“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 63 - I'm late [Republished]


Her eyes were floating in tears, staring at me and rolling on every inch of my face.

Her hand cupped my face and she dragged herself upper, stretching herself and pulling me out of her.

She pressed her lips on mine in a passionate, light kiss, molding my lips, licking and nipping, and she almost made me forget about my question.

“Sorry to interrupt your there but... I believe I need an answer,” I chuckled against the lips.

“Do you? Really, Lucas?” she whispered in a sensual voice. “No, love,” she said, and my face hardened in a blink. My entire body hardened and I was already fuming.

What the fuck is she saying?

“You don’t need an answer because deep down you know I belong to you and you will never accept less than that. You deserve an answer, love. And that answer is yes, I will be your wife again,” she smiled. “Without second thoughts, without ever regretting it, without ever wishing otherwise,” she continued and kissed me again.

Now let me tell you, I might be the most dangerous man in NY, I might be the most ruthless murderer having no remorse, I might be the one controlling the deals and make the Italians or Russians shake in fear in front of me but this woman, this tiny woman with green eyes and lips incredibly sensual can turn my world upside down with just a fucking word. She has me wrapped around her fingers. I’m whipped, head over ears, and this is why she can raise my highest fears with just one look.

“And the mother of my kids,” I complete her.

“And the mother of your kids...” she whispered.

“And my best friend.”

“And your best friend...”

“And my partner in crime.” I chuckle.

“Now, Mr. Tate, don’t push your luck,” she said and I laughed loudly and healthy, shaking my chest and her all together. “I did give you my answer, now you give me with it is mine,” she continued, spreading the fingers of her left hand under my nose, wiggling the rightful owner of the ring.

I roll her on her back and kissed her passionately, until she gasped for air.

I grabbed her left hand and peppered kisses on each of her knuckle before I slipped the ring at its proper place.

She held the arm straight up and admired it.

“It’s beautiful,” she said.

“You are beautiful,” I whispered, my lips glued to the skin of her chest. “You are my beautiful wife, the light in the darkness of my life, my everything and my forever,” I said and she cupped my face in her tiny palms.

“I will always be yours, Lucas. Always.”

Right there and then I felt I ruled the world.

Because she was my world.

“Kiss me, daddy,” she whispered sensually and my manhood jerked awake. I growled deep and sunk in her neck, feeling thirsty again for her.

I surely did not forget the promised punishment, spanked her butt five times but damn, she was all dripping wet from the second spank.

I had it planned for more, but I couldn’t resist.

Daddy was all turned on and a mess until he got inside of his good baby girl and ravished her all night long, until she was half sleeping in my arms, consumed and fulfilled.

I took her in my arms and walked with her in shower.

I can’t lie, I wanted to have my way with her again.

She was... exquisite, her curves were fuller now, her breasts firm and round, her skin was glowing with water drops sliding along her shape, where my hands were eager to touch and caress.

“Come on, baby girl, let’s get you in bed,” I said, lifting her in my arms and wrapping her legs around my waist. She curled her arms around my neck and placed her head on my shoulder.

I smirked in content and walked with her in the bedroom, holding her weight with my hands under her butt.

I inhaled deep down to the pit of my lungs, the scent of her skin, while walking towards the bed. Fuck, I was doomed with this woman.

I put her gently on the bed and laid down next to her, scooping her in my arm, feeling the skin of her back with my chest.

Finally, all things were back in place. Well, almost.

To be complete, I had to take Becca back to my home, to my nest.


We left for NY the next day.

My mom was crying, of course, but my grandparents were supposed to arrive back home that evening, so she wouldn’t be alone for too long.

We said our goodbyes and hit the road. We were having a long trip ahead of us and I felt a little phased off.

Lucas held my hand in his since we left, placed on his thigh, peeking at me from time to time while I would give him a small smile.

“What is it, baby?” he asked when it clearly became a worry for him.

“Hm... I don’t know. I think I am hungry. And I feel little... sleepy, I guess,” I said.

“That’s all?”


He chuckled and kissed my hand that he was holding.

“Let’s give my princess what she wants,” he said and took the first exit from the highway to the nearest city.

We ate some sandwiches at some coffee shop in the center of the city, and I could swear I was half powered on.

I could see Lucas stealing glances at me, but I didn’t speak until the entire sandwich was lying nicely down my stomach.

With the usual new habit I gained, I rubbed my stomach in content under the wide-opened eyes of Lucas.

“What?” I asked, feeling a bit supervised and strangely bothered.

“Where all of this food is going to? We had breakfast at your mom’s barely two hours ago,” he said, doing his best not to sound too harsh.

I stuck my tongue out at him, like a little brat.

“I didn’t know my eating habits worry you,” I said.

“They don’t.”

“Then don’t pick on a hungry girl’s food, Mr. Tate. You might...” but my words got cut by the feeling of my entire meal raising up from my stomach like Lazarus brought to life by Jesus.

I slammed my hand on my mouth, afraid that I would spill it all back on the table, and my eyes rummaged around for the toilet.

“Becca, love, are you okay?” Lucas said visibly alarmed and I shook vigorously my head, my eyes speaking volumes instead of my mouth.

I stood up, spotting the toilet and run to it as fast as I could, with Lucas in my tail.

“Becca, what’s wrong?” he shouted and entered the toilet, not caring a bit about the lady trying to tell him he was not allowed in the women’s toilet.

I bent over the toilet seat and spilled my sandwich out, jerking my body with every jet getting out, while Lucas was holding my hair and rubbing my back to relax me.

