“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 60 - Becca is my home [Republished]


All my texts haven’t had a reply all day. What the hell was she trying to do?

She knows me. She knows I can be such an idiot and blow everything around if I don’t know about her.

I am driving along the streets with the speed of the light, feeling the car shaking as I push it to the maximum, with my foot stuck on the speed paddle all the way to the floor..

Next to me, on the passenger seat, there is a bouquet of white roses. For her.

I glare at it and a smile creeps on my face.

I am already shaping her in front of my eyes, naked, face pressed on the pillow, butt up in the air, waiting for me. My palms sweat at the thought of the spanks I will land on her curved butt.

Finally, I reach her mansion and it is strangely quiet. I frown and look around a bit. It is too fucking quiet. I don’t like this quietness.

I reach my hand and feel my gun tucked in its holder I’m wearing around my shoulders, under my suit jacket, just to make sure it’s in its place.

I grab the roses and get down from the car, walking in large, fast steps, eager to see Becca.

I knock a few good times before the light in the hallway turns on and through the glass of the door I see Rosie coming closer.

“Mr. Tate, good evening,” she says but keeps the door only half opened.

“Rosie, how are you?” I ask her with a growl as I am suspecting something is wrong.

“I am well, sir, thank you.”

“Is Becca home?” I ask, but I somehow predict the answer.

“No sir, she left this morning and said she will be back in a couple of days,” she replied.

“Fucking shit,” I hiss and completely forgetting about Rosie, I turn around, pick my phone from the inside pocket and throw the flowers away.

I dial Becca’s number but after a few rings it turns off.

I walk fast to my car dialing again and the call goes to voicemail.

My little foxy is smart.

She knows I can trail her call and get the location, which makes me understand she doesn’t want to be found.

I dial Mike while I get in my car, slamming the door shut.

“Lucas,” he says after just one ring.

“Where the fuck is she, Mike?”

“I can’t tell you, Lucas. Not until she wants you to know,” he has the audacity to tell me.

“The fuck you can’t, Mike! Meet me in thirty minutes at my club,” I order him and he doesn’t answer.

The line disconnects and I know he knows better than avoiding me.

I speed the car on the streets even faster now and in no time I reach my club.

I throw the car keys to one of my bouncers to park it and I storm inside, ignoring every greeting around me, heading straight to my office.

When I open the door, I see Mike sitting on the leather sofa and I swamp on him, curling my fingers around his neck and choking him till his eyes go red.

He doesn’t fight me back, so I stop increasing the pressure.

“Tell me that fucking Salvatore doesn’t have her,” I growl at him, madness taking me over just by spelling the motherfucker’s name.

“Lucas, calm down. She is safe. Nothing happened to her,” Mike struggles to spell and I stare at him for a few moments more, trying to make sure he is telling me the truth.

I ease the grip of my hands around his neck and before he gets too happy to be freed, I turn around and throw a fist in his jaw, a thirsty fist hoping to calm me down.

“What the fuck was that for?” he yells back at me, trying to steady himself on his feet.

I turn back again and hit him a few more times, in his liver, stomach, jaws, wherever I could, and he collapses on the floor of my office and I still feel to kill someone.

“Fuck, man! I knew you would be angry, but I was not expecting this shit from you,” he says, struggling to stand up.

Every word he says reminds me of his presence and the fact that he knows where Becca is and wouldn’t tell me.

I pull my gun out of its holder and pock it to his temple.

“Fight me! Why the fuck you don’t fight me?” I hiss.

I knew Mike very well. He was boiling blood, just like me, but right now, out of some God knows what shitty reason, he wasn’t fighting me back, not even defending himself.

“Get the fuck off me, man!” he shouts and pushes me away.

“Where is she?!” I roar again as I feel the veins of my temples popping out like popcorn.

He sits back on the sofa, trying to catch his breath and tapping his bleeding lower lip with a tissue.

“She saw you today, Lucas. In the coffee shop, with the other lady,” he says and my mind gets puzzled.

“What other lady?” I ask.

