“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 57 - Confessions [Republished]


There was no other place I would want to rather be at this moment but in Lucas’ arms.

It felt so natural stretching myself there, on my back, with his body weight pushing mine into the soft mattress, his right elbow pinned on the bed while the other one was skillfully sliding under my top, towards my breasts, his fingertips trailing goosebumps on my skin.

He cups one of the breasts in his large hand, weaving it in soft circles while his lips work on mine in gentle kisses.

Even though softer than I remember, the dominant and possessive nature of Lucas roars through all of his skin pores.

I don’t think I could ever get used to a soft Lucas. Nope, not me.

I can tell he is trying to be gentle but his hand simply gets bored under my top and grabs strongly my trembling flesh. His kisses become stronger though sweeter, and deep mumbles of his lips mix with those heavenly kisses. I feel myself soaked wet in a blink and my burning cores clenched in the heat of the growing desire, that burning desire for my man that only he can make me feel.

“The only thing that kept me going was you wanting me to find you,” he speaks in my mouth, stubbornly refusing to lose contact with my lips.

“I will always want you to find me, Lucas. I know it was heartless of me to leave, I know I shouldn’t have. Forgive me…” I reply, and my apologies are absorbed in one urgent, passionate kiss.

He doesn’t say anything. I know the pain I caused him by leaving, twice.

And I know he already forgave me, but every time we speak about it, his eyes become stormy blue and a hurt Lucas struggles to overcome that moment.

He places himself kneeled between my parted legs, pulling the t-shirt over my head, leaving my upper half of the body completely naked, and I can see lust building up in his eyes, running his fingers on my stomach and lowering to wrap one of my nipples between his wet lips, curling around and nibbling it.

My lips release a moan and I grab his hair tight, earning a groan from the depth of his chest.

His hands slide along the sides of my body, feasting himself from my breasts, and I let my moans free to fill the room.

“Fuck, you’re sexy,” he hisses, swooping on my mouth again, ravishing my lips and rolling his tongue around mine as if his life depends on it, sucking the air out of my lungs.

“You’re my possession, you’re mine to keep, and I will kill whatever or whoever stands in my way,” he growls menacing, reeking of deadly jealousy.

Well, so much about making gentle love because for Lucas loving means possessing, grabbing and running away with what is his, like a beast hiding in the woods with its prey.

And that’s one of things I love most about Lucas, the feeling of belonging and the way he treats me, as if there is nothing and nobody else existing in the world for him, but me, the only source of life.

My fingers run by themselves through his black hair, fisting full hands whenever his teeth scrape my nipples.

I moan and sob and he the grip around my neck gets slightly loose but he doesn’t let it go, holding himself while he speeds his pace, in and out, and his lips ravish my mouth, biting and sucking my lips.

I am finally naked, bare of any restrictions to his hungry eyes. He yanks up sitting and stares at me, admiring what he sees and showing off his perfect teeth and lustful smile.

He grabs the collar of his shirt from the back of his neck with one hand while the other holds me still and impatiently he drags the shirt above his head, tossing it on the floor.

I bite my lower lips, savoring the sight in front of my eyes, and Lucas smirks to me with a nasty look.

Stretching myself back on the bed, I lift my hands towards him, luring him to hover over me so I can touch the bulky chest of this sexy man which I am lucky to have.

Instead of that Lucas grabs my hands and pulls me up to sit, curling his strong arms around me while my lips automatically go to his chest and I play my tongue on this rock-hard muscles.

He fists a full hand of the hair on the back of my neck and pulls my head back, making me whimper. His other hand grabs my chin and keeps my head steady, my eyes burning into his.

“I want you,” I breathe the words to him with growing lust in my voice and hungry eyes, and I grab his girth through the fabric of his suit pants.

He squeezes one hand between my trembling thighs, brushing his fingertips along my folds, and electric jolts spread through my insides.

“I am all yours, baby, always. Never doubt that,” he says with a double meaning and as if his words were a sign for me to claim what is mine, I drag myself off the bed and kneel between his legs, pulling down the zipper of his pants and freeing his hardened shaft which bounces thick and up-pointed.

I smile and cross my legs under my butt in a sitting position, pulling his pants down and peeling them off until they are completely removed.

I grab his solid shaft with one hand, curling my fingers around it, never taking my eyes from Lucas who frowns and groans, cupping my left cheek with one hand and brushing his thumbs over my swollen lips.

