“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 54 - Teach me to shoot [Republished]


“Yes, I did have feelings for Enzo. He was there when I was hurting the most, and he was the one to keep me safe from his brother. He was the one that took me in and risked himself and his freedom so I would be away from you and keep Salvatore far. Why? Because he knew I loved you, and all it mattered for me was to know that his brother would not come for you. And he also knew Salvatore would think twice before coming to a conflict with him.”

I was bluntly honest because I didn’t want any secrets between us. I didn’t want any tension, I didn’t want any “ifs” or “whys” lingering in our future. I wanted him to know the whole truth.

By the end of my confession, his smile died out and his face became hard, eyes darkening with danger and anger.

“I could have handled motherfucker Salvatore. You didn’t trust me, baby,” he hissed.

“Well, it was pretty hard to trust someone laying in a coma on a hospital bed, Lucas. I did what I thought was best given the situation,” I am quite troubled by now. “Besides, you’ve got almost killed because of me,” I concluded and tried to get out of the bathtub, propping my hands on the edges to lift myself up, but Lucas tightened his grip around my waist, crashing me back on his chest, water splashing all over the floor.

I hitched at his strong pull and met his angry eyes.

“You didn’t answer the question, Becca,” he growled.

“Well, I think I did, Mr. Tate,” I answered him back, challenging him, and I didn’t stutter one bit. “I better go,” I said and got out of the bathtub, and this time he didn’t stop me.

I dried myself with a towel before exiting into the bedroom where I put my clothes on and without a word I left the room and the house while calling a cab.

I loved the feeling of belonging to Lucas, but I hated feeling embarrassed by my past decisions.

It was done deal for me being weak and manipulated, and him trying to take advantage of my embarrassment was manipulation.

We were going to start our life again, but this time it was going to be different.

Lucas will have to understand that we are in this life together. We had to share equally the good and the bad, the safe and danger.

Before I get out of the house, the cab was already pulling in front and I was happy that I didn’t have to wait outside.

I gave him the address and sat comfortably on the back seat when my phone buzzed.

I took it out of my purse and saw a text on the screen.

L: I am sending a car over. I love you.

I didn’t answer, I shut off the screen and put it back in my purse, shaking my head with a smile at Lucas’ stubbornness.

Don’t get me wrong, I did want to be independent, but I couldn’t deny that Lucas’ watch over me made me feel much more comfortable.


I couldn’t contain my anger thinking about my woman having been touched and kissed the way I only wanted to, the way only I was supposed to.

I hated to show my possessiveness to her other than in bed, but she had to feel she belonged to me and me only. Besides, jealousy was always darkening my thoughts.

It took every inch of power in me not to stop her from leaving, but I knew better than that. This new Becca unfolding in front of me was not the one I used to know.

The fact that she admitted her feelings for that motherfucker was enough for me to understand this was the independent version of Becca, the strong Becca, something that would make our Sub/Dom relation much more exciting but at the same time… harder to win.

And I loved it. It felt as if I traveled back in time when I was working on making Becca fall in love with me, madly in love, just as I was.

This new beginning will be one to last. I was feeling her more of my equal than the Becca I met first, but that had to stop the moment it would put her life in danger.

The train of my thoughts stops when some car lights flickered outside and I knew it was a cab to pick Becca.

I get out of the bathtub wrapping a towel around my waist and I grab my phone from the nightstand next to the bed, dialing Gio.

“I want a car in front of Becca’s house starting now,” I tell him and he confirms, hanging up.

It is going to be a hard night for me because her leaving in the middle of it was not what I planned.

I can’t believe she just left without one look back. But I guess I need to learn how to deal with my new Becca, to respect her decisions more, her feelings.

If I want this to last, and I really want that, I need to show I worth it. And this was the reasons I decided to let her know I was sending a car to watch her house. So I sent her a text message that she never replied. A clear sign she was pissed.

I knew she won’t like it, but I couldn’t risk anything. It’s not that I don’t trust Mike. I do. But I need to be sure she is safe, and I need my own pair of eyes watching over her.

Now that she came back to NY she was my full responsibility.

I decided to wait for Becca to reach her home. My guys would let me know the moment she arrives and I thought that until then a drink will do me good.

Sunk in the leather armchair of my office for I don’t even know how long, I roll the booze in the glass with slow spins of my hand when the phone buzzes and I turn my head to see a text message flashing on the screen.

B: I am home.



PS: they are here so you can go to sleep. Good night, handsome.

I smirk, scratching my beards, realizing that I am falling for this woman again, and this time I was falling damn hard.


The cab pulls in front of my house and I see Mike coming out, walking towards the back door to help me get down and pay the cab driver.

Turning my head to the gates, I see a black SUV parked in front and I am surprised at how fast they got here.

The window of the passenger seat rolls down and I see Gio.

I wave at him with a smile. It feels so good to be back with the people that once were my home, my friends and my family.

