“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 66 - “I nostri figli hanno besogno di noi" [Republished]


I blink a few times to clear my vision, but soon I realized it was blurred because of the dark in the room. And I stopped trying because my eyelids hurt me like fuck, anyway.

My head is bent low, pinned to my chin, and a throbbing pain cuts through my left temple, but I still lift my head up and try to move.


I was restrained to a chair in a dark basement, with my hands at the back and legs tied to the chair’s legs.

I struggle to lift my head anyway and I look at my right side where I see Gio, tied up as well.

“Lucas, are you okay?” he asks.

Fuck, I never saw him this bloody before.

His wounded left leg is shaking uncontrollably and his face is black and blue, covered in dry blood.

“I am fucking restrained in here. What to be good about it?”

“We’re breathing, brother. Nothing is lost as long as we are breathing,” he says, and I know he is right.

It is not my first time being held in a dungeon and probably won’t be my last considering the life I have, but I am sure as fuck this time it will not last long.

“Tate,” I hear a well-known voice calling me and I see Salvatore in the door frame, walking in.

I feel my head on fire and I jerk a few times to release myself.

I know I can’t do it, but it is my instinct to fly my hands to the motherfucker’s neck and dry life out of him.

He laughs darkly, tilting his head to his left shoulder.

“How does it feel, Tate, to be tied up like a pig? You did that to others many times, didn’t you? Doesn’t it just give you power?”

“Salvatore, you are not smart enough to feel powerful. I bet your pants stink of shit even though you have me restrained here,” I reply with disgust in my voice.

“Well, might be so, but you are there, and I am here, with my hands untied,” he says, lifting and wiggling his hands at me. “Can you imagine what these hands can do to that pretty wife of yours? Oh, future wife, sorry. Or maybe not,” he says ironically, and by God, I can already fancy myself slitting his throat.

I growl in rage as the mention of Becca from his filthy mouth is the only damn anger I can’t hide.

“You know, it’s good she is not your wife yet. I don’t have to deal with a heart-broken widow when I will have her,” he continues pushing my button and I snap.

I jerk my body violently, trying to get over to him and snap his neck.

“Come here, you piece of shit. Show you are a man, face me, man-to-man, you fucker!” I shout and spit fire.

“Tate, I am going to kill you, slowly and painfully. But why don’t I start with Gio? Let’s see how tough he is without your weapons and how brave you will be without your right hand watching your back,” he said, and without a warning he shot Gio in the other leg. Gio groans deep in pain, but he is man enough to keep it low.

“Salvatore, you’re fucking dead!” I shout and with a force I don’t know from where I got I stand up and the wooden chair splits in pieces while the ropes around my wrists cut sharply in my flesh, but feeling free I give no thoughts to the pain. I jump on him with my full strength but before I reach him I feel a steel cutting in the flesh of my shoulder, burning like the hell’s fire.


Mike carried me into my bedroom after I fainted.

I was not a weak woman usually, but the pregnancy and the news of the events at Lucas’ club did do some damage to me and I lost consciousness for a few minutes.

When I woke up, Tea was sitting next to me.

“Hey, Becca. Are you better?” she asked, handing me a glass of water and some pills.

I refused the pills but took the water and drank it all.

“Where is Mike?” I ask.

“Downstairs. He is collecting info. Seems Lucas got away or... he was taken away. They didn’t find him nor Gio in the club,” she replies in a smooth tone.

“My phone. I need my phone. If he got away, I am sure he called. He would never let me in this dark for too long,” I said, trying to stand up and grab my phone.

“Becca, stay still,” she said, pushing me back onto the bed. “Mike has been calling Lucas and Gio, but there is no answer. Their phones are off so...”

“No, he is not dead. He can’t be dead...” I refuse the idea and shake my head, hyperventilating and dragging myself out of the bed on the other side.

“Of course he is not, Becca. I was not trying to say that. We would have found the body by now,” she said, and the word ′body′ sent shivers along my spine and Tea earned a deadly look from me.

“It’s Salvatore. I know it is him,” I tell her in a stern voice and walk towards the door running downstairs to find Mike.

Tea follows suit, and I find Mike talking on his phone in the kitchen.

His eyes widen when he sees me and ends the call.

“Get ready, Mike. We visit Marciano,” I tell him in the most serious voice I can muster.

“What? Are you crazy? What if he is hand in hand with Salvatore?” he asks.

“He is not. I know for sure. But he is the only one who knows his son well enough to guide us to him,” I explain him the reason for my decision.

“Rebecca, what the fuck? Do you think I am crazy enough to take you there? Lucas will kill me.”

“I am going. Now, it is your decision if I go alone or you come with me.”

“Rebecca...” he says, running his both hands through his hair, pacing around trying to find a way to make me change my mind, but his plan was shattered when Tea came in.

“I believe we should go,” she said calmly.

“The fuck, Tea!” Mike curses without even giving her a glare.

“I can stay hidden outside. I can cover,” she continues.

I knew she could. Lucas told me she was one of the best snipers and I was happy she was on my side right now.

“I don’t know, Tea. I don’t have too many men now, almost all were with Lucas.”

Tea walked slowly towards Mike and circled her arms around his neck, kissing him deeply.

“I would do the same if it were you,” she told him. “And we can’t rip this away from Becca. She is doing her duty and we will do ours, Mike.”

God, I love this woman! Mike shifts his glare between me and Tea, contemplating on her every word.

“Alright,” he finally says, and I wait no more. I run to my bedroom and grab my gun from the drawer next to my bed. Yes, Lucas gave me own gun. I changed my clothes with a pair of black tight jeans and a black t-shirt, matching Tea. I tuck my gun in the hem of the jeans, at the back and fetching my leather jacket I ran out, meeting Tea and Mike at the front door.

