“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 8 - Enzo [Republished]


We both got in his fancy, expensive car. I was astonished at my desire to run away, being ready to leave with another man I had just met a minute ago, who’s name I didn’t even know if it was real, carrying with me nothing but the clothes on my back and the purse on my shoulder.

And then it hit me, my chest squeezed in pain remembering Lucas, his peaceful face while sleeping, his arms wrapped around me, his whispers soothing my cries last night till I fell asleep.

Tears formed in my eyes and I turned my face away, towards the window, looking somewhere behind the buildings running along the side of the road at the speed of the car.

“It is always easier when you share,” I heard Enzo saying after a few minutes of silence and just then I realized I didn’t even ask where he was taking me.

“Yeah... Well, I am not much of a sharer, you know?” I try to avoid the subject or any other subject all together.

He doesn’t insist, just hums with a nod of his head, keeping his eyes on the road and driving for a few minutes more before he tries a conversation again.

“Um, is there any anywhere I can take you?” he asks.

“Not really,” I reply, still glaring out on the window, impassively.

“Then you don’t mind me taking you to my place till you clear up your mind and decide what you want to do next?” he summed all my dilemmas in one sentence, which instantly woke me up to reality.

I turned my face towards him, staring as if he had another head growing, forcing the wheels in my head to process what he just said.

“I am going to leave in the evening, though. I actually do have a place to stay. Just... not the one I wished for,” I say thinking that once we arrive at his place, I will make an online hotel reservation and he will drop me there by the evening.

“Great! Then I will take you whenever you feel to go. And... you can as well stay if you don’t feel to go. Just... keep it in mind as a kind of second option,” he offers.

I shift my eyes again on the window, muttering a thank you.

The trip didn’t take long. We entered some big iron gates, driving the car on some curved road leading to the buildings of flats in front.

I know this place. It’s one of the finest resorts on the island where many rich people have holiday apartments.

Enzo pulls his car to a parking lot in the basement and opening the door on my side he reaches his hand, waiting mine.

I take it and get down from the car, giving him a shy smile in appreciation.

He walks us towards the elevator when suddenly he stops, making me bump into his muscular frame again.

“But I still can’t take you up, you know. Not with this rule I have,” he said with a playful smile.

My eyes widen in surprise and I am almost afraid of what he means.

He grins his perfect teeth back at me with such a damn gorgeous smile and unbelievably mouthwatering stretched lips, making me comfy and anxious all together as I don’t know if he is serious or just... naughty.

I was tensed like shit. I was in a moment of my life when being a sold wife and almost a slave to a husband I was madly in love with was about to change into something I did not know what it would be. So, here I was, hand in hand with another man that was damn close to perfection, changing me already into someone that felt to have control over her life since forever.

“What do you mean?” I dare to ask.

“I don’t take strangers in my home.” he chuckles. “I still don’t know your name so basically you are a stranger,” he shrugs, tilting down the corners of his lips.

“Oh,” I said, relieved. “I am Rebecca Downhill. Nice to meet you,” I smile and again I am amazed of how handsome he is.

He looks to be much younger than Lucas, maybe my age, and thinner but still well worked out.

His smile never faded but I had a feeling that under this boyish look there is a greatly confident and strong man. No matter how much I try to keep cold and uncaring, he keeps pushing away the frightened Rebecca and replaces her with a woman I’ve almost forgotten she exists.

There was something in the way he looked at me, the way he was holding my hand, the tone he would speak with that made me confident, wanted and yeah, important.

There was something highly likable in anything he did.

He would always give me a choice of my own, something I was not used to, and it felt as if I died and was reborn in someone I knew I was really going to like.

“Now, that is better. I was feeling lonely here being just me to have shared,” he chuckled.

We took the elevator up to the second floor in a complete silence and entered the only apartment on the floor. It surely looks grandiose and makes justice for a bachelor, I believe.

Enzo drops the car keys on the hallway island, walking towards the kitchen while I remain frozen in my spot.

He looks back, sensing I am not following, and turns around to check on me.

I see him making his way back and lightly grabs my hand, pulling me further inside the apartment.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to stay. I can drop you right now,” he says in a whisper.

His voice sounded sincere and I relaxed some more, added to the light chest I had when riding the car earlier, feeling at ease and away from Lucas’ men.

“No, I am fine. It’s just I haven’t been really away from my family before. Feels somewhat strange,” I tried a smile that probably looked more of a grimace than a smile, realizing that I had never been actually out of our home without Lucas. The alternative was home alone.

“Well, then sit. I’ll make some calls and meanwhile why don’t you have a coffee? And there is a balcony over there. Just give me a few minutes, okay?” he says in a soft voice.

I nod, feeling my muscles relaxing and my heart at ease. It’s strange and delightful at the same time how Enzo can make me feel strong enough to visualize my future, my better future, my confident future, and that definitely includes him. How? I am yet to find out.

