“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 7 - The run [Republished]


The motherfucker Italians were stupid enough to believe that Robert Downhill, Becca’s father, would side with them up in their strike over the Russians.

Instead, he trapped us and fought against us like an idiot he was.

My plan worked brilliantly. The Italians were after Robert’s head, DEA were after the Italians.

And the best thing was that we made it out of the shooting with minimal loss.

I had accepted some deals with the Italians in the past, thanks to Becca’s brother ditching me two years ago, although I was not a mafia member.

Actually, I was the bird singing to the police whenever it served me, but this deal had to be done my way outside the authorities’ reach.

They would have never taken Robert out the way I wished. Only turning the Italians against him will help me get rid of him without having his blood on my hands.

Luckily, he did not know I was with the Italians at the time of the shooting. I knew he would come back to me, crawling and begging for help whenever they would come after him.

He knew I was in some sort of business with the Italians, only what I wanted him to know.

The fucking airplane is not flying fast enough.

I was on my way back and I couldn’t wait to get home.

I had like hundreds of calls from Becca when I turned on my phone, but none from Gio or my father. That’s how I know she is safe.

But her calls made me anxious like fuck to get home as fast as I could.

She is a smart woman and for sure she must have figured out that something was going on.

The doctor had been requested to attend my bullet wounds during the trip back home, making sure his return was arranged as soon as we landed.

I was becoming greedier by day for my wife lately, and there was nothing I could do about it, even if I wanted.

The many calls from Becca’s number made me hope.

She was worried. She was that worried! She was worried, wasn’t she?

Fuck! I need to get home faster.

We landed on the island early evening and running down from the flight I went straight to the exit where the car was waiting for me.

Ken opened me the door, nodding his head in greeting. He was my best after Gio.

“Ken,” I nod him back. “Everything good?” I asked without pausing before getting in the car.

“100% sir,” he responded.

When he got in the driver’s seat, I ordered.

“Fast!” and he knew what to do.

Waves of excitement were blocking my mind, making think only about Becca and my hands sweat with anxiety. I was running my fingers through my hair, looking at my reflection in the car’s window as if I was preparing for a fucking date.

I had to look good. I smile at my foolishness, shaking my head. She still makes me act like a kid on his first date.

When we arrived at the front of the mansion, I forced the door opened before the car was completely stopped and ran through the door climbing the stairs two by two. I didn’t stop till I opened the door of our bedroom just to find Becca sleeping on our bed.

An overpowering feeling of delight crossed right through me seeing her there, sleeping peacefully in OUR bed.

Suddenly images of our honeymoon flash in front of my eyes, with Becca sleeping quietly on our bed, and my heart clenches at her charm, both then and now.

She sleeps with the face turned towards the door, as if waiting for me but unbothered by me entering. She didn’t open her eyes and I was happy. It was my chance to wrap my arms around her without risking her rejection.

I paced the room silently closing the space between us and I leaned over her face to lay a soft kiss on her forehead.

I do not remember two times in my entire life to have been afraid, but for her my heart is always shaking.

I had to know she was safe at all times.

She opened her sleepy eyes to meet mine and at my sight her beautiful emeralds shadowed by thick long eyelashes got wider. She wrapped her arms around my neck, hanging on me and with a sob. She whispered my name, pulling me closer.

“Lucas ... oh God!”

“There, there.” I am trying to calm her cries. “I am here, baby girl. I am okay,” I whisper and laying on the bed next to her, I cover her slight frame with my mine in a tight hold, inhaling her scent and burying my nose in the crock of her neck, peppering soft kisses here and there.

I clutch her chin with my right index and press my lips on hers while she can’t stop weeping, rolling constantly my name on her lips.

“Come on, baby, please stop crying. I am here, I am alright, Becca. Nothing happened, baby girl,” I keep telling her, hoping she will stop. She is breaking my heart.

“You are really silly, Becca. Stop with that. I hate when you cry,” I say lifting her death up, peppering kisses on her lips.

She smiles a flourishing, beautiful smile and my heart shatters at her beauty.

We stayed like that, her cuddled in my arms, me feeling blessed with her weight on my chest for about thirty minutes more before she fell back asleep.

None of us spoke, we just felt each other. Her tiny figure was resting loosened on my chest and I was so grateful that my wife’s body finally was not stiffed in fear anymore in my proximity.

I only hoped it was not because of the pills she would always take.


I rub my tensed temples in a headache that almost splits my head in two. I open my eyes, feeling a heavy arm on my abdomen.

Laying on my back, the sun was shining on my face, warming up my cheeks.