A black SUV was already parked next to them, two of Mike’s men waiting for us. He took the seat in front, I got the one in the back, together with Tea and the other hitman.

“To Benitos place,” Mike said, preparing his gun, and we all did the same.

We drove in silence for about half an hour. It was already 4am and at this moment I forgot hunger, sleep, I forgot I was pregnant as the adrenaline was running through my body.

I had to find Lucas, and I prayed he was still alive.

I didn’t care about the damage, he could have been without limps, eyes, ears, I didn’t care, I needed him alive and I needed to find him.

We finally arrived at Marciano’s mansion, but the SUV stopped before approaching the gates.

Mike jumped out from the passenger front seat and got in the back with the rest of us.

“Tea and Kai will stay out. I want unrestricted view in front and back of the house. Tea, you take the front. I want to know every leaf that is moving and any sort of exit or entrance in the basement or whatever hidden place. Lucas might be there. Full contact at all times. Me, Rebecca and Sal will go inside and talk to Marciano,” he says and then pauses.

He sighed and looked at me for a few long moments.

“Rebecca, I need you to be calm, if you can’t go...”

“Mike, enough! I am going in. You can’t talk me out of this. He is the father of my child and I will dig the world to find him!” I spit in one breath.

He listens to me, nodding his head and squeezing my hand warmly.

“I am with you, all the way.”

“Thank you,” I reply heartedly.

“Tea, Kai, go. Take position.”

Tea leans over and softly kisses Mike. Then she takes her weapon and disappears, as well as Kai.

We drive in the mansion’s yard, pulling the car at the front door.

“Come on,” Mike says, and we both get out of the car, followed by Sal.

I walk confidently to the front door and knock loudly.

I knock a few more times until an old lady cracks the door and peeks her head out.

"Si?” she said with sleepy eyes. (Yes).

I pushed her aside and made my way in, followed by my men (God, it feels so good to say ‘my men’).

“Tell Marciano Rebecca Tate is here,” I tell the old lady who is piercing me with cold eyes.

“Senior Marciano is not available,” she says.

I walked menacing towards her till our noses touched.

“Tell Marciano...” but I don’t get the chance to finish when I hear someone calling me.

“Rebecca, what are you doing here?” Marciano asks with concern in his voice.

He walks into the living room, passing by Sal and Mike like there are carrying flowers in their hands instead of guns and reaches near to me, laying his hands softly on my shoulders.

He looked as handsome as ever, still in his suit pants and white shirt with the tie loose around his neck and sleeves rolled up to his elbows.

“Rebecca, what’s going on?” he says, looking straight into my eyes with consternation in his eyes.

He looks completely in awe, totally unaware of why would I be in his house at this hour.

“Where is Lucas?” I ask him coldly.

“What? What do you mean?”

He’s seriously expecting me to believe him.

Well, I did.

“I can’t reach him, nor Gio for the past 24 hours and that is nothing like Lucas,” I say in the same bitter voice.

Marciano turns around and looks at Mike, asking for confirmation of my words.

“How long?” he asks Mike.

“Rebecca spoke with him last yesterday around 4pm. He said he is going to the club to meet someone, but later on there was a shooting at the club, no trace of Lucas or Gio,” Mike informs him.

“Fuck,” he hissed, running one hand through his hair and walking away from me.

“Do you have any leads?” he asks.

“Of course I do, Marciano. It’s Salvatore, isn’t is obvious?” I shout.

“Salvatore doesn’t have the balls, Rebecca!” he speaks back at me with a pitch of his voice. “He shits his pants, only hearing your husband’s name. Cannot be Salvatore. Someone else must be behind it.”

“Who? You know who, don’t you?” I ask, feeling it in his voice.

He glares at me with those big round eyes reminding me of Enzo, piercing into mine, his mind working at full speed.

“He is my son, Rebecca. I can’t give him to you on a plate. Lucas wanted the same thing from me. He is blood of...”

“He is nothing like you!” I shout at him back. “I know about you and mom. Salvatore is incapable of any kind of feeling, even if his life depends on it. I only want Lucas out. I won’t go after your son.”

“Not you, Rebecca. But if Lucas is out...”

I pull my gun from the hem of my jeans and point it straight between his eyes.

“Lucas or me, either of us is your death if you don’t talk now!” I say, and gun sounds loading can be heard all around me. My men, Marciano’s men that came out of nowhere, we all had guns pointed at someone. The only one without a gun was Marciano.

His eyes were burning coal, filled with anger and pain at the same time. It looked like two beings living in one, one who would have given the world just to offer me what I wanted and another one giving his life to save his son.

“Marce,” I hear my mother’s fainted voice behind me and he snaps his eyes to the front door.

“Mamma...” I whisper but don’t lower my gun or move my eyes from Marciano’s face, who changed in all God’s colors until his eyes became as big as the moon and his mouth whispered my mother’s pet name.

God, they still called each other that way.

I could see him changing from awe to shock when his eyebrows frowned, staring at my mother walking in, closing the distance between them.

“Genny...” he said, his voice deep and husky.

I lowered my gun when my mother came into view and so close to him that their chest almost touched.

"Genny, que cosa stai facendo qui?” Marciano asks her, looking as if he sees a ghost but his eyes are like... filled with gratitude at the sight of my mother. (Genny, what are you doing here?)

She lifts one hand and cupped his cheek in a tender touch, not breaking their eye-contact.

“Mia figlia ha bisogno di me,” she replies in a perfect Italian and the sweetest voice ever. (My daughter needs me). “I nostri figli hanno besogno di noi, Marce,” she continues. (Our children need us, Marce).

Fuck, my mom speaks Italian like a damn Italian donna!

"Seek what sets your soul on fire."
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