Hearts of Heartland

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The Indian lands have seen many love stories throughout the history. But a love story that starts from a terrible misunderstanding? No, maybe not. Olivia Bailey is excited to pack her bags to go to India, a country she has longed visit, for a very long time. And guess what? She is going on a solo trip of self-discovery and is going to live in the most desirable and expensive vacation home in Mumbai city –Heartland. Seth Davies is tired of his boring surroundings, that is, a proper British house with proper people around him. He needs a change of air. Moreover, he needs to find inspiration to finish his research. He decides to go on a journey but in a different continent, to find inspiration and hope. He gets to know that India has a vacation home free for booking for summer and that’s it, he was going to India! To Mumbai, the city of dreams. When a terrible mix-up lands both of the polar opposites in one sacred house, that too, in a country like India where acceptance is key, will they be able to overcome their differences? Will Heartland open their hearts, to new things, to new love, and to new beginnings?

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The light dazzled through the chiffon curtains that hung from the intricate window panes. The creamy texture of the walls imprinted a sense of spaciousness and profound continuity. The room was plain – white marbled-floor, white walls containing a dozen photo frames, artificial light-illuminated ceiling, royal blue curtains, cushions and carpets with simple wooden furniture, set impeccably among other things.

Rachel looked at the open window, intaking the exhilarating feeling of a warm, summer morning. India's summer was humid but today’s weather was exceptionally cool and dry.
She had gathered a bunch of cardboard boxes earlier today. Taking the first box, she peeped inside and carefully took out two papers strongly clipped together. In the box, many pairs of paper were arranged on a pile, clipped together just like the one Rachel held now. She put on her black, thin-rimmed glasses that mostly hid her big-brown eyes.
She had a sumptuous, oval face with a small nose and thin lips which were now looking plump due to the application of a nude shade of lip gloss. Her arms were slender, coming down to her long fingers that gripped the documents tightly. Her thin waist looked appropriately sexy in a coral-red pencil skirt that seemed to slim her full hips. The tight material of her black shirt fitted her breasts almost perfectly.
Batting her eyelids vividly, she rummaged through the pages that she had taken out, concentrating on each and every point and clause.
“Perfect!” She exclaimed as colour rushed into her cheeks, enhancing her otherwise quaint countenance.
Walking over to the window, with a phone in her hand, she dialled a number, “Geeta, I've found them. Make the arrangements as soon as possible.”
The other end of the line squealed with a loud and feminine ‘okay' before Rachel disconnected the call. She huffed, taking constant deep breaths as a sign of relief. The burden that had heaped over her shoulders years ago, came to reduce a little more. Not completely, though.
The weight she had been carrying was way too much but the works she had done over the last ten years had somehow helped it to reduce more and more. A little ache still lingered on her shoulders and she thought that the work she was going to do now, would indeed help her to remove the burden completely and tangibly.

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