This morning the sun had a special shine and for the first time in years I loved the heat on my face.

I turned my head to my right side to meet Lucas’ face and I froze.

His parted fleshy lips were fanning thin air, in and out, in the rhythmic breath of his sleep.

He was naked as in the day he was born. The bedsheet was hardly covering him from the waist down and his right shoulder was wrapped in bandages, a clear sign of a wound.

I tried to remove his arms and release myself to move out of the bed. His hold tightened and pulled me closer to him, burying his face in the crock of my neck.

It was enough for me to see him sleeping peacefully, to make sure he was alright but couldn’t stay a second more around him.

Internal conflicts were heaving my chest, hating him for the pain of the past years and loving him all the same.

I had to get out of this room before I suffocated so I squeezed myself out of the bed and tiptoed to the exit.

I quietly closed the door behind me not before turning my head to have one last look at the love of my life. I had to fight the temptation to turn and cuddling back into his arms, but I pulled my eyes away and run to the guest’s room.

I rushed for a shower, put on a light green dress and had stuffed some minimal clothes and necessities in my traveling bag.

I made sure I had all my credit cards, my IDs and some cash.

Descending the stairs, I see Lore passing by the living towards the kitchen and her eyes widen in surprise at seeing my bag.

“Going somewhere, Ms. Tate?” she asked.

“I’m going shopping after I ask the guys to drop this charity bag to someone needy in the village,” I said.

Fuck! I was too good at lying lately.

“Is breakfast ready, Lore?” I asked.

“Yes. Will you be eating alone?” she replied.

I took the bag to the door and asked the security guard to put it in the car.

They were going to take me shopping and I had to dodge them.

“Yes, Lore. Lucas needs more sleep.”

I take my breakfast, so I won’t give any suspicious thoughts to Lore.

It worked perfectly.

As soon as I was done with breakfast and got in the car, I told Ken to take me to the center mall for shopping. I tried to convince him he didn’t have to walk with me all around the mall. I was planning to take each shop at a time.

“I am sorry, Ms. Tate. Mr. Tate has been truly clear with his orders.”

I rolled my eyes in an annoying gesture giving Ken a look of ‘Lucas is so hard on you and I am sorry you have to go through this’ while entering the enormous sliding doors of the mall.

My traveling bag left in the car but bothered little about it.

I didn’t want Ken to become skeptical.

After wandering around a few stores, I decided it was the time to get lost so I made a sigh to Ken letting him see I would enter the woman lingerie shop in front of me. He said he would wait for me at the door and there it was my chance.

Walking around the shop, I pretended to pick some pieces that I would take to the fitting room until I was out of Ken’s sight.

I glanced around in search of another exit but the only door I saw was the one behind the counter, so I walked towards the fitting rooms with some pieces in my hand. If Ken was to come after me, I would have had a good excuse.

Looking behind me to spot Ken and speeding up my steps towards the fitting room, I suddenly hit a wall chest and almost fell off my feet.

I feel someone grabbing my forearms just in time to avoid contact with the hard floor.

“Wow, easy there!” a strong, masculine voice resounded in the air.

I lift my eyes and get caught in the stare of the most beautiful, gigantic eyes, black like coal, waiting to be lit on fire.

His dark blond hair falling on his forehead was almost covering his eyes, making his stare even more seductive.

A big smile bloomed on his lips as he seemed to forget he was strongly gripping my arm, although I was quite stable on my feet now.

“Are you okay?” he asks in a sexy voice with an English tinted with Italian accent.

“Hm... yeah, I guess so,” I mumble.

“Is there someone chasing you?” he mocks about my rush.

“No, no, not at all. I was just trying to find the fitting room.”

“I am Enzo, by the way. Nice to meet you.”

He was damn charming. I am sure by now I was staring at him like a schoolgirl on a fashion magazine.

“I’m... Enzo, nice meeting you too. Hm... haven’t you seen by any chance an exit door?” I ask him as a partner in crime, avoiding saying my name.

“It must be fate. We have the same name,” he chuckled, and I smile back at him, saying nothing.

His eyebrows frowned and eyes checked on me for a few seconds, understanding that all I wanted was to escape.

He dropped the few pieces of black lace garments he was holding, taking my pieces as well and throwing them on a table nearby.

“Come on, I know a way out,” he said and pulled me after him to the end of the fitting room hallway where there was indeed an exit door.

He pushed it opened and we exited into one of the inside parking floors.

We stepped down a few floors and finally got in front of a matte black sport Mercedes, which beeped when Enzo pressed the car key button.

"Distance doesnt separate people
... silence does"
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