When I am finally done I sit up, breathing heavily, turning my teary, and I sure pretty, very red eyes to Lucas.

“I am sorry, baby,” I mumble, but he ignores me, pushing down the toilet seat cover, helping me to sit on it.

“Wait here,” he said, and I hear him talking to someone, telling him to bring me water and a toothbrush with toothpaste to clean myself. Then he came back to me, crouching in front of me and glaring with worried eyes.

“You are okay, you are fine, baby. Don’t worry. I’ll make a doctor appointment once we are back on the road and we go today, no matter how late we arrive,” he kept speaking, encouraging himself more than me.

I had a pretty strong hint of what was wrong with me, so I was not that worried as he was.

A few seconds later my toothbrush and toothpaste arrived and I went to the sink to clean myself, with Lucas still behind me, holding my hair and rubbing my back.

Although he was trying to look relaxed and in control, the darker shade of his eyes and the knitted eyebrows were saying differently.

Once I was done refreshing, I drank the rest of the water, constantly held by Lucas’ arms curled around me.

I really enjoyed him being this way with me. I even chuckled a few times seeing how cute he was, but of course, I did my best not to make it obvious.

He scooped me in his arms and walked out with me straight to the car where he placed me in the passenger seat.

Pressing a button on one side, he unfolded my chair to flat position, and made it ready for me to lay on it.

I was looking at his busy face, smiling and loving him tenth folded, and while he was fixing a small pillow under my head, I decided to take him out of the darkness.

“I am late,” I said, but he didn’t even flinch.

“You are late for what, baby girl?” he asked while he was buckling my seat belt, keeping himself busy with making me be comfortable.

“I am just... late,” and this time the wheels in his head started to roll and I could see him slowing his moves and putting two and two together.

He turned his head on left and looked at me with beaming eyes.

“How much late?” he mumbled.

“A week,” I replied and smiled to him widely, showing off my entire set of teeth.

“... a week... are you sure?” he raised his eyebrows and I could see a smile forming on his lips.

“I didn’t check, but I am pretty sure these sexy boobs of mine are not just a late God’s gift all of a sudden. And they damn hurt. And I eat like a wolf and sleep like a bear in the winter. And now this...” I gave him all the symptoms.

“I am going to be a father...” he whispered.

“I guess so...” I said.

“Fuck, I am going to be a father!” he yelled trying to stand up but clearly forgetting where he was because on his way up, he hit his head to the car’s door making him curse.

“Oh, baby, damn, I’m sorry,” I said, reaching my arms to him. Without any care to his bumped head, he bent over me for a kiss me and I rubbed his head where he was hurt.

He peppered kisses all over my face, cupping my cheeks in his large hands.

“You made me the happiest man alive,” he said, staring deep into my eyes.

“Good. Because you deserve it. I just hope this time...”

“Nothing will happen this time, baby, I promise you that,” he said, thinking of my lost pregnancy, just as I did. “We will be careful, we will be extra careful. I will never allow that you go through that pain again. Do you understand me?” he promised me and I believed him.

I trusted him with my life, and I knew he meant every word he said.

“Give me a moment to pay the bill and we will be back on the road,” he said and got out just to bump chest to nose with the poor waiter that was waiting next to car with the bill in his hand.

“Oh, thank you,” Lucas said, picking out his wallet from the pants pockets.

“Congratulations, sir,” the kid said, and Lucas laughed loudly and hugged the poor, skinny kid mannishly, almost breaking his bones.

“Thank you again, kid,” he said and shook his hand then ran around the car and got in, burning the engine, not before bending over me and give me one more kiss.

“I love you so much, Becca.”

“I love you too,” I replied, rolling on my left side, allowing myself a full view to him.

We got back to the highway and I couldn’t have enough of watching him. His perfect jaw, his perfect nose, the wide shoulders and strong arm rested on the gear were my delight for today.

Once on the highway, he picked out his phone and called the clinic for an appointment.

He insisted on one this evening. He begged. He threatened, but he gave up when I squeezed his arm lightly, asking him with my glare to be polite and give a break to the poor nurse.

Finally, we were scheduled for the next day at 10am.

I dozed off a few times on the road, but I could still feel his hand touching my forehead and cheeks from time to time, checking on me.

Having enough napping, I sat up at some point and Lucas pressed the button again, lifting the backrest of my chair.

“Are you comfortable like this?” he asked.

“Very,” I replied.

I watched him driving, totally concentrated on the road, both hands on the steering wheel, driving slowly, way under the speed limit.

“Lucas,” I called him.

“Yes, baby.”

“Are we going to get home today?” I asked him, chuckling.

“Becca, you are pregnant. I am not going to risk you getting sick again or getting carsick,” he replied very seriously.

“I never had car sick, Lucas. Besides, I am pregnant, not sick,” I pouted. “And I am hungry.”

He pulled his phone out and dialed a number through the hands free.

“Mr. Tate, good evening. What can I do for you tonight?”

“Hey, Mario, how are you? I need you to send to my house a full dinner and please make it light and with a lot of vegetable. And plenty of fresh orange juice,” Lucas said.

“Of course, Mr. Tate. Which time?”

“Make it in an hour, please.”

“Sure, sir. Thank you,” Mario said.

“Thank you too, Mario. Good night.”

“Good night, sir,” Mario said, and the line disconnected.

“Look who is the queen now,” I chuckled, pleased with the food I was going to devour soon.

“My queen, baby. Only mine,” Lucas improved my words, laughing and drawing my hand for a kiss.

"Why the hell not?!"
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