ENTRAPPED- An Erotic Romance

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'Why are you so cruel to me? What have I ever done to you ?', she asked with a hoarse voice, when he pulled from her lips to look into her teary hazel eyes. 'Do you want this to stop ?', he wiped her tears and asked tenderly. 'Yes!' She replied. 'Then love me, with everything you have got', he said looking deep into her eyes and claimed her lips again in a passionate kiss. *************. Hana, 25, a beautiful and hard-working doctor, she just finished her medical and was looking forward to becoming a successful surgeon. Shehryar is 34 years old, a ruthless and mean, Medical Director of the hospital she joined. He felt something dangerous and dark was drawing him towards her, urging him to claim her for himself. And when an opportunity presented itself...he grabbed it with both hands!! ***********************

Romance / Erotica
BigApple Bei
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A sudden thought of placing her up on the table and fucking her hard crossed his mind. He felt his member hardening seeing her like this, helpless and weak, knelt in front of him. He decided to check how far can she go..and he threw her a bait.

’ These 2 months of extra life for your brother, have a price... Dr. Hana,′ he said casually releasing the smoke onto her face.

He was trying to anticipate what her reaction would be after hearing his demand.

′ Wh..what do you mean?’, she stammered while looking into his dark eyes..she was wondering what exactly he could want from her, given her already dire circumstances.

‘Your brother took advantage of my little sister...isn’t it fair that I return the favor? Be my whore for 2 months and I will release your brother ’, he looked at her with his lustful eyes.

Hana couldn’t look at him any longer and she lowered her eyes in shame. How could he ?? What does he think I am ?? Her eyes watered thinking about his words.

‘Whore ’ was the word he used.

She caught herself before falling by the sudden shock his words gave her, by holding on to the table’s edge.

Without saying anything, she composed herself, feeling sick to the core.

′ So what’s your answer Dr. Hana ? ′ he asked tracing his fingers from her shoulders and down.

Hana gathered all her courage and slapped him with all her might.

‘How dare you Dr. Shehryar?? ’

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