“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 65 - The fallen King of NY [Republished]


It’s two weeks since Becca has moved back home. Well, our temporary home.

I had the construction company double their team because I wanted our house to be ready as soon as possible.

I wanted to move Becca to our home and have the nursery room ready before our baby is born. I could already

Her morning sickness was getting less with the medicines the doctor prescribed, but she still had some damn disturbing mornings.

It was breaking my heart.

I really wanted to have a child, or even more than one. I was dying to be a father, but seeing what she was going through, almost made me have second thoughts about wanting a child.

I haven’t been the best husband before. I made her suffer so much, and seeing her suffering now was literally draining life out of me.

And she was always so understanding, and acted like she was fine, and I knew she wasn’t. It was all an act to make suffer less. She wasn’t fine, but she still had the strength to pamper me.

I allowed her to keep going to the shooting plot with Mike.

My Becca and Tea became really close lately, and I was happy. With Salvatore still in NY, I found their friendship to be useful. Besides, Tea was a good girl.

I needed to make sure Salvatore was sent to Italy.

Marciano kept pulling my leg, and it didn’t make me happy. Not only he was still in NY, but he also tried to fuck with one of my shipments, but the Mexicans were vigilant enough to prevent it.

My phone rang and pulled me out from my thoughts, glaring out on the window, rolling a cigar between my thumb and index. I moved my eyes to my office desk to check the caller.

I took a moment before answering and it stopped.

I had to change my approach to the situation and have Salvatore off to Italy... or dead. Either of the cases was good with me.

My phone buzzed with text message.

M: Tate, I need to speak to you. Urgent.

It was Marciano trying to reach me.

After Salvatore tried to mess with my shipment, I sent some of my men to his house for a warning, and now he was hiding like a fucking rat.

But not for long.

I was adamant to find him at all costs.

I took my phone and dialed Gio.

“Did you call DeMarco? I need to know if the shipment arrived,” I ask him.

“It did arrive, all good. I have confirmation from his men.”

“Good. What about Salvatore?”

“Still searching. We will find him soon.”

“Good,” I said and hung up.

I decided to give a chance to Marciano and see what he had to say. It might have been important, so I dialed his number.

“Benito,” I grunted in the phone when he picked up.

Fuck, he was pissing me off for not respecting his part of the deal.

“Tate, listen. I know what my son did was...”

“Your son tried to sell me out to the Mexicans,” I said in an even pace of my tone.

My voice was so fucking calm that it was scaring even me.

“Where is Salvatore, Tate?”

“Unfortunately, I don’t have your son.”

“Then where he is?”

“Hiding, like a fucking rat.”


“Listen Marciano, we had a deal. You promised to send Salvatore to Italy, and I promised I would not kill him. Now, you didn’t keep your part of promise, so I guess my part is null.”

“Wait! Let me find him and I will make sure he leaves soon for Italy.”

“Sorry Marciano, our deal is off.”

“Listen you, motherfucker...” he tried, but I hung up, my blood boiling already.

I closed my eyes lazily, rubbing my face with my palms, trying to contain my anger.

This was taking too long.

With a baby on the way and Becca back home, Salvatore matter had to be done-deal soon, at any cost.

I dialed Becca’s number.

“Hey, love,” she answered cheerful and in that moment my chest felt light and my head cleared like the sky after the storm.

“Hey, beautiful. How is my gorgeous woman doing?” I asked, trying to sound light.

It wasn’t hard, though. She was my temple of peace.

“Eating, sleeping, eating again,” she said. “Mamma bear will not fit her bed pretty soon,” she complained and I chuckled.

She was only two months far and worried like shit that she looks as big as a boat already.

I didn’t mind though. She was turning into a little vixen, appealing and curvy in the right places. She looked gorgeous to me.

She was still tiny and I could still wrap her fully in my arms. I could still do that even if she was pregnant with triplets.

“Then we will extend our house. We build another wing.”

“Lucas Tate, that’s not funny! You shouldn’t fuel this in-satiation of mine.”

“But I like it. You look damn sexy, baby.”

“Hm, you like a fat sexy mamma bear. You really are a strange papa bear, Lucas,” she laughed.

“A strange papa bear madly in love,” I answered.

“I love you too, Lucas,” she replied seductively and boy, did I want to stand up and run to ravish her on all surfaces of my home.

“Babe, I am going to be a little tonight. I need to visit the club and meet some people. I won’t be long. Is Mike with you?”

“Yeah, and Tea said she would pass by in the evening.”

“Good. Keep them close, baby, till I come home.”

“Alright, love. Take care. I love you,” she said, and her voice sang in my ears like angels in heaven.

“I love you more,” I replied and hung up.

I stood up taking my suit jackets from the backrest of the sofa and exited my office calling Gio.

“Lucas, I am downstairs,” he says.

“I am coming down. We’re going to the club. Call Garcia. We hit.”

“Done.” he said and I hung up.

When I reached down Gio was already waiting for me with the engine on and I slide into the back seat.

“Garcia will meet us there,” he informed and I nod.

We drove silently to my club. My mind was busy building the plan and lining up every place where Salvatore could have been hiding.

I knew he didn’t leave NY, I had my sources, so he was here somewhere and NY was in my palm.

I just needed more men, and Garcia was the right person to give me.

He was in debt to me since I let him live after he made the stupid mistake to let a breach and allow Salvatore try to mess with my shipment.

We entered the club, too early to be opened, and my staff was running all over the place to prepare it for the clients.

