Loving Daniel

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We all love. We all fall. We all desire And we all burn. Pure perfection Real connection That was what I was to him. He was my god. The one who had turned me into this. Desire and need ran in my veins for him. But it got all ruined. Maybe it was me Or Maybe it was him But it was what that left us where we were now. It was us against us Would we destroy us? Or Mend each other broken hearts? All is fair in the name of love. A sinister tale of love, jealousy, and twists leaving you hanging.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1



I looked in his eyes in the mirror as he got himself ready for a charity event that he was attending with someone I truly disliked. My brown ones stared into his grey ones as it was normal like all those days we had spent together. When we would go together to attend all these events but now he was picking another date over me.

Did I like it?

No, I didn’t. I hated the fact that he was falling for her when he had made me fallen for him. Six years had been a lot of time to spend beside each other. Six years were more than enough for me to fall in love with him beyond myself.

I wanted to believe that maybe this was one of his games. A game where he was going too far then mandatory. He was trying to teach me a lesson maybe but I knew deep inside that it wasn’t this. My intuition that this was going to stretch to something big.

“Will she like the things you like, Daniel?” an innocent question but a one that could really delay us.

I stared at him while sipping my glass of champagne with one leg over other in a shimmering a line strap dress. The slit in the dress too high displaying my thigh to lure men of all ages in this party. Neckline too deep but still classy. I had gone all smoky and sexy for this party so all eyes would be on me. My hair up in a knot with tendrils left loose.

“Maybe she already does.” My lips turned up in a vicious smirk as I gulped down my champagne. Standing I looked at him as he wore his cuff link.

“No way,” I disagreed moving towards him. No one knew him as I did. His likes and dislikes all known to me. Getting beside him with my back to the mirror I stared at him.

My hands went for his bare chest. The abs that hid underneath all those clothes did no justice to the way he felt. Those hard muscles as they glided over your body. The taste of those lips as they demand you for the pleasure was nothing less than of heaven. Fingers that not only pulled and pushed but every time they were touching me I was always aroused. He could punish with a finger and show me heaven with the same.

“Does she know how far you take things in bed?” I moved towards him as my hands traveled up and around his neck. Those grey eyes have been my undoing. I liked the way he felt underneath me. Or above me.

“Will she like it the way I do? Will she understand your needs as I do?” He didn’t say anything and I decided to play more. My hand trailing down to his pants. Where I didn’t mind undoing them as I touched his hard cock.

“Will she get you hard as I do?” His eyes closed lost in the moment as I rubbed his hard rigid animal.

“Tell me, will she bend down for you as I do?” my other hand went to his hairs pulling them as my lips trailed down his neck. I moved my hand bringing him closer to the edge.

“Will she like it when you lose control over yourself? Will she love the way you grab my thighs leaving behind your marks?” His rough touch came out in bed and I loved the way he pulled me to him. The way he grabbed my ass marking his claim over every inch of my body.

“Would she bear the marks you leave behind as proudly as I do?” I couldn’t stop myself. I was angry but at the same time, I loved him. My fingers touching his tip as he was close.

“Would she be fast enough to bend down to her knees to have you come against her lips?” I teased him. He was a man of control and there wasn’t anyone who would put up with him beside me. Even not her with her vanilla tastes and plastic. My lips touched his nipples sucking them as my hand squeezed his cock bringing him to the brink of coming. The pre-cum on the tip with the throbbing just wanted another movement.

But I didn’t like that. He needed to be punished too. Letting go of his hard dick not before tipping the pre-cum over my finger I backed up from him with my back leaning against the wall-length mirror. He was panting but when his eyes snapped open there was lust mixed with anger. I sucked on the finger with his jizz making a pretty good show of it. Sucking on it hard and moaning as if it was his dick.

“You still taste the same.” With a devious smile over my lips. He took a step towards me and I shifted to the side.

“Hope she would get you off and like the taste of you as much as I did. Don’t be late your date doesn’t like waiting.” Giving him a wink and a vicious smile over my lips I walked away. I knew his eyes would be on me so I made a good show of giving him a seductive walk.

Who said the I can’t play this game?

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