“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 67 - Flames [Republished]


There was such a tender air floating around mom and Marciano, wrapped in their love, him, with cupped cheeks in her hands, her captive in his powerful arms, holding each other’s look with burning eyes.

“Where have you been? I thought... I hoped you would come to me after Robert died,” he says.

“I couldn’t, Marce. There have been years since...”

“I don’t care. I never did. I would have had you back at any of my point of my life,” he interrupts her and leans his head, capturing her lips in a tender kiss.

When they broke their kiss, Marciano pressed his forehead on my mother’s as if he was resting tired thoughts on the strongest and most trustworthy rock.

“I don’t know where Salvatore is, I swear. And it will take us days to find him,” he tells her. “I tried to contact him but ...”

His words get abruptly stopped by the front door opening wide and I see Enzo coming in together with Tea and Kai. He walks like he is no surprise to all of us and reaches the weapons locker from where he picks some and turns towards us.

“Come on, papa, let’s go. I know where he is,” Enzo says before turning his eyes towards me. “You stay here with your mother,” he orders me, gauging his eyes at me.

“Like hell I will!” I reply stubbornly, walking towards the door and before I get out, he grabs the wrist of my left hand and pulled me back.

“You don’t move from Mike’s sight, do you understand?” he changes his orders. Well, he knows better than forcing me to do things I don’t want to do.

That’s more like it! I like when men from my life know not to look down on me anymore.

I have never seen Enzo this mad, and I felt my blood freezing.

“Do you fucking get it, Becks?! This is no fucking game!” he shouts again I can only nod my head.

He keeps his stare on me for a few moments more, and I just can’t break that intense stare.

His black stone eyes are piercing into mine, until he sighs and pulls me in a powerful hug, kissing the crown of my head.

“God, you are such a pain in the ass lately. Please, Becks, I am begging you, don’t do anything stupid,” he whispers, peppering kisses all over my head and forehead.

“I am going to take them both out, I promise you. Just don’t follow us, please stay with Mike,” he continues begging this time.

“I will try, Enzo,” I say, and knowing it is the best he can get from me, he takes what it is offered and gives me one more kiss on my forehead.

I felt mom and Marciano next to me as I watched Enzo getting in his car.

“Genny, you stay with Rebecca. Stay in the back and don’t follow, no matter what,” Marciano says to my mother and she raises on her toes, kissing him for the nth time this evening and my heart breaks again, thinking I might lose Lucas today.

“As long as you promise to come back to me,” she replies and then it all becomes clear to me, if it is still needed, that I am my mother’s daughter.

He crushes another kiss on her lips and leaves towards Enzo’s car, where his son is waiting for him.

We, the rest, take the SUV in the same pack plus my mother who is now holding me in a tight hug.

“Baby, you’re shivering. Are you okay?” she asks.

“No, mamma. I am not okay. I have a bad feeling, mamma,” I tell her, feeling broken all over again.

“No, honey. There is no bad feeling. I trust Marciano. Him and Enzo will do their best to get both of them out, alive.”

“Salvatore is their blood, mamma. What would stop them from killing Lucas and save their own blood?” I say in a pitched voice.

“Lucas is very important to me because he is important to you. And Marciano knows it. He also knows that if he wants to have another chance with me, he better get that boy out alive, back in your arms.”

“Oh, mamma,” I sob, and gave her a tight hug.

It took us more than an hour to reach the location where Enzo knew Lucas was held captive.

It looked a deserted place, the first rays of the sun splashing on a warehouse that looked forgot by God.

I saw the men getting out of their cars and approaching the entrance, while Enzo gave one more look to Mike, making sure he understood not to lose his watch on us or let us get out.

“Mike...” I try my luck.

“No way, Rebecca. They’ve got this. You will be an extra worry for them and they don’t need that,” he says and I know he is right, but if it happens that Lucas is going to die today, I won’t let him go before I see him one more time.

I search the surroundings for another entrance, and I spot one on the right side.

The silence around feels deadly, and my yearning grows bigger by the second.

I couldn’t stay in here, doing nothing. I knew Lucas would have wanted me to stay put, but I would gladly take any punishment because if there was the slightest chance I could convince Salvatore to let Lucas go, I would do it, at any cost.

I check on mom and Mike and feel them phased off, so I move a bit towards the door and I know I have one blink of an eye to use and get out.

I inhale deeply, reach my hand to the door and jump out.

“Baby!” I hear my mother shouting behind me.

“Rebecca, get the fuck back in!” Mike yells and I pull out my gun, aiming him.

“I swear I will shoot, Mike!” I tell him and he freezes next to the car while I am walking backwards, keeping him at the aim of my gun, closing to the door I’ve spotted before.

Mike didn’t move from his place and I can see mom whispering him something.