“Bonner,” I greeted him with a nod of my head.

“He is in your office, boss,” he said, motioning his head towards the door. I nod again and rushed my steps, entering my office, followed closely by Gio.

“Garcia, you made it fast,” I said, and took a seat on my leather armchair not before shaking his hand and remove my jacket.

“I wanted to be here as soon as I could. You told me to be ready, so here I am.”

He was not a very trustful guy, but still I could keep making him shit his pants if I wanted to.

Where there is no loyalty there should be fear, and I was perfectly okay with that.

“I need your men and mine brush the city right away, every street, every corner, every hotel, motel, cheap, filthy, expensive, I don’t care. I want Salvatore in here by the morning.”

“Sure. I’ll have them ready in half an hour,” he said and took his phone typing a message. “Done. Don’t worry, Lucas. We will have him here in no time.”

I nod and sip from my glass that I filled earlier.

“How is Becca?” he asked, trying to be friendly.

“Not your fucking business, Garcia, that’s how she is.”

“Easy, Tate. Just trying to make a small talk, that’s all.”

“I don’t need your fucking small talk, Garcia. This is your last chance and I do hope you grab it with both hands or else you and your fucking brother are out of NY business before you take your second breath.”

His eyes darkened and clenched his teeth, I could see it in the popping vein of his neck. He was a proud man, fearing me or not, but he was still on his toes every time I was threatening him.

He stood up and walked towards the door and before he opened it to leave, he reassured me one more time.

“I will keep you posted, Tate,” he said, and in that second he opened the door and I see him fucking ducking on the floor which made me pull my gun out when a curtain of bullets made its way in through the door of my office, making me hide behind the armchair, shooting anybody coming in.

Fucking Garcia sold me out and that enraged me like a bull seeing red. I pull out my machine gun tucked under my office desk and aiming for the door I see a wounded Gio coming in, dragging his left foot.

“Lucas, back door. Now! No way to get out from here otherwise.”

I covered him to let him reach the hidden door behind the library shelves, and then he did the same for me.

I pushed the button and we both got out on the corridor leading to the back door not before closing the hidden door behind us.

I helped Gio walk faster after tugging my gun in the holder and hanging the machine gun across my chest by its belt.

“It was fucking Garcia, wasn’t he?” I hissed.

“Garcia and fucking Salvatore, Lucas.”

“Fuck, I need to get home,” I said.

“I called Mike and made sure he is home with Becca. Tea was there as well.”

“I hope you didn’t tell them about this.”

“No, no. I didn’t,” he said, and we both stopped and took a deep breath to prepare to exit the club.

“Ready?” I said grabbing my machine gun and Gio did the same. He nods and standing in front of the door I kicked it with my right leg, readying my gun and assessing the area.

It was all clean, no cars, no killers or shootings.

I make a step out and then it hit me, one swift hit in my temple with a cold metal and the last thing I heard was Gio shouting my name.


It was maybe the tenth time I called Lucas’ number, but always the call was taking me to the voicemail.

Gio was not answering as well.

“Something is wrong, Mike. I am sure of it,” I said in a shaky voice. “Lucas would never let me wait this long without a call.”

It was already 11am, and Lucas should have been home already.

It wasn’t the fact that he was late that worried me. He never, ever had his phone off. Like, never.

“I am sure he is fine, Rebecca, stop worrying,” Mike replied, but even he didn’t believe what he was saying.

“I am hungry,” I said.

“You are not hungry, you are stressed. You just had half chicken and that after dinner,” he said and sat next to me giving me a hug. “I am sure Lucas will be home soon,” he reassured me and then my phone buzzed and I was sure it was Lucas, but my eyes teared with disappointment.

“Hey, mamma,” I answered.

“How is my sweetheart doing?” she asked.

“I am good, a bit tired...” I tried to sound not as broken as I felt.

“Baby, what is it?” she said as I failed fooling her.

“Nothing mamma, Lucas is late and I was hoping to wait him till he is home, but I guess I will go to sleep. I am just so tired, mamma,” I complain.

She paused and I see Mike reading a message he just got. He stood up and left the room, calling someone.

“You need a lot of rest, sweetheart. You should lay down and I am sure Lucas will be home before you even fall asleep,” she said, but there was an obvious change in her tone. She was too sweet, like hiding something.

“I will, mamma. This pregnancy makes me a little paranoid, doesn’t it?” I said with a reluctant smile.

“All pregnancies are the same, baby. Don’t worry.”

“I won’t. I will call you tomorrow, mamma, okay?”

“Okay, sweetheart. Good night, honey. I love you.”

“I love you too, mamma. Good night,” I said and hung up with a heavy heart.

I wished I had mom here, with me. The new mom I’ve just discovered was such a blessing for me, and I was planning to ask her to come and live with us when the baby comes, at least for a while.

I call Lucas one more time, same thing, same damn voicemail.

“Rebecca,” Tea calls me with a whispered voice and I knew it was not good news.

I raise my eyes to her and she looks down at me with a hard face, but moistures eyes.

“What is it, Tea?” I stutter.

She hesitates for a moment and it makes my heart race wild, feeling it throbbing in my throat.


She sits next to me, holding my hand and brushing some of my hair out of my face, tucking it behind my ear.

“Sweetie, there has been a shooting at the club,” she said, squeezing my hand stronger and making sure I feel her there.

The next thing I know is nothing. My system shut down.

"If you can dream it, you can do it."
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