Before Mike was done with the cab driver, I picked my phone and typed Lucas a text to let him know I arrived and that the car he had sent was right in front of my gates.

I see Mike walking past me and opening the front door for us to get in.

“Starting tomorrow, I want you to teach me shooting,” I tell him while I walk in.

“What the...” he says, and I never saw Mike more astonished than now, and I smile to myself. “Defensive or...”

“What do you think? What suits me better, Mike?” I ask him, dropping my purse on the sofa and tossing my shoes aside.

“Well, none. What the hell, Rebecca? I am here, you know that.”

“Want some?” I ask, showing him the bottle of wine.

“Rather a whiskey. I need to wrap my head around this,” he replies, walking into the living and sitting on the sofa.

“Come on, Mike, why are you taking this so hard? I mean, there have been guns around me almost all my life, it’s not like I have just got down from my crystal bowl.”

“It is exactly like that, Rebecca. We all did the best to keep you safe and away from the guns’ world. Why would you need that, anyway? You are never alone.”

“Yeah. Right. Like I haven’t been kidnaped more than once and caught in shooting spree a few times,” I reply to him ironically.

I cross the room towards the sofa and hand him the glass of whiskey, sitting next to him and leaning my head against his shoulder.

He wraps his arms around my shoulders, kissing the crown on my head.

“Have you been with Lucas? I called you when I couldn’t find you at that reception,” he says in a soft voice, that soft and friendly voice I have always known.

“Really? And how come there weren’t any SWAT teams searching for me?” I giggle.

He laughs loudly, his chest vibrating against my left arm.

“Well, I checked the CCTV of the exit and I saw you two getting in his car. That was a relief or else I would have had blown up all NY to find you by now.”

“Salvatore was there as well,” I say bluntly, and he stops laughing, inching away a bit to stare gravely at me.

“Did he touch you?” he asks in a breath and I feel him stiffening in tension.

I shook my head.

“No, Lucas came on time,” I answered, standing up to refill my glass with some more wine. “This is why ’ve asked you to teach me shooting, Mike. I don’t think this is over and I can’t always rely on someone else to keep me safe.”

He stood up as well and started pacing around, running his fingers through his hair.

“Fuck,” he hissed to himself. “I need to call Lucas.”

“No, you don’t! Enough of this! I am sick and tired of all these walls you guys keep building around me.”

“You don’t know what you are taking about!” he shouts at me.

“Really?! Like it was not sold like a piece of meat for my father’s dirty businesses! Like I haven’t lived my whole life around guns and killers and drugs and traffickers!”

He stops and stares at me, becoming short of words at my outburst.

“Just forget it, Mike. I will handle it myself,” and just I was preparing to go up in my room, my phone buzzed and I see Enzo’s name flashing.

I looked at it for a few seconds, thinking if I should answer or not.

I press the green button and put the phone to my ear while walking away to my room.

“Hey, babe, how are you?” I said, trying to sound relaxed. My heart was still pounding against my chest cage.

“I am good, tesoro. What about you?” he asks cheerfully. “It’s good to hear your voice.”

“It’s good to hear you, too. I’m good, just a little tired.”

“Guess the reception was a full hand, ha?”

“Oh, you can’t even imagine,” I say, thinking about the encounter I had with his brother, but I decide not to tell him. Yet.

I don’t need all the commotion around the event. Lucas and Mike were already more than I could take.

“How are things? How is adjusting back home going?”

“A bit harder than I’ve thought, but I guess I will be okay.”

“You know you always have me, Becks. I am only a call away.”

“I know, Enzo. Thank you,” I said with a smile, collapsing on the bed.

“Good. I will not keep you any longer. Sleep tight, tesoro. Take care,” he said.

“You too, babe. Bye,” I replied and hung up.

I laid flat on my back, staring at the ceiling. I didn’t want to be here. I wanted to be home, to be with Lucas. But at the same time, I had to set my rules straight. I didn’t want to be the weak Rebecca anymore. I wanted to fix my feet firmly in the ground and deal with my own mess.

On another hand, not dealing with it meant either a life of constant stress and looking over our shoulders or have Lucas’ hands stained with Salvatore’s blood, and I couldn’t have him had that because of me. I knew as well as I knew my own name that he would have loved to kill Salvatore with his own hands.

I stand up to remove my clothes and take a shower before putting on some shorts and loose t-shirt.

Sliding under the blankets, I put my phone away, not before checking it one more time, hoping for a reply from Lucas, but there was nothing.

I didn’t worry much, though. I knew he was watching over me. Gio was outside, making sure I was safe. Typical Lucas. No matter what, he was always watching over me.

I snuggle into the warmth of the blankets, smiling. With my thoughts traveling to the man I love most and closing my eyes, I let myself slipping in a much needed sleep.

"Little girls with dreams
become women with vision."
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