I curl my tongue around his thumb and his eyes become a few shades darker by the second when I suck it and rub the length of his shaft up and down with my hand.

“Oh, shit,” he whispers, throwing his head on the back and pinning his elbows to the mattress. He pushes his hips upwards, meeting the rhythm of my moves while his breath starts shaking.

I want to give him back the feeling of being the core of all actions, just like he does to me. I want him to know how does it feel to be the absolute center of one’s life, so I lean my head down and press my lips on the tip of his shaft, kissing with a sucked pop, the sound fading through the space around us.

I take him into my mouth, as deep as I can, keeping my hand to its base, compensating the lack of not being able to cover him all in.

“Fucking shit, Becca. No other lips did ever do to me what yours do. You’re so fucking sexy, baby,” he curses and lifts his head up, curling his finger in my hair and pushing my head lightly.

His dirty talk while we have sex has always thrown me over the edge. Maybe it sounds sick for some, I know. But to me nothing ever sounded sexier, specially from Lucas’ lips.

“Thank you, daddy,” I reply naughtily, releasing him from mouth but eagerly taking him back, squeezing my lips around him even stronger, causing a storm of dirty mutters spitting out of his mouth.

He grabs my hair and guides me up and down while I bob my head faster, his manhood swelling into my mouth.

His fingers tighten more in my hair when I feel him twitching in my mouth, his blood running fast in the veins of his girth.

His breathing heightens and he pushes himself faster in my mouth going all the way to the back of my throat and he sounds like he will definitely come but soon I feel empty and needy when he pulls out, bends down to me and smashes his mouth on mine instead.

“My turn, baby girl,” he says, standing up and lifting me in his arms just to throw me on the bed, on my back. He grabs the back of my knees, pulling me towards him till my butt is on the edge of the bed, sprawling my thighs and kneeling between them, on the floor.

My breath hitches with anticipation and the muscles of my thighs stiffen when his lips trail kisses from my knee up to my folds that he never touches before my both thighs are properly kisses and frantically shivering.

“Please, Lucas,” I sob in complain, playing my fingers in his hair and curling them under his hair bun laying on the top of his head.

The rough brushes of his beards on my skin make me taste new sensations of arousal, sensing the kisses he peppers everywhere like a continues stir up of my dripping wet cores. I’m starting to love his beards.

“Please what, baby girl,” he asks, pretending oblivious.

“Stop teasing me... please,” I breathe.

“Anything you wish, my love,” he says, and I feel his mouth on my cores, grabbing my clit and sucking it hard.

“Fucking hell!” I yell and my legs tremble.

He tickles my bundle of nerves again then soothes the spot with his tongue, playing a dance of biting and licking mixed with diving inside of me now and then, curling the tip of his tongue and trailing it back to my bud.

I am already a moaning mess and I grab the sheets in my clenched fists, my throat burning me with loud breaths and moans.

My cores clench for the nth time, followed by the shattering waves of an orgasm forming in my belly and growing.

“Lucas... I am going to...

“Come,” he completes me. “Bring it on, baby,” he allows me and I am releasing with a staggering jerk of my body while Lucas’ tip of his tongue presses my bulging bud, prolonging my climax.

Once I’m down from my heights, he stands up and bends over me, keeping my cores cupped and lightly squeezed in his right palm, capturing my lips with his own. He brushes aside some of my hair glued on my sweated forehead, peppering kisses on my face while I try to open my lazy eyes to meet his.

“You’re beautiful like this, flushed, cheeks tinted in red, and spent, consumed by me,” he says.

With his right hand he lifts me to sit, grabbing the back of my neck and placing himself behind me, his broad chest meeting my back while his mouth is ravishing the skin on my shoulder and neck.

He bits and sucks, leaving traces behind, marking me as his possession while his hands grab my breasts, molding and squeezing.

One hand curls under my butt and I levitate above the bed while he throws me on my back, making me whimper and release a sharp breath of air when meeting the surface of the mattress.

I laugh naughtily, my eyes luring him and my lips whispering to him ’fuck me’ which causes a long cue of growls from the back of his throat. He swamps over me, curling his fingers around my neck, squeezing tight and staring at me with madness growing in his eyes.

“Who do you belong to?” he roars in anger, but I know it’s anything but anger. It’s all the fears collected in his heart from the moment I’ve left the house on the island till he has taken me away from the reception a few days beck.

