fucking wise and listen to your father. Send me greetings from Sicily when you get there."

Salvatore raises his hands in surrender and turns around to leave, but before exiting, he looks at me with the strongest hate in his eyes that he can bare.

"I am going to kill you one day, Tate. And I am going to snap that beautiful neck of your birdie not before I fuck her hard to heaven," he had the audacity to say.

Before he spoke the last word of his sorrow thoughts, my gun unloaded in his left foot, making him scream and groan in pain.

I decided to give him a preview of his fate that was already shaping in my mind.

I wished I could kill him on the spot, pushed by the anger that was choking me, but I didn't want to risk starting a war. At least not for the moment.

Not when Becca was coming back and she was not yet with me, where I could protect her.

Gio took Salvatore out for fuck's sakes. Closing the door and keeping all that noise outside was a blessing for my nerves.

Salvatore was becoming more of an issue than I wished right now, and I had no time for him.

My deal was with Marciano, and he knew what he risked if he didn't keep his sons away from me.

I left the club early as I felt the need to drown in booze in the peace of my home.

I went straight to my office, loosening my tie and removing my jacket on the way through the living, and sank in my chair with a bottle of whiskey in my hand once I find myself in the silence of my office.

I turned on the lamp on my desk and leaned back with a deep sigh.

Today was a good day, one of the best, but hearing about Becca's return stirred even more the feeling of missing her.

I filled myself a glass and threw it down on my throat before I lit myself a cigarette.

I closed my eyes, puffing the smoke up towards the ceiling and her smiling face shaped in front of my eyes.

And I smiled. God, she was beautiful!

My phone buzzed, and I see Mike's name flashing on the screen.

"When?" I growled as I was not the man of many words anymore.

Unless it was Becca, everything else didn't stir any of my attention.

"We will land after tomorrow morning," he says.

I liked Mike. He is always short and happily, trust worthy.

I hung up and dialed Gio.

"Lucas," he says after just one ring.

He knew when to stay close to the fucking phone.

"She will land after tomorrow morning. I want a car with her 24/7 and I want to know her steps every second. Don't let them notice."

"You don't trust Mike?"

"I do, but he is limited resourced."

"Okay. Don't worry. I've got this."

"Gio ... I need her safe, no matter what."

And I fucking want her home today before tomorrow.

This house has been nothing but a grave since she left. It was my grave where I was hiding like a wounded beast between the memories it held.

But it will not be long till this house will wake to life again, and I can't wait for it.

Three days later Mike called me to tell me she would be in Bora Bora for a week.

Of course I traveled there. I couldn't keep myself away.

I was pulled towards her like a magnet with such force that I was going insane if the distance was growing.

I was watching her from far drinking from her beauty.

I don't know if it was me missing her so fucking much or just the change in her but she was thousands times more beautiful than the last time I saw her and every time I was taking a glimpse of her face my fists were clenching till my knuckles were paper white.

I wished I could go to her. I wished I could knock at the villa's door and take her away.

It took everything in me to stop myself, as I knew it was not the time yet.

I didn't want to scare her. I had to have a good plan to win her back as I didn't know what were her feelings anymore.

The fact that she left Enzo behind was good news for me, but not enough. I don't want to force her anymore.

I want to win her back. I want to show her the love I have for her and make her come to me by her own will.

I want to change. I want to become a better man and I want to offer her a safe future, and for now my world was anything but safe.

I didn't see her in the first three days and Gio had to stop me a few good times not to burst into the villa and know what was going on.

Luckily he was wiser, good old Gio, and kept feeding me with updates provided by Mike. She wasn't doing well.

My Becca was not happy and she was hiding between the walls of that fucking villa and not seeing her was throwing me over the edge.

On the third day Enzo visited her. What the fuck was he doing here?

But Mike said he couldn't get her out of that depressed mood, and he wanted Enzo to put some sense into her.

Reckless like I was, I took my gun and started my way to the villa and Gio had to put a fists fight with me to stop me.

I wasn't thinking straight. I never did when it was about her and my murderous jealousy.

Motherfucker Gio kept supplying me with booze until I dropped dead drunk that day, and it was the only way he could keep me away.

When I woke up the next day with a fucking hangover, Gio was in the living room of the villa we were staying at, watching me and waiting for me to wake up.

I fell asleep on the living room sofa and when I opened my eyes, the light in the room split my head in two.

"What are you doing here?" I growled, being already pissed.

"Waiting you to wake up, sleeping beauty," he said laughing.

"Fuck you, Gio! You are one motherfucker idiot, do you know that?"

"Yeah, but a damn good one."

I threw a deadly stare at him standing up and walking towards the bathroom to refresh.

I needed a shower to wake up and clear my mind.

"He left last night. He didn't spend the night, Lucas. I don't think she is back with him."

I stopped in my way without turning my face to him. I took in his words and fuck, I was happy.

And almost grateful to Enzo because the next day Becca was all day out, around the pool, on the beach, in the vegetable market, in a coffee shop, and I could freely watch her and admire her.

She seemed changed, but still the same. She was much more elegant now, a damn gorgeous lady. I knew my wife was the goddess of beauty, elegant clothes or not, if it needed any more proof.

Maybe a little chubbier, but perfectly curved in the right places just to make my shaft twitch in my pants.

Her hair was longer, her walk was a swan floating and she seemed happy, although her smiles were holding a sadness still.

Every day she would have her coffee at the same coffee shop admiring the square filled with people and then she would buy a bunch of white roses from the same flower shop, her favorites, every day fresh ones.

I was stalking her like a fucking horny teenager and couldn't get enough of seeing her.

I spent the nights sleeping in my car outside her villa because I didn't want to miss any sight of her.

I even broke into her villa once and walked carefully like a feline to her bedroom when I was sure she was asleep.

I needed to see her up close. I needed to fill my nostrils with her scent to last with me till I would have her in my arms again.

Fuck, she smelled the same, divine, sweet orange flowers with a tint of mint.

I kneeled next to her bed, resting my arms on the edge and my chin on the back of my hands, taking full glares at her beauty while sleeping on her stomach, with left leg straight and the right one bent from the knee.

I remembered that right leg and arm wrapped around me when we slept.

I remembered the weight of her body on mine and soft, burning touch of her skin on mine.

"You are gorgeous, Becca," I whispered. "Fucking beautiful."

I lifted myself to burry my nose in her hair and took a good fucking sniff of her scent.

I saw her usual sleeping pills on the nightstand next to her bed and I knew I would risk nothing planting a kiss on her lips and another on her forehead.

"Soon you will be home, Becca. I promise you that with my life, baby girl."

”If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.”
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