“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 50 - My woman [Republished]


Next to him I can see a young woman standing, wearing a black long gown, and from time to time his hand slides gently on her smaller back.

Her naturally curly hair moves like silk every time she shakes her head in the conversation they have.

He looks so different still, so damn handsome, wrapped in that stylish blue suit which I am sure it makes his eyes sparkling blue and it looks like a second skin on his toned body.

He seems stronger, much stronger, with wider shoulders and thicker arms. One could have never believed he was slummed in a coma not even a year ago.

His hair is now long enough to be tied up in a bun, and some rebel strands of hair fall on his forehead.

The black stubble shaping his jaws so perfectly makes him look rebel, just like deep down he is but never having the courage to live by it, freely and unbounded by any restrictions. Or maybe he never had the chance to.

My hands start shaking and I gasp a full breath of air and then I freeze the moment his head turns to his right, meeting my shocked eyes which now swim in a pool of tears.

How the hell he can make me feel so many different sensations in a matter of seconds?

And like forever since I’ve known him, I feel my panties soaked wet and I love that sensation like all the others he inflicts in me.

That moment over there seemed an eternity for us, both rooted to our spot, overwhelmed by our encounter.

I mentally shout to myself to leave, to run away, but my body doesn’t listen. ‘Run, Becca! Run!’ I keep telling myself but I am trapped in his stare and he seems ingrained to the ground just as I was, but not for long because the moment I finally manage to take a step back I see him moving towards me.

A hand on my smaller back burns my skin through the fabric of my dress, turning me around and grabbing my arm to pull me away from there through the crowd of people that seemed to have stayed in our way.

I can see the back of a tall man pulling me in a rush towards an exit.

I don’t care who he is. I am just grateful that someone is taking me out of there.

It’s not Mike and surely it’s not Lucas either because turning my head around from time to time I can see him following me, making himself way through the crowd of people and I even hear him calling my name when I dare to lock my eyes with his.

My feet move so fast that I am barely touching the ground, but I am not stopping.

I am only grateful for the help I get from the stranger holding tight my hand, and when we reach some doors, he grabs the handle to open one and pushes me inside.

I turn around towards my savior and I gasp in horror, recognizing him.

Salvatore grins to me maliciously, strolling towards me like a beast to his prey.

“Say thank you, darling,” he growls to me and with some unseen power I collect myself, taking a confident look and defying him.

“Say thank you for what, Salvatore?” I ask with a sharp look.

He ignores my attitude and comes closer, grabbing my arm and pulling me impossibly closer to him, burying his nose in the crock of my neck, fanning a hot and disgusting breath on my skin.

“You play too smart for my liking, Rebecca. You have some nerve to come back alone. Brave, I could say. I guess my brother didn’t fuck you too well since you left him, did he?” he hissed.

His grip gets stronger and crushing the flesh on my arm, which I know will be bruised later.

“Better than you could have ever done, Salvatore,” I dare him and he pushes me to a wall, smashing my face to it and squeezing me with the weight of his body. I whimper loudly, air bursting out of my lungs when I hit the wall.

“You do know how to push my buttons, slut,” he shouts and curls his fingers around my neck, squeezing hard and blocking my air.

“Let’s see who fucks better, me or Enzo,” he says and starts grabbing the skirt of my dress, pulling it up and struggling to reach my thighs with his dirty hands.


I did try to get back to NY in due time for the reception. Time was quite short as the docks needed my urgent visit.

Damn Mexicans, sometimes they can be a pain in ass.

Healey was supposed to be my date tonight, and she kept calling me so damn much until I had enough and got on my way back.

It was a good opportunity for her to meet people. I have offered for a long time to introduce her to some of my business partners and people I knew. It was going to be good for her business.

I called Mike a few times to know about Becca but he didn’t answer and since I had to get ready to leave, I gave up and called Gio instead, to find news about her.

Last I knew she was in Bora Bora for a week and that week just finished and she was soon to return.

I wished I knew if she was going to be at the reception as I knew she was also a financier for an IT startup, but then again it was too soon for her to hoop into the society of business so I figured there were too little chances she would be there tonight.

I hate to arrive anywhere along with the first guests, but Healey really bugged my brain so I gave in and arrived at the exact opening time.

“Wow, this is amazing,” she says while we enter and I smirk.

Sometimes she could be like a little child.

“Come on, let’s have something to drink,” I tell her and we both walk to the open bar counter, making sure I hold her hand so she won’t get lost staring so much around.

She took a glass of wine, and I asked for my usual whiskey. Two, to be more specific.

