“Traded for love” [Book 1 - Mafia in love]

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Chapter 9 - The first day of my other life [Republished]


I don’t feel Becca next to me, and her side of the bed is already cold.

I lift my head and round my eyes through the room, searching for a sign that she is still here but a feeling of emptiness overcomes me, a feeling which tells me to fear the worst.

I jump off the bed, grabbing a pair of boxers and black jeans, putting them on in a rush.

“Becca,” I call her.

I ran into the bathroom. It was empty.

“Rebecca!” I shout again, rage building up, fury ravishing my mind. I rush to the last place where she can be; the guest’s room.

Once in front of the door, I open it with a firm push, seeing just an empty bed, untouched, artfully arranged. On top of it, a piece of paper was waiting.

“Fuck it, Becca, the worst fucking moment!”

I know what it is. It’s the only thing she left behind, this fucking piece of paper and... me, angry like a bull seeing red, unable to clear his shitty thoughts and calm down.

My plans were in the middle of action and Becca leaving for God knew where was going to make things hundred times harder.

Besides, I never knew our home empty for the past two years. Becca was always there, balancing and giving sense to my life as a married man, a man madly in love.

Her presence there was always calling me home, wherever I was.

I was delighted and thankful that you came back home safe.
I’m sorry, Lucas.
I’ll have my lawyer sending you the divorce papers.

“Fuck goodbye!” I roar but panic clogs form in my throat. I felt helpless, useless. “Fuck it, Becca! Fuck!” I kept shouting while running downstairs where I find Lore.

“Mr. Tate... where are you goi...”

“Not now, Lore!” I yell while she disappears in the kitchen.

She always knows when to shut the fuck up when she has to.

“Gio! Get the fuck in here!” I holler at him as well when he picked up my call. In a millisecond, he shows up through the entrance door.


“Where is Becca? How did she leave the mansion?” I ask while putting on a black t-shirt and fixing the belt of the jeans. I wrapped the gun holder around my shoulders and threw a sport suit jacket over it.

“Shopping, Lucas. Ken is with her.”

“The fuck he is! Call him. And I’ll drive,” I order as we both exit the house and he throws me the keys.

I drive the car through the gates with a wheel screech, having Gio on my right side putting Ken on the speaker.

“Ken here.”

“Where’s Becca?” I roar.

“Sir. Um, she is in the shop in front of me. She went inside fifteen minutes ago. I never lost the entrance from my sight, sir.”

“You, stupid piece of shit! You let her go inside alone? If you lose Becca, I will slice your throat and skin you off with my own hands! You sorrow piece of shit!”

Gio cuts the line while I thunder curses over and over and I do my best to hold the car’s wheel tight and keep control. I am speeding insanely towards the only fucking mall of the city, the only place where she can shop. Where I hope she is shopping still.

“What the fuck, Gio?” I yell at him for cutting off the call.

“We will find her, Lucas. Just save that energy for the fucker who did this.”

He was making perfect sense, only that there was nobody behind this.

I am furious like a lion trapped in a cage and I feel my nostrils quivering with the air I breathe in and breathe out.

“I don’t think somebody did this, at least not yet” I said with jaws clenched, knowing that actually she left me.

“What? What do you mean?”

I pulled out the note and gave it to him. Gio has been more than a brother to me for years now. We have been sharing a lot and he has been the witness of my turmoil in my life, saving my butt so many times that he could easily be my guardian angel.

“That’s even better, Lucas. Without help she cannot be far,” he replies, looking actually satisfied.

“I hope so. We need to find her first before they do, Gio. Do you fucking understand me?”

“Sure do, brother. We will find her.”

The confidence he spoke with grew mine.

As soon as we reach the mall parking, I drop the car just anywhere, letting Gio to take care of it.

I storm inside the mall and pull my phone out, calling Ken.

“Yes, sir.”

“Where the fuck are you?”

I feel to rip his head off.

“Third floor, sir. Lady Lace store.”

When I finally find it and enter, I see Ken is already with the shop manager at the counter.

He looked pale as he just realized he lost Becca and he knew he was going to damn pay for it.

I was staring at him with cold eyes, wondering how Becca could fool my second-best hitman. He looked back at me like seeing a fucking dragon with three heads.

“I have the surveillance footage, sir,” Ken says and shows me the way to the manager’s office where I take a seat and the manager opens the video.

“There has been no struggle, sir,” the manager tries to assure me it has not been a kidnapping situation taking place in his store.

“Who the fuck asked you anything?” I shout while I kept my eyes glued to the screen, scanning the images of the CCTV.

I see Becca looking around and not for the garments she pretended to buy. She looks nervous, searching her surroundings for something.

I see her bumping into a man’s chest, and they chat for a while.

He grabs her arms (I will slash his fucking head off for touching her) and soon they both run towards the fitting room. The footage showed the man from the back. I couldn’t see his face.

“I want to see his face,” I request from the manager.

