“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 47 - Mike [Republished]


It was the time for me to return to NY after my one week escapade to Bora Bora.

Mike said that everything was done, my office was rearranged the way I wanted and besides, there was an important reception in the coming week, one to which it was mandatory to attend.

Startupers financed with rich people’s money were celebrated and I was one of those financiers (well, not me directly, but the Downhill Inc. was). So I was supposed to attend.

We took the jet back to NY and stuffed my nose in the company’s documents all the way back home, updating myself with the current situation.

It didn’t look bad at all. I was doing more money than my father ever did, and I knew that was thanks to Lucas. It pissed me off.

“I want Tate out of Downhill Inc. by tomorrow. Bring the papers to me to sigh first thing in the morning,” I suddenly said to Mike, breaking the silence that was too heavy, anyway.

I was nervous to go back to the same city where Lucas was, and I didn’t have any intentions to see him, so I had to stay away from the places where he could have been.

But that damn reception I was supposed to attend to was one very place where we could bump into each other, and I was not ready to face him.

The moment I saw the divorce papers signed, I knew he just wanted to break every connection with me and I was going to make sure I respected that.

I mean, I was the cause of all of his troubles, first I was the daughter of a mafia man and that alone threatened his life.

Then I asked for the divorce, although I knew Lucas would never agree to it.

I lost our child and even though I was sure he will not care, it was exactly the opposite. And then I ran away with another man, leaving him stuck on a hospital bed in a coma that I never knew he if he would wake up or not and never stayed to find out.

So what was there for him to come back to? We were divorced and done deal. Maybe he already had someone else, maybe he moved on.

I wasn’t ready to meet him, that much I knew. And I didn’t know if I was ever going to be ready.

“That was the plan from the beginning, Rebecca,” Mike says and I snap my head to him, roughly pulled out of my deep thoughts.

His face was straight, no emotions.

“What do you mean, Mike?” I ask in a calm voice, tilting my head towards the right shoulder.

“Tate was going to get out the moment you are back and take over. He never wanted the business, he just managed it. The board was a bunch of thieves and I couldn’t handle them. I didn’t have the power. Your mother was out of reach and I had to do something. So I accepted his offer.”

“His offer...” I whispered, taken aback by the things Mike was telling me.

But why? How he knew I would be back? And what if I wasn’t planning to come back? Ever?

My breath became heavy and I felt dizzy with all questions popping in my mind, as if the air around was sucked up together with the air in my lungs.

I tried to control my panting breath and closing my eyes I was counting voiceless, hoping that by time I reach ten I would manage to get back to regular breathing.

“Rebecca, are you okay?” I heard Mike asking me and I wanted to reply, but I was too busy to rebalance my heart beatings.

When I felt safe enough to speak again without my voice cracking, I made sure that Mike understood it was a decision I took already and there was no going back. I wanted it done today before tomorrow.

“The papers, Mike. Tomorrow morning,” and with that I left the chair and the papers and walked into the small room that the jet had.

It felt suffocating around Mike with all this information he kept bringing out about Lucas and the plans he had, things I didn’t know about, and everybody felt it right to keep it from me while all I knew was that he signed. He agreed with the divorce.

I stayed in for the rest of the flight.

I took some pills to help me sleep and all I remembered from the rest of the trip was a flight attendant coming in to bring me food that I refused mainly because I couldn’t keep my eyes opened and then Mike, who came in to tell me we were landing.

Then Lucas, crouching next to the bed, arms rested on the edge and chin pinned on the back of his hands, watching me with those icy beautiful blue eyes and shining smile telling ’It’s time, baby girl. We are home now. Come on.’

And then he vanished, making me escape a whimper of sadness because it hurt like thousands of thorns trusted in my chest and my heart broke in two, air lacking around me.

I sit up on the bed snapping from whatever the hell that was and I found myself sweated and panting.

“Rebecca, get ready. We are here,” Mike said, peeking his head in.

I stood up before more memories invade my mind and walked to the small bathroom of the room. I needed to refresh before getting down.

“When is the reception?” I asked Mike while we were in the car on the way to my parents’ mansion, which was now... mine, hopefully totally changed, fresh and void of any memory of my father.

“Tomorrow evening. I should take you there at 7pm,” Mike replied, keeping his eyes on the road.

“As my date?” I smiled bitterly.

“As your driver, Rebecca. I have never been much fond of these gatherings. Besides, I can keep you safe if I am out and watch around you without distractions.”

“Yeah ...” I said, moving my eyes back on the window, glaring outside. “I need hairdresser, stylist, and a gown tomorrow at 2pm.”

“Do you want Beth get you a dress?”

“Beth, Meth, whoever I couldn’t care less. I just need a gown and I need to look presentable, right?” I replied.

“Rebecca, you are going to run your father’s company. You will need connections and these types of receptions will be many and the perfect place to connect with other business owners. And trust me, that’s the place where the deals are signed and not in offices.”

“I know, Mike, I know,” I said mocking him with my eyes still rummaging outside but then I feel a soft touch on the back of my left hand which was resting on my thigh.

It was Mike’s hand squeezing mine lightly, making me move my eyes to him. He looked back at me for a few moments before shifting his eyes back on the road while his other hand was gripping the steering wheel, so tight that it almost became white.

What the fuck is wrong with men? I don’t need complications, I don’t need any of them right now. I want to be left the hell alone.

And as if those thoughts were not mine, I acted exactly the opposite, leaning towards Mike and planting a kiss on his cheek. I knew he was doing his best in supporting me and guiding me, and here I was, bitching him and being a spoiled brat.