I only mouth ‘Lucas’ because the grip on my neck is so tight that is blocking my air.

“Who the fuck do you belong to?!” he shouts, without increasing the grip around my neck.

He doesn’t want to hurt me. He would die before he did. He is just claiming what is his and I raise my hands to cup his face while I am whispering in a soothing tone.

“You. I belong to you. Forever.”

He snuggles his cheek in my right palm, closing his eyes and placing the tip of his manhood between my folds.

“That’s right, baby girl,” he agrees, with his eyes still closed and the grip still tight around my neck, and swiftly he opens his burning eyes to glue them on mine.

“And if I ever smell the motherfucker Vincenzo around you, I am going to kill him with my bare hands and fucking enjoy it. Salvatore is dead already,” he hisses and thrusts me with such force that he plunged in with one move, in the glory of his length, stretching my muscles while I whimper loud and push up my hips to welcome him.

He stays still inside of me, pushed to the end and I almost feel him shivering, releasing a deep groan.

“Fuck, you’re tight, love,” he whispers.

He pulls out to the tip and slams inside again, repeating his moves in long, painfully slow, back and forth, feeling every inch of my cores while his veins throb against my inside walls.

I moan and sob and the grip around my neck looses but he doesn’t let go, holding himself while he speeds his pace, in and out, and his lips ravish my mouth, biting and sucking my lips.

I feel the bundle of warmth forming in my cores as his tip hits my spot faster and stronger with each pounce.

He lifts my right leg placing it on his shoulder and I feel him even deeper in a sweet pain of pleasure which brings my second climax closer.

I moan and whimper sharply while one rebel strand of his hair gets loose from this bun and tickles my face.

“Oh, God! Lucas!” I call his name when I feel my climax is about to explode.

“Come, love. Come with me,” he begs and two strikes later I shout out sharply as my orgasm explodes while he groans his own release, filling me with his warmth while tickles crawl under the skin of my thighs.

He thrusts a few more times, shaking his last drops in sloppy moves, both of us gasping for air.

He bends down to my lips, kissing me softly, molding my swollen lips and dropping my leg off his shoulder while I place my hands flat on his chest not to push him but to feel his heart beating strongly against his chest.

I have always loved to feel his heart wildly beating after each time he releases inside me.

It always races, knocking against his ribs cage, telling me that I was the cause of it and boy, do I love that?

“I love you,” I whisper, and he smiles against my lips.

“I love you more,” he replies and continues kissing me.” I don’t think I will ever have enough seeing you coming undone under me. You’re so damn sexy when you frown and shape your lips in ‘o’, shouting out your climax,” he shamelessly describes me, making me blush.

I glare at him, deep into his blue eyes, brushing my thumbs over his lips, trailing the line of his lower one.

He doesn’t move, he doesn’t speak, he only stares at me with eyes filled with such love, somehow mixed with a slight worry.

Whenever I get serious, his look becomes worried and he waits quietly, as if preparing to face a storm coming over him.

“I will never belong to anyone else, but you, Lucas. My heart will never beat for someone else but for you. Nobody can ever make me come undone the way you do, nobody’s possessiveness will ever make me feel so loved and cared for... like you do.”

The words were lacking. There were no words strong enough to say how much I loved him, so the only way to show him my love was to never leave again, never be far from him and never let doubt settle in his heart.

“Never forget that, Becca,” he says. “I am a possessive man, baby, and I always like to keep and protect what is mine,” he continues and peppers kisses on my face, my nose, my lips and forehead. “You are everything in my life, Becca. I want nothing in my life if I don’t have you. I don’t want the second day to come if you are not mine, if you are not with me. I would give up everything in a blink of an eye if I have to, just to keep you. I would give my life for you, love. Gladly and laughing if I knew that it will keep you safe,” he kisses my eyes “... healthy...” he kisses my cheeks “... and missing nothing in your life, needing nobody,” he crowns his last words with a deep kiss on my mouth.

“And what would I do without you, love? What life can I have if you are not there to love and care for me?” I ask him, curling my arms around his neck.

“That will never happen, baby. I will take care of that,” he promises.

He lifted me in his arms and carried me to the bathroom where we both took a shower, not before he had his way with me again, row, consuming, making me regret every moment of my life ever being away from him.

“Ready? Set! Glow!”
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