His gentle look kept lingering on my face, thrusting deep into my eyes like searching for whatever thoughts I had, hiking the tension between us to impossible levels.

He ripped his eyes from our magic, both of us feeling suffocating already.

“Hm, let me bring you...” he continues, looking towards the coffee machine.

“Please, let me do it. I will bring you one as well,” I say, grabbing his right upper arm and stopping him from leaving my proximity.

I freeze in my spot when his eyes land back on me and his face comes inches away from mine. I feel sucked in a whirlpool of sensation, spinning my brain with the speed of the light.

“Okay,” he finally whispers, mercifully stopping the void we both are trapped in, liking my very obvious delight while being around him.

His thin, long fingers curl around my right hand, spreading warmth and shivers on my skin while I feel my heart speeding up its beats.

He is gorgeous. My poor heart is shattered at the kindness I am showered with. It is that sort of kindness that melts your heart no matter how cold it is, or how untrustworthy your fate has become, bearing pain and hurt on my shoulders like the cross of Christ.

Taking my hand out of his, I shift my eyes aside as I don’t want to be betrayed by the tears threatening to spring out. I make my way to the kitchen, straight to the coffee machine, pushing the on button. The machine start grinding the coffee beans, preparing the expresso.

While the coffee is in process, I lean against the kitchen island, crossing my arms on my chest and attempting to look as relaxed as possible, still peering at Enzo who is now sitting on the sofa, in a call that lasts since he’s walked in.

I do hear him talking English but most of it is Italian. From time to time he raises his eyes to me and gives me a small smile just to reassure me he hasn’t forgotten about me being there. His eyes are burning like lit coal and he rarely blinks while staring at me. His eyebrows are frowning whenever the phone conversation becomes uneasy, just to relax seconds after meeting my glare.

When the coffee is ready, I take the first cup, asking him in a whisper if he wants sugar with it. He refuses, mouthing No back at me.

I walk towards him and put the coffee on the table next to the sofa he was sitting on. Before I walk away, he grabs my hand and plants a thankful kiss on the back of it, listening still to the other person on the phone. His eyes lock with mine, making me shiver like a schoolgirl on the night of her prom.

He never stopped watching me until I realized I couldn’t let this tension grow higher. So, I took my coffee and walked out into the balcony.

The apartment really had a gorgeous view. The ocean is right in front, bordered on the shore by a thick like of palm trees and tropical bushes. I lean my stomach against the iron rail, closing my eyes and breathing in the salty air, smelling to me of freedom rather than the ocean, but soon my heart clenches at the realization of the fact that right now I am a runway wife in the apartment of another man than my husband and still, feeling absolutely safe.

This freedom that I am so thirsty for comes with losing a huge part of myself, my love. I don’t even know how I am going to live without that part, the most important part, my heart that pumps life through me and my lungs that breathe air.

Nothing seemed more natural to me at this point but leaving him, before my love for him completely transforms in hate and wrath, before hatred becomes my friend.

I don’t want to become bitter and fortify walls around me. I don’t want to reach the point of having no heart at all and grow with time, incapable of ever give my heart to someone again. Therefore, I need this distance between me and Lucas, saving him as well from the ordeal of having me around him.

I don’t know how long it has taken Enzo to finish his calls, but I must have dozed off in the warm breeze of the ocean after cuddling in one of the two chairs on the balcony.

I woke up with some gentle fingers running through my hair and opening my eyes I meet his beautiful black ones, staring at me with joy and playing some hair strands around his fingers.

“Enzo, oh God, I must have fallen asleep,” I said, trying to straighten up in the chair.

“Yeah, I saw that. That’s okay. I would have let you rest here but I just wanted to tell you I made you a hotel reservation at Astor Hotel under my name, for a week. It can be extended any time in case you need more time to deal with things. I figured you might want not to be found so my name seemed exactly right,” he said, keeping his smile on his lips and a soft look in his eyes.

Is it that obvious I am running away or is he just one of those guys that you only meet once in your lifetime?

It was exactly what I needed.

And still it was impossible for me to take in all the wonderful Enzo displaying himself in front of me. I couldn’t understand why.

Why was he doing all of that for me? I was basically a stranger and even a very mysterious one.

He knew nothing about me, and I wouldn’t talk much about myself either.

“Thank you, Enzo. I really don’t know what to say,” I reply, holding his hand with mine.

“Don’t worry. It’s the least I can do,” he said and placed a kiss on my forehead.

We’ve snapped out of our moment, startled by the ring of my phone.

I stand up walking to the living and pulling out the phone from my purse I frown when seeing the name on the screen.

It was Lucas.

He would always show up in one form or another exactly when my mind was hiding him in some places of my brain that I had to lock and throw away the key but still making sure I knew he was still there.

"What good are the wings without the courage to fly..."
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