“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 53 - We need closure [Republished]


He gets off the bed, leaving me longing for him, and I can hear the sound of his belt dropping on the hard wood of the floor. I know he will not let me have it so fast.

Not Lucas. Not before I am sucked of all powers and not before I beg.

“So beautiful,” he whispers. “And so damn wet, baby girl. Are you that thirsty?” he asks and I can almost feel his smirk while cupping my entire cores with a strong hand and squeezes hard, pressing particularly my bud.

I nodded with a deep moan as he didn’t allow me to speak and anyway I was too much of a mess to be able to speak.

His hands go back, sliding along my hips, and this time he curls his fingers in the hem of my panties and removes them with one hand, the other one kneading my butt cheeks while kisses are peppered along my spine till he reaches my bra.

That one hand between my thighs brushes over my folds, making me moan deep and angry because his fingers get stubborn not to slide in. They just tease, making me curl my toes in desire and lack of prediction.

Lucas unclips my bra and squeezes one hand between my body and the mattress, filling his large hand with my left breast.

He rolls me on my back while I feel the jigger pushed inside and my sensitive bud rubbed with a thumb. Being deprived of some senses, makes the others tenth fold in magnitude and that alone throws me on the peaks of my arousal, as if I’m levitating, jerking at each of his touches, not knowing what comes next.

“Oh, fuck...” I breathe and Lucas spreads my thighs wider, placing his shoulders under my flexed knees.

I feel his hot breath against my thighs and his skillful tongue slides from the back along to folds crossing over my clit and I sob, jerking my body in surprise.

“Stay still, baby girl,” he scolds me and I force myself to his command.

While his mouth is worshiping my cores, I feel the jigger shaking inside of me and I become a moaning mess higher as the speed rises.

I sob and whimper, loud and wild, while he growls and circles his tongue between my folds and then he slides inside my drenched cores, sending me over the edges of my passion.

My muscles clench and my thighs are shaking and I feel a climax closing in, which doesn’t go unnoticed, as Lucas lowers the speed of the vibrator.

“No...” I moan unhappily.

“I hope you are not coming without permission. I would hate to spank your butt even harder,” he says smirking and I smile.

His voice is now so much softer than it used to be. He is commanding, but not so much, and joy blooms in my heart with gratitude to have recaptured my loving Lucas. His voice is loving and affectionate.

I arch my back pushing my breasts up and I feel them scooped in his palms then ravished by his lips and before I take another breath, the jigger is pushed deeper by one of his thick, long finger which earns him a deep whimper from my throat.

“Do you want one more? You may speak, baby girl,” he says, and I can only nod as my mouth is busy with moans and sobs.

“I need words, Becca.”

“Yes... please daddy,” I mumble and my wish becomes reality not with one only but two more fingers and my moans become sharp shouts.

“You may come, baby,” Lucas says with his face deep buried between my folds again and I ride my climax in a shuttering shout of curses mixed with his name.

“So beautiful,” Lucas says and kisses my folds, pressing the tip of his tongue on my already sensitive bud.

He releases my hands and I feel half weight of his body hovering over me as the other half is held by his left arm pinned to the bed.

He removes the blindfold and I blink a few times to adjust to the dim light of the room with tears pooling in my eyes.

I see Lucas’ face over mine, staring at me with a seductive smile, and his icy blue eyes shine like sparkles in the night.

He captures my lips in a hot deep kiss, circling his tongue in search for mine, and it doesn’t take him long to thrust again the fingers of his right hand inside of my burning cores.

“With the next one you will look straight into my eyes, baby. I missed that sight of yours so damn much,” he says between peppered kisses before he hovers down, circling his lips around one of my nipple, making me entire body shake when he grinds his teeth on it and bites lightly, just enough to make my cores tight again, feeling another orgasm coming even harder than before.

“Daddy...” I announce him the imminent climax.

“I know, baby. Look into my eyes, don’t you dare break that look, Becca,” he says, thrusting and curling his fingers more while his eyes are burning into mine and his thumbs are rubbing my bud. I come again, hard, calling his name and I am already thinking about my red butt having another punishment for speaking without permission, but instead of that, Lucas places himself between my legs, grinding his hard length over my folds and my body trembles.

He gives me time to come down from my hitched breathing, making himself busy with the skin of my neck and shoulders.

His touches and kisses become soft and light and I take his face between my palms, guiding his lips back to mine.

I kiss him tender, making sure he remembers the passion I have always had for him and my palms slide down his firm chest, feeling each and every curve of his muscles.

Under his intense stare I drag myself lower and I pepper hot kisses on his chest, lower and I reach his navel, our bodies rubbing on each other.

His chest has more tattoos now than ever and I trail my fingers on the ink drawings, feeling his muscles stiffening under my fingertip, leaving goosebumps behind and each one is followed by a kiss.

He muffles curses mixed with deep growls and I push myself back up, making sure that my hard nipples brush the skin on his chest and I lock my lips with his in yet another passionate kiss.

“Fuck toys!” he says and curls one arm around my waist holding me still, kneeled between my legs, while the fingers of the other one thrusts me deeply and pulls out the jigger.

My lips escape a whimper at the sudden grip, and before I realize his fingers are out, I feel the tip of his manhood at my wet cores as he shoots himself inside with a strong move, pushing in his all length, stretching my inside muscles. I shout in sweet pain, which soon fades as he resides still inside of me, allowing my cores to adjust to his thickness.

My head is buried in the pillow as my mouth is forming an ’o’ and he grabs the opportunity to push his mouth on mine, tongue dancing inside.

He pulls out and pushes back in, slow and deep, from the roots to the tip, hitting my sensitive spot every time.