I have always found him a handsome man. He was tall with broad shoulders and brawny arms.

His dark skin was perfectly dressing his tone body and offering the perfect contrast with his amber eyes shadowed by some thick eyelashes and arched eyebrows.

I never saw him smiling besides the times when we were together.

When he was all serious, his fleshy lips would gather in a tensed squeeze, but when he was smiling his white teeth were shining, brightening his face.

He used to be my driver while I was in high school. I remember my friends drooling every time they would see him.

When I was a kid, he was my favorite man, my protector, my wall to shield me from bad, my cushion to sleep when I was sad after my brother would beat me.

In the back of my mind, he had always been my savior, being always confident he would protect me no matter what. Much like he was doing now.

Growing up into what people used to say it was a shy, dull teenager, Mike became forever glued to me, as if he never had another job to do but faithfully watching me. At some point, I even believed he was in love with me. Strangely, I still believe that.

But when Lucas came into my life Mike was forgotten, and now, seeing him how determined he was to help me get back what was mine, I was wondering what he felt like back then.

He lifts my hand to his lips where he places a kiss and I lean my head on his right shoulder.

“Thank you, Mike,” I whisper and I feel kisses peppered on the crown of my head.

“Anytime, Rebecca. I will always be there,” he says, and his right arm wraps around my shoulders, pulling me closer.

“I know, Mike,” I tell him while he shakes his head in disapproval.

“I failed you, Rebecca, and I am so sorry. I should have never let you out of my sight. I was just... I thought Lucas knew what he was doing and then things have got so shitty and I didn’t know how to reach you anymore. Lucas was in coma. Your mother... she was not in this world. It took me a while to find you, too long, actually,” he speaks and I let him do it, although I didn’t agree with a lot of what he was saying.

I fell in love with Lucas, and that was not his fault.

I had a shitty father and it was not his fault.

I had an abusive brother and it was not his fault.

I chose to be with Lucas, and it was not his fault.

“It’s not your fault, Mike. It’s nobody’s fault,” I tell him, hoping he would feel better.

“You know Lucas is going to be there, right?” he tells me bluntly.

“I know. I just hope I won’t have to face him.”

Mike pulled the car in front of my mansion but I didn’t move yet, my head still on his shoulder, staying there, in a perfect silence as he killed the engine of the car.

That silence and the powerful arms of Mike around me gave me some sort of peace, and I wanted a bit more of that peace.

I didn’t enjoy living in my old house.

So many terrible memories were there, but for the moment that’s where I had to live.

Mike didn’t rush me, neither moved. He just sat there, holding me and giving me the time he knew I needed.

The craziest thought took me over and without giving it too much time so it wouldn’t disappear, I stood up and sat on his lap, my legs on each side of his hips. I felt him inhaling a sharp breath and his amber eyes stared into mine in awe, but I ignored and bent for a kiss.

I moved my lips over his thick fleshy ones and tugged his lower one asking him to allow me in and when they were parted, I pushed my tongue inside earning a growl from the pit of his chest while his hands moved up on the cheeks of my butt, squeezing.

“Fuck, Rebecca,” he whispered in my mouth and he pushed himself stronger on it, grabbing the back of my neck with one of his huge hands and rubbing my skin with the other one.

I moaned when my lungs empties of air and he pulled away, holding my head between his hands and staring at me with lust shining in his darker eyes and eyebrows knitted in a straight line.

I smiled shyly, lacking words. I had no idea why I did that. Maybe it was my way of finding out if someone else, besides Lucas, could fit into my life, my mind.

“I always wanted to do that when I was in high school. I even had a bet with my friends in school about it,” I said stupid excuse.

He smiled and pushed back some of my hair, taking in my face as if he wanted to imprint it in his brain.

“I have always wanted to do more, Rebecca,” he said in a deep, husky voice that I never heard before and the lust in his eyes turned me on, causing a drenched mess in my panties.

“So, what are you waiting for?” I challenged him and he growled deep but didn’t move, just stared at me so intensely that I could almost see his mind struggling for a decision.

“Fuck it!” he hissed and pushed the door opened.

He threw his long legs out pressing my mouth on his in a hungry kiss, bending me so I won’t hit my head while he stood up in the glory of his height keeping me wrapped around him and walking fast to the door, never breaking our kiss.

Thousands of tickles crossed my body and heat spread all over me, forming a hot pool of desire between my thighs.

He pressed the security code at the door while I kept kissing his jaw down to his neck.

He walked into the house, molding his lips on mine and pushing the door closed with a leg.

He threw me on the sofa of the living room before removing his shoes, tie, jacked and shirt displaying solid torso for my lustful eyes, muscles moving under his stretched skin while he moved towards, kneeling between my legs and grabbing them strongly, he pulled me towards his hardened shaft.

He grabbed my lips with his, invading my mouth in search of my tongue, which I didn’t even try to hide and just gave it, dancing with his.

“This is going to happen just this one time, Rebecca,” he says breaking the kiss and I moaned disappointed.

“Just fuck me, Mike,” I ordered him, keeping my eyes closed and wondering where the hell that request came from.

I heard him puffing and he grabbed my arms, pulling me up while he stood up as well.

“You don’t get to tell me what to do, Rebecca. You will do as I say and you might get what you want,” he said coldly.

I frowned at him confused but I got little time to think about it as he turned me around and pushed me to stand in front of him while he sat on the sofa spreading the length of his legs in front and leaning the backrest.

“Strip,” he said.

"Love is the absence of judgment."
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