“I am sorry, sir, but that footage is from inside the lady’s fitting room...” he tries to protest.

I don’t want to hear his pathetic excuse.

I jump from my seat and curl my fingers around his neck, squeezing till I see his eyes gouging out.

“Motherfucker, do you think I care? I want to see his fucking face! Clear enough?!” I growl at him with my gun already nudging his temple.

He sweats and shivers and nods in approval. I finally release the sorrow idiot, allowing him to show me what I want to see. I take my seat back in the chair with Gio standing behind me, watching. When finally, the fucker’s face shows clearly, Gio sighs.

“Enzo...” he says.

“You know him?” I ask, staring back at him.

“Yes. He is the youngest son of Marciano Benito.”

“Fuck! What the fuck is she doing with him?”

I am good with the Italians.

It shouldn’t be hard to bring her back home from them, but I don’t know how to contact Enzo.

All I have is Marciano’s number. And he is the mafia head. Me calling him and asking about my wife would be too suspicious.

I grab my phone and dial Becca’s number. Her answer is the last thing I expect but after two rings I hear her voice.


“Becca, baby. Are you alright? Are you hurt?” I asked with the sweetest voice I could mutter at this moment, pacing angrily around the idiot’s office.

“No, I am not hurt. I am fine.”

“Becca, you need to listen to me, and you need to trust me...” but she stops me sharp.

“No! You listen to me. I have asked nothing from you in the past two years. Nothing.”

I hear her sobbing and I squeeze my eyes in pain of not being there to hold her and comfort her.

“Baby, please...”

“Give me the divorce, Lucas. Just release me. Let me be. You will never hear about me, I swear. I will ask nothing in return. I want nothing,” she said.

She is heartbreakingly crying, and I am tormented between pain and anger.

“Baby girl, listen to me. I need you to get out from wherever you are right now. I need you to go to a public place and call me back. I need you to tell me where you are or send me the location. I need you to make sure you are in a crowd of people, Becca. I am sending Gio to you. Please, love. Just do that for me. You’re not safe, baby.”

I am doing my best to keep a low pace in my voice. I need to make her understand she needs to let me get to her without scaring her.

“Good bye, Lucas,” she says and disconnects.

“Fuck!” I roar and smash the phone on the room’s walls.

“Lucas, it’s for you,” I hear Gio saying and he hands me his cellphone.

“What?” I roar in the phone.

I swear could blow the brains of anyone right now.

“Hello Lucas,” I hear the voice of Marciano at the other end.

I look into Gio’s eyes, understanding that I need to calm the fuck down and not blow things up.


I let the tears fall down my cheeks and drop onto my lap, crying soundlessly.

Why Lucas had to change now when I was so determined to leave?

I will not change my mind. Not now, when my life has come to a crossroads between being the anonymous woman in Lucas’ house and the powerful woman I know I can be. A woman who will finally regain her life on her own.

“Hey, are you okay?” Enzo is asking me in a soft voice, tucking a strand of my hair behind my right ear.

“No. But I hope I will be,” I replied, avoiding his stare and wiping off the tears on my face. “Listen, hm... thank you for helping me out. I should leave now.”

“Wait,” he says humbly, as if not finding his words. “I am sorry. I couldn’t help hearing your conversation,” he speaks, and my eyes snap at him with anger. “I didn’t mean to snoop,” he said, lifting his hands in his defense. “Let me help you out, Becks. I can see you are not in your best moments.”

“Why?” I frown, staring at him.

His face turns serious, glaring at me with a confidence that makes my heart cringe.

“You’re a beautiful woman, Rebecca, a good-hearted one. You deserve much better times than the ones you are passing through now.”

I keep staring at him and search in his eyes for the real reason of his words, but his soft look almost melts the walls I’ve been building around me, and I almost gave in.

“You don’t know me, Enzo. You don’t know who I am. You don’t know what’s coming. Trust me, what is coming is not your burden to carry.”

He looks at me for a few seconds, measuring my words and I see in his eyes pending questions.

“I need to go,” I snap up from the sofa of his living room and grab my purse pacing towards the exit door but before I could reach the doorknob I am pulled back by my left wrist and jerking my look towards him I see his black big eyes beseeching me.

“Don’t!” he says.

“What?” I hiss, being visibly surprised.

“Please, just stay. Hear me out. If you don’t like it, if you don’t agree, I will accept any decision you take. But hear me out first.”

“Enzo...” I try to fight it back, but I am not that convinced anymore.

His plumped lips try a shy smile while he pulls me closer to him until our faces are inches away.

I can feel his breath brushing my lips and he bends his head closer for a kiss that never comes.

“I will be fair to you, I promise. Just let me tell you my proposal before you take any decision.”

His hot minty breath is making me dizzy, and my knees melt under his soft look.

He pulls me into a hug instead of a kiss, tossing me and pressing my forehead on his chest. He is so much taller than I am that the crown of my head barely reaches his collarbone.

"Anything that costs your peace is too expensive."
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