“The blond lady,” he details and I dig into my memories, trying to remember everything I’ve done today and then it hit me.

“She is a fucking wedding planner!” I said, throwing my arms in the air, knowing now exactly who the other woman might have been.

She was the only woman I met today. It couldn’t have been anyone else.

“Wedding planner?” Mike says dumbfounded.

“Yeah. I was going to ask Becca to marry me,” I said, and sat on my chair, thanking God that it was only this.

Well, I didn’t know my foxy lady was so jealous. I mentally chuckle at the thought.

I imagined my Becca all upset and crying, and the thought did sting my heart, but it made me happy.

My lovely lady was jealous.

“Wow. What about that?” Mike mumbles almost to himself.

“I need to talk to her. Really. I can’t let her be upset for something it’s not even real.”

“How do you know she is upset?” Mike asked mockingly.

“Oh, fuck off, will you?!” I reply, putting my gun back in and rubbing my heated palms on my face. “Where is she, Mike?” I ask one more time, more calmly now.

He sighed and took his sweet time before telling me.

“Her mother’s place,” he said, and that’s was all I needed to know. I snap up on my feet from my armchair, making my way to the door.

“Lucas, wait. Give her a few days,” he tries to stop me.

“Are you insane? Do you want a fucking bullet in your head? ’Cause I have plenty,” I shut him off and leave.

I pick the phone from my pocket and dialed Becca’s mother number.

“Lucas, my boy, how are you?” she answered in a cheerful voice, although it was quite late.

I was thinking she might be sleeping and I had to wake her up.

“Hey, Genevieve, I am good. What about you?”

“Oh, much better now,” she says, and I know she means that because Becca was with her.

“How is Becca?”

“She is sleeping, but I am not sure she is very okay, Lucas.”

I squeeze my eyes tight, knowing that I was the cause of that.

It was driving me insane to know I hurt Becca, although I knew I didn’t do anything wrong.

“I was thinking if I...”

“Lucas, can you please not take her yet? Can we have a few days, please? I feel she is here to talk about something and I want to give her the time to do so. I don’t want to push her,” she says, and it almost made me sick in my stomach.

I don’t want to do it. I need to have her close. I need her in my arms, in my bed, to be skin to skin with her.

I get in my car and rub one hand on my face, fighting the urge I have inside to go there no matter what.

“Lucas...,” she calls my name again.

“Yeah. Okay, just a couple of days,” I agreed. “Genevieve, something went wrong today, it’s a huge misunderstanding and... most probably Becca hates me right now and I really want to clear it with her, but since you need a few days more, can you please just... make sure she is okay? I mean...,”

“Lucas, I know how much you love my daughter, you don’t have to explain that to me. Don’t worry, I will take care of her. I will call you soon,” she says, and she makes things a little better for me.

“Thanks, Genevieve,” I tell her.

“Thank you too, Lucas. Take care, now. Bye.”

“Bye, Genny,” I tell her back and she hangs up.

I lean my head on the backrest of the car chair and take a deep breath, releasing the air with a sigh.

I put my hand on the inside pocket of my jacket and pull out a black, small, velvet box, and opening it I take a long look at the diamond ring inside.

It was supposed to be on Becca’s finger by now and not still in this box.

She was supposed to be my fiancé right now, moaning under me while I invade her insides and make her mine.

And what about me? What am I supposed to do now? Where am I supposed to go?

She is not at her place and I don’t feel to go home. That’s not home to me without Becca there.

Becca is my home.

Ever since she came back she has been slipping through my fingers and I feel like I am losing control. And I don’t like that.

I need her like I need air.

She has been my everything since that evening when I laid my eyes on her. She has been my day, my night, my life and right now I feel my life draining out of me.

Everything I have done in the past four years has been for her, everything in my life has been revolving around her.

I love her like a madman and I know I can’t exist without her. I can’t be without her.

So I decide for the next best thing and the closest place to her. I turn on the engine of my car and start driving towards Richmond, Genevieve’s city.

Once on the highway I pull my phone out and call Gio.

"Your future needs you."
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