“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 51 - “Hey, beautiful” [Republished]


I jerk frantically and try to get out of Salvatore’s grip, pushing him away with my back, but couldn’t move him much. He is a strongly built man, and fighting him was not a thing for a woman.

One of his hands holds my neck steady while the other searches for my legs but before he has the chance to reach any bare skin a loud voice bounces through the room, filling the space with its anger and myself with a sense of relief, one that only that voice has known to do.

“Benito!” I hear Lucas shouting, and right in that second Salvatore’s hands freeze.

The grip on my neck gets loose, allowing me to inhale deep breaths.

“A word?” Lucas is asking, and even though I can feel Salvatore shifting away from me, I still don’t find the courage to turn around, or move.

I hear a shuffle of footsteps behind me and I know Salvatore is backing away.

“Oh, here is the Don of NY, not so much of a Don in reality. How can I tell him no?” Salvatore says mockingly while his steps can be heard further away from me, while others come closer. Lucas’ scent invades my senses, waking them up like nature in a spring rain.

“Don’t. Move!” he orders in a whisper to my ear and I am sure he already knows I am shaking, as cold shivers cross my back and tears keep rolling down my face.

Before I can take another breath I am being left alone in the room, as they both get out and even though I know I am alone, I reluctantly turn around, moving away from the wall.

I wipe my tears with the back of my hands, manning up and decided to get the hell out of here, searching for an exit.

The pile of bodyguards is still at the main access but I can’t place Mike there and I quickly scan the crowd of guests in search of him. Still no Mike around so I rush my steps to the main exit, pulling out the phone from my purse to text him and let him know I am ready to leave.

I need to leave. I can’t handle being the target of Salvatore and talking to Lucas at the same time.

Not now, when I am sure that he moved on and has someone else, that young, beautiful woman standing proudly and gracefully next to him earlier.

Once I am out, I see to my right a small balcony with green bushes around and I know this is a good hiding spot to wait for Mike.

I walk in and hide behind the green plants, breathing deeply to restore my heartbeats.

It’s been a crazy night and I feel the need to take myself as far as possible from here.

And before I have the chance to another moment of peace, I feel a hot breath on my right should and a kiss softly lingering on my skin just above my new tattoo where you can read ’beautiful’. A souvenir from Bora Bora.

“Hey, beautiful,” I hear Lucas whispering and I am sure he has been reading it, as I feel a smirk against my skin a second before his burning lips glue to my tattoo.

Against all odds, I feel a peaceful warmth taking me over, his scent tickling my nerves and turning me on like no other man can.

Tilting my head to my left shoulder, I make him more space to kiss and bite the skin of my neck.

“Hey, handsome,” I whisper back to him as if my mouth has a mind of itself.

His left hand wraps around my waist and he turns me around, so close to his chest, to his face and I close my eyes being unable to bear the tension, the seduction, his sensual breath brushing my forehead.

His arms pull me impossible close to his chest and I can almost feel him shivering.

I never thought I would be so happy to see him again, and at this moment I forgot about the other woman that accompanied him here or any other person existing in our lives.

I never thought that I would feel again this overwhelming protection that he gave me every time I was with him.

I feel my entire body giving in to his hold and I lift my arms, curling them around his neck.

“Open your eyes, Becca,” he says, and I do, never ever being able to stay numb to his commands. “Better,” he says when my eyes meet his blue ones and that smile that always trapped me.

He is so much more handsome than I remember.

I’ve always loved those blue eyes peering at me with so much love, those beautiful eyes that now hold both lust, love and a bit of anxiety. I could tell. I knew him so well, which is why I frowned with worry.

I don’t want him to feel insecure. I don’t want him to feel unsure of my feelings for him or his feelings for me.

My palms cup his face as I bend back my head to see him in full display and I roll my glare on his face, taking in each part.

I feel his flat palms on my back and I smile when they shiver.

“I missed you,” I tell him, and his eyes turn into darker shades and his face hardening.

“Fuck!” he hissed between his clenched teeth and grabs my hand, pulling me after him.

My steps become faster as he walks ahead of me and motions to a valet who brings his car. Once stopped right next to us, he opens the passenger seat door where I jump in, cheerful, feeling like a teenage girl running away with her boyfriend. We didn’t need words. All it took was a straight glare in each other’s eyes, and we knew we were bound to belong to one another.

He runs around the car to his seat and quickly gets in, buckling his own seat belt.

“Put it on,” he urges me to buckle mine and I do exactly that, God, how much I missed his commands in that husky voice sending electric shocks under my skin.

He pushes the button and starts the engine, leaving the yard at full speed.

I look at his face and I see how concentrated on the road he is, speeding as if we are running for our dear lives.

I don’t ask where we are going. I don’t care. I am with him and he can take me anywhere as long as he doesn’t let go of me again.

“What about the lady you came with?” I ask.

He turns his eyes to me and a smile shows his perfect white teeth while grabbing my hand and placing it on his thigh.

“She can handle herself, don’t worry,” he replies, shifting his attention to the road. “You didn’t ask where we are going,” he says.

“I don’t care,” I reply, and my words are followed by a sudden stop of the car on the side of the road.

Lucas unbuckles his seat belt and bends over me, pressing his lips on mine and forcing himself in. I moan and wrap my arms around his neck, pushing him stronger into that burning kiss. We are both breathing hard, our tongues battling for dominance, one around the other, like dancing swans.