“Lucas...” I hear Healey scolding me for having the two shots one after the other.

“Would you fucking stop with that, Healey?!” I hissed at her.

See? This is why I love Becca.

She never tried to change me, never questioned what I was doing, never gone against my demands.

“Fuck this,” I mumble and tried to calm down. I just wished this shit would finish fast so I can go back and find news about Becca.

“Come, there are some people I know you would like to meet,” I tell her and I take her hand again, leading the way to some guests that I knew.

I am grateful that after introducing Healey to them a discussion started and it didn’t require my attention as Healey was asked all sorts of questions about her therapy.

I smile just to give them the impression that I am in, but my mind is somewhere else.

I check my phone repeatedly hoping for news from Mike or Gio, but the screen of my phone is clean.

I type one more message to Gio. It’s the fucking fifth text I am sending.

“So, Lucas, how was your therapy with Healey? She seems quite good at what she is doing,” one of the man next to me asked and I smiled being caught out of the discussion.

“She is a fighter, that much I can say. Wouldn’t slow down till she gets the results she wanted,” I praise her but the anxiety I feel increases with every minute passing by, as my phone stays silent.

The air becomes thick all of a sudden and I find it hard to breathe. The noise of people talking around me smashes to my eardrums and I get the feeling of something is just about to happen.

Shit, I need to find Gio, I think, and I start looking around, feeling watched by someone.

And right there and then all my muscles stiffen when I feel sucked up by some green beautiful eyes glaring at me.

She was right there, on my right side, just a few feet away, frozen and staring.

I feel like the time stopped, both of us caught in our moment, just the two of us and nothing and nobody else matters or even exists in this very second.

From somewhere far I hear someone calling my name but I don’t pay attention because the only one that exists for me now is the love of my life, standing in front of me, the only woman that has ever made me realize I have a heart, the only woman that ever mattered to me and I matter for.

Then why I see her running away? I see her taking a step back the moment I move towards her and someone is dragging her away.

“Rebecca!” I call her and my legs start to speed up and fight to cover the distance between us. The crowd of people swallows her and all I see now is the green of her dress going further away from me.

I push aside the people in my way with one hand while the one flies automatically to my gun tucked in the belt of my pants.

Why the fuck is she running away?

My anger climbs impossible levels when I see Salvatore turning a corner to the right, pulling Becca after him. And fuck, she doesn’t seem to be bothered at all, always staring back at me but never struggling to get loose from his grip.

I lost them. I reach into a long corridor, but nobody is there.

I look left and right and I can’t figure out which way they might have gone.

At this point, I am getting out of my fucking mind.

I can’t believe that after such a long time I finally get to see Becca and she meets me without fucking running away but that motherfucker has seized her away right from under my nose.

I fish my phone out of my pocket exactly when Gio calls.

“What!” I shout at him, answering the call.

“Rebecca is in NY,” he says like some fucking hero giving me the news I already know.

“No shit, Sherlock! Nice fucking job, Gio! She is here, at the reception,” I give him the news.


“Yeah, really, Gio. And I have just lost her. Salvatore has her. Move you fucking ass over here. I need to check the CCTV camera.”

“Meet you in the security room in five,” he says, and I take my leave to the meeting point.

Gio is already here when I get in.

The manager of the hotel security is talking to Gio and they are checking the recordings.

“Anything?” I asked them once I am inside.

“Lucas, nice to see you,” the manager says.

“Hi. Did you get anything?”

“How long ago did you see her?” he asked.

“Ten minutes ago she left the reception room throw the exit 5,” I tell him and the IT guy opens the camera above the exit 5, sets the time and there I see Becca going out in a rush pulled by Salvatore.

“What the fuck he thinks he is doing?” Gio asks.

“Really, Gio? What the fuck, man? Your duty was to know her each and every step! How the fuck she got back to NY and nobody knew?” I shout at him and he looks at me silently as he knows better than talking back at me at this point.

“Meeting room 11,” the IT guy says. “They are in the meeting room 11.”

Without any word, I turn around and run through the corridors towards the room pointed by the IT guy.

Gio follows me.

Once I am in front of the door which writes 11 in golden numbers, I pull out my gun and open the door, knowing very well that Gio has my back.

Motherfucker Salvatore has Becca pinned to the wall, and my blood starts boiling above the point that I can control.

I am one fucking fast shooter once I reach my limits, but I have to remember that he has his filthy hands on Becca and I have to put a hold on myself until she is out of his reach.

"Do more of what makes you happy."
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