I try the door and fuck, it is locked so I shoot the lock and open it, entering a long corridor and I run, having no clue where I am heading to or if I will find Lucas soon.

I find some more corridors on my way, stopping from time to time, sharpening my hearing to catch any noise that leads me to someone.

Soon I hear groans of pain in one of the corridors, and I take it.

At the end of it there was a door and closer I was, louder the voices grew.

I knew I was exactly where I wanted to be.

I press my ear to the door, and I can hear beatings and groans and sharp breaths again. I grab the doorknob and pull the door opened, jumping inside with my gun loaded and pointed straight.

I asses in my surroundings in a second and spot Salvatore sitting on a chair on my right and aim him while other guns get out and aim me. Salvatore snaps his head to me, laughing maliciously.

“Fuck, this is getting better and better,” he says, pleased by the turn of the situation.

I move my eyes to the left and I see Lucas restrained to a chair. His beautiful face is black and blue, and blood is dripping from everywhere. His right shoulder is pierced by a bullet and his white shirt soaked in blood.

I couldn’t hold my tears and hiccups seeing him damaged like that. He lifts his head and the only thing that I can recognize on his face are his dark blue sky eyes, widening with every second he is taking in my sight.

“Lucas...” I whisper.

“No fucking hell! No!” Lucas starts to shout louder and louder. “Salvatore, let her go!” he yells him, keeping his eyes on me. “This is between me and you!”

“What? Why? She came here by herself. Besides, this has never been between you and me. It has always been between you, me and her,” Salvatore says mockingly and walks a few steps towards me. I spot him with the corner of my eye and I shift my stare towards him and shoot.

I bang of the gunshot mixes with Lucas’ voice, releasing an excruciating NO, while Salvatore gives his order.

“Nobody moves!” Benito says and silence covers us all.

I look at Salvatore who seems safe and sound, which means my bullet has gone nowhere.

“Becca, get out of here!” Lucas says, but I don’t fret.

“Only if I take you with me,” I reply, still aiming Salvatore’s head. “Next one will not miss you, Salvatore,” I tell him coldly, but the next thing I witness is nothing I can comprehend.

I feel one strong arm curling around my waist and lifting me up in the air while I unload my gun without a target.

I know I am done with my bullets when I press the trigger continuously and nothing is released from the barrel.

But the shooting didn’t stop.

They were heavy guns, just like the body covering me, each bullet resounding in the drums of my ears like hammers.

I couldn’t see anything. I was crushed on my belly in the middle of the chaos. I try to jerk and cover my ears to protect them from the deafening noises around, but I can’t push away the heavy load of the body covering me and I hear a voice speaking in my ear.

“Stay put, Rebecca!”

I realize it is Mike covering me with his own body and shooting around at the same time.

“Lucas! Take Lucas, Mike!” I shout him back but before I have the chance to say it one more time and make sure he has heard me, other arms grab me when Mike throws me like I am a sack of potatoes and those arms drag me out of the room.

It was Kai with whom I kept fighting to let me go.

I had to reach Lucas.

I knew exactly the spot in the room where he was. I could reach him, I knew I could!

But I am taken further and further away from the shooting place and I struggle harder and shout louder with every meter I am approaching the exit.

Soon we are out of the building, Kai never loosening his grip on me and throwing me in the van where mom and Tea hold me strong.

I see him going back in and I struggle to release myself from mom’s hug.

“Mamma, please! I know where Lucas is. I can show them. They can take him out. Please, let me go!” I keep jerking, kicking the air with my arms and legs, but I’ve never known mom is such a robust woman.

She holds me tight, pressing my face on her shoulder and whispering soothing words in my ear, rubbing circles on my back with one hand.

She cups my face in her hands.

“Think about your baby, sweetheart. You are carrying Lucas’ baby. He would never me forgive you if you risked that baby’s life,” she keeps telling me like I don’t fucking know it, but Lucas is the father of my baby. Lucas has to live and raise his child.

I am a sobbing mess already and gradually I give in to her grip.

“Kai is out,” Tea says, and I feel the sadness in her voice.

I turn around and see Kai carried out by Sal. There is no sign of Mike or Lucas.

“Where is Lucas?” I whisper.

I keep looking at that damn door, being sure that Mike will be out soon, bringing Lucas with him.

And finally, the door opens and my heart rises with hope.

I recognize Marciano carrying a body, and when he comes closer, I see that the body was Mike’s.

Tea runs towards them to help and I jump out of the car, missing by a millisecond the blast that blew out the building, right in front of me, burning my face and blowing up my hopes in millions of pieces.

My legs started to move by themselves, rushing my steps to the blast. Having one thing in my mind: I have to reach to Lucas!

But soon I feel myself pulled back by my waist and taken further from the flames that engulf the building where the love of my life is still trapped.

"What is done in love, it's done well."
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