“We are going home, baby girl,” he whispers in my mouth and my lips escape a breath at the sound of that.

Home. I only knew one home, and that was where Lucas was. My home is by his side.

He returns to his seat and turns on the engine, driving the car again on the forever crowded streets of NY.

My left hand has been pressed on his thigh by his right one for the rest of the drive.

From time to time he squeezes it lightly or lifts it to his lips for a kiss, and then it goes back right to the same place.

From the hem of his shirt sleeves I could see ink imprinted in some more tattoos than I remembered and that made me wonder how many other new ones he had on his arms, on his chest and I couldn’t wait to take his clothes off and admire them with my eyes and worship them with my lips.

I glare to the window outside and I can recognize the neighborhood of our home, and soon he pulls the car in front of our mansion.

Nothing changed. It felt like I was here yesterday, good memories and bad memories mixing up in my brain, each one fighting for dominance but I didn’t let sadness and resentment take me over, every squeeze of Lucas’ hand reminding me that once we loved each other… I still loved him.

I was so scared of this evening, and now I felt like it could be the best night of my life.

Before I snap out of my thoughts, the door opens and I am being grabbed out by Lucas’ arms with a strong pull and I whimper. A sudden release of breath escapes my lips, making me laugh cheerfully.

I barely touch the ground with my feet when Lucas lifts me up and throws me on his right shoulder, my arms and legs dangling freely on his back and front.

“Lucas, you know I can actually walk by myself, don’t you?”

He gives my butt a light spank, but strong enough to remind me who is the boss.

“I know you do, but you are too slow on those high heels which by the way, they look damn sexy on you,” he replies and he slaps my butt ones more.

It made me scream slightly, out of pleasure and not burn, while Lucas walks in and rushes to the stairs up. I know he will not stop till we reach our bedroom where he will throw me on the bed before he presses his body on mine, crushing me under his weight.

Which he does. And I smile at the thought of how well I know him.

The weight of his body crushing me is the perfect fit to my hungry desires. Pinned on his elbows to the bed, left and right side of my head, he stares at me for a few long seconds and I shyly smile, my cheeks burning under his intense glare.

“Why?” I ask him softly.

“Why what, baby girl?”

“Why it took you so long?”

“I was never far, baby. I have always been here,” he points my temple with his index, “... here,” he points my heart, “... and here,” and this time he taps the side of the bed next to me. “Did you really think I could have stayed away once I knew where you were? I was dying to be with you in Bora Bora, but I didn’t know if you wanted to see me or not. I have been there almost all the time.”

“You were watching me...”

“I could never stay far from you, Becca. And now that you’re back to me, you will never leave. I will never let you leave again.”

He bends his head and hovers his lips on mine, teasing me, holding back that kiss I am so thirsty for.

“I am so sorry I left you alone at the hospital. I wished so much I could have stayed,” I tell him.

“That was stupid, Becca. I needed you, not your protection,” he says, and I realize he has heard me talking to him that day.

He tries to sound angry with my stupid decision of leaving for Italy that day his tone is exactly the opposite of his words.

Some other time he would have been pissed and shouted and maybe punished me, but now there was no anger in his tone, no regret and no scowl, but I know he means what he says.

“You heard me ...” I breathe against his parted lips that I want so much to kiss me, but never seem any close to it.

Lucas always liked to make me beg for what I want, and I never got bothered about it.

It was something seductive in his demands that always turned me on to the point of craving painfully for his touches and rough thrusts.

The waiting for his touches and kisses has always made my desire for him ten times more intense, and I know he has always liked that judging by the growls coming from the depth of his lungs.

“Of course I did. I wished I could have stood up at that very moment and stop you from leaving, but I couldn’t, Becca. I am so sorry, baby girl, I just couldn’t,” he says and more tears fall from my eyes along my temples.

If there was any moment I ever doubted him, now it was all gone like never existed.

It felt like the last months were only a bad dream in one of those nights when he was not with me and now he was holding me and kissing me just to make it go away.

“Forgive me for not staying,” I whisper, looking deep into his eyes, asking for forgiveness.

He finally presses his lips on mine, deep and eager, rough like I have always loved it but suddenly he breaks the kiss and pulls me up, kneeled on the bed placing me sited between his strong thighs.

He reaches my bun to remove the pins and let my hair fall free on my shoulders, just the way I like it because then he can grab it or wrap it around his hand and pull my head gently to the back and that alone is a turn on trigger for me.

He grabs a few strands of my hair, curling them around his fingers and lowering his head to pepper kisses on my lips while grabbing a full hand of my hair and pulling my head on lower to the back.

Now, what did I tell you about being roughly pulled like that?

It instantly makes me moan and I feel my cores clenched, squeezing my thighs together.

I feel his kisses and bites on the skin of my neck and where his teeth bite, his tongue is soothing the pain.

New sensations run through my body when my skin is nibbled by his short stubble, rubbing it gently against my chest and neck.

I feel goosebumps forming on my skin and his hands move to my breasts, cupping them and molding them softly through the fabric of my dress and the sensations explode in my drenched cores.

“Now, baby girl,” he says, still brushing his lips on my neck and shoulders. “I’ve heard you have been a very... very bad girl and went out to one of my clubs... all alone.”

"Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn."
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