“Fuck, Becca. I love how you suck me inside of you with your so damn tight cores,” he grunts between clenched teeth and speeds the pulse, each time hitting harder my spot, making my eyes roll at the back of my head and mouth sobbing and moaning in pleasure, digging my nails in the flesh of his shoulders.

I feel my muscles clasping around his shaft and I open my mouth to ask permission to come as I feel that another two strikes on my spot are going to make it impossible for me to hold my climax, but Lucas feels it too and crushed his mouth on mine.

“Wait for me, love. Please...” he pleads and I nod, but I am so sure I can’t do it because his moves are now fast and he is pushing strong against my cores and soon his manhood twitches inside of me. I know he is not far.

I smile with satisfaction because I missed him filling me up.

“Becca, are you on pills, baby?” he asks and I shake my head.

I didn’t take my pills for months now as they were not needed.

“Fuck, yes!” he growls as his moves become sloppy.

Soon he reached his climax and his jet hits my spot, bringing my release as well, while my insides fill with his seeds.

He moans deep and hard, pushing a few more times to make sure the last of his strings are spilled inside, then he bends over me and kisses me deep and long.

The room is filled with our breaths, heavy and loud.

Lucas lays himself on his back next to me, and I hiss with some discomfort when he pulls out.

He pulls me on top of him with one arm, lifting me up to place a kiss on the crown of my head.

“I’m sorry, love. Did I hurt you?” he is asking me with worry.

“No, but I am a little sore,” I whine like a spoiled kid.

He lifts my head with a finger under my chin and captures my lips with his.

“I guess you will have to get used to that again. And probably with locked windows and doors as well, cause you’ll never leave again, Becca. Never,” he emphasizes the last word and I am thankful for that.

I know he doesn’t mean it with locked doors and windows, but he deadly serious about not allowing me to leave him again. And that makes me happy because it means I’ve won back my place in his life.

It’s good he is taking decision in my place because me alone I can only take decision that hurt us both.

“I will prepare us a bath. Stay here,” he says and standing up he walks in the bathroom.

I blush and smile at the same time, seeing his naked back, his toned body, the muscles flexing under the tanned, stretched skin on his chest and back. He is damn sexy, firmer and stronger than I remember.

Damn slut! I curse myself with a chuckle.

My eyes feel sleepy and I close them, unaware that I’m already falling asleep even before Lucas has the chance to come back.

I felt myself lifted in his strong arms and my forehead was peppered with kisses gifted by his fleshy lips, which I knew so well and missed so much.

I could recognize them from thousands.

When I open my eyes, I see Lucas’ beautiful face while he carries me to the bathroom.

He steps inside the bathtub, laying down on his back and placing me on his chest and between his legs.

I lean my head against his shoulder and close my eyes, enjoying his arms around me.

His lips never cease kissing my neck and shoulder and his hands slide on my body up and down till they cup my swollen breasts, pinching my nipples.

“Lucas,” I call him.

“Hm...,” he hums, his mouth being busy with more important things, kisses and bites.

“May I move back in?” I ask, and he laughs, a healthy, loud laughter crashing on the walls of the bathroom.

“What makes you think you have another choice?” he says. “You don’t have any other choice, Becca, but move back home. This is your home. There is no other place you will be from now on, but next to me. I missed you like crazy and you don’t get to leave me again. Besides, I really hope I placed a little Tate in this womb of yours today,” he smirks and continues kissing my neck.

I roll around to face him and I am now breasts pressed on his chest. I kiss him long and passionate while his hands find their way to my butt and between my back thighs.

I break the kiss and look at him, deep into his blue eyes.

“I never stopped loving you. I was angry with you, but I never stopped. I never found enough space in my heart and in my life for another man, although there have been times when I’ve wished, and I’m positive I never will,” I tell him. “I love you, Lucas,” and I don’t care if he says it back or not.

It was wrong of me to leave him. I was wrong to assume that I would be better without him. I am not, and I will never be.

“Baby, you know that if I could I would have taken you away from motherfucker Enzo long time ago. I failed protecting you, and I hope you will forgive me for that. But no more. Nobody will take you away from me now, no matter what. I want to become better for you, Becca. I’m planning to finish with this life. I’m already working on it. I want us to leave somewhere else than here, just the two of us. I want to load you with our kids one after another and I want to live peaceful and freely with you,” he tells me, and I stop his words with my lips.

“I don’t care where we live, I don’t care if you decide to leave NY or not, if you live behind your life or not, I am staying, Lucas.”

“Is that a promise?” he smiles.

I smile back at him.

“Cross my heart and hope to die,” I chuckle, raising my right hand.

“Come here,” he says and lifts me up until I reach his lips while his legs force themselves between mine. I feel him hard again between my thighs and my lips form an ‘o’ when he presses against my cores.

His hands cup my cheeks and his eyes take in every inch of my face.

He was silent, but he spoke volumes.

There was a slight sadness, deep in his glare and it made me frown a bit, wondering if it was worry or regret.

I popped up in his life all of a sudden, after sharing the past months with another man whom I didn’t love the way I loved Lucas.

He was my best friend, my savior, my bed sharer, but he could never be the man that had my heart from the first moment I laid my eyes on him, at that dinner in my parents’ house.

Nobody could have ever made me feel loved and cared for like Lucas did, and I hurt him, and now I was afraid that the realization of the past months pushed him to have second thoughts.

“What?” I whispered, choked with worry, my eyes searching his.

He sighed and smiled sadly.

“I was wondering...” he started but then stopped, as if weighting his words carefully. “I know I shouldn’t ask this but... have you had... or have feelings for Benito...?” he voice cracked and my heart melted seeing one of the most dangerous man of NY stuttering, heart broken in front of a woman.

I knew we had to touch the subject one day, it needed a closure.

"If your dreams don't scare you,
they are not big enough."
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