Deion & Aarav

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The next day, Deion met Aarav at a coffee shop.

"Hopefully we get this done today." Aarav said.

Deion gave him a glare and continued editing the slides.

Aarav sighed heavily. "I can't stand this..." Aarav said.

"What do you mean?" Deion asks.

"Yesterday I found out my grandmother is dying of cancer and that's why I'm forced into a stupid arranged marriage. It made me so crazy that I'm talking to you about it!" Aarav announces, "Great... Now you know my life story."

"No worries, talking about it helps. You know... My mother died of cancer... I know it's hard to deal with." Deion informed. Aarav sat in silence, looking at Deion in curiosity. "I miss her very much. She'd sing me to sleep, ya know." Deion smiled. Aarav gave him this strange look he couldn't put down but it made him nervous. "Anyway, uh, I'm on the second to last slide. We'll be done soon." Deion informed.

"Oh, great," says Aarav. He didn't have his normal asshole tone. Something just felt off about Aarav today.

"Here, here's the notepad with the info of my culture on it for you to write what you learned." Deion began to hand Aarav the notepad and their fingers touched each other. Deion's body felt electric. Please, make it stop. Yet, another part of him wanted more. This strange tingling feeling coursed through his body.

He looked up at Aarav to see him blushing, which made him blush. Deion quickly removed his hand as he felt the heat creep up to his cheeks. Luckily for him, his skin was dark enough to hide his flustering.

"I apologize... for that..." Deion says with a nervous gulp. His voice, however, couldn't conceal the feelings happening inside.

"It's fine." Aarav says, sounding like a tiny child. Without thinking, Deion smiled at him. "What?" Aarav asked in his normal voice. "What are you looking at you fucking creep?"

Deion simply chuckled. "Again, sheep in wolf's clothing." He said with a smirk.

"One of these days I will kick your ass." Aarav announced.

"I'm sure you will," Deion said with a smirk. "You want coffee?"

Aarav looked at him in slight shock, "Uh, sure?"

"Kind?" Deion asked.

"Just a normal coffee with two pumps of cream..." Aarav said quietly.

"Got ya," Deion said with a wink. Why did he do that?

He went to the cash register and ordered both his and Aarav's coffees.

Deion handed him his coffee and Aarav said his thanks, much to Deion's amazement.

"I gotta call Quincy to come pick me up," Deion said, pulling out his phone.

"No need, my parents wanted to drive you home. When they want something, it's best not to try to disobey them." Aarav said.

Deion smiled, "Ok. Tell them we're ready then."

"Already did." Aarav said, gesturing to the car outside containing Aarav's parents. Aarav got up and walked out.

Deion shrugged and began to follow behind him. "Hello, Deion!" Aarav's father greeted.

Deion gave him a smile in return. The mother asked for the address and much to Deion's dismay, he went ahead and told them.

After some time, they found their way into his driveway. "Ramachandra, go inside with him and make sure he gets in there safe." The father said.

Deion knew why he said that. I mean, his neighborhood was terrible! Gunshots fired every night, drug dealers, and gangs. It wasn't the safest place. Yet, he still felt a little offended about having to be walked to his door.

"You really live here?" Aarav asks when they get inside.

"Yes... Sorry if it's not shiny and clean like your house is." Deion retorted.

"That's... Not what I mean." Aarav says.

"Whatever," Deion says.

Aarav opens the cabinets, seeing nothing but a roach inside. He gives it a face of disgust and closes the cabinet.

"Do you mind? This isn't exactly your house." Deion reminds.

"Do you not have anything here?" Aarav asks.

"Can you just go?" Deion asks.

Aarav sighs, "Well, I'm gonna have to come back tomorrow. My am- I mean my mom... and dad will be gone and they don't like people over when they're not home."

A horn was heard outside, signaling for Aarav to hurry. Deion sighs, "Yeah sure." He thanked the Lord once again for Latanya and his father going out tomorrow. "Be here after 4. No earlier." Deion said.

"Got it. Bye." Aarav said, leaving without another word.

It was worthless trying to clean before Aarav got here tomorrow. He already has seen it at it's worst and it's hard to get it to it's best. At that, he walked upstairs and shut his door before his father could come home. He assumed he went out for liquor. God how he hates liquor. The stench is disgusting and the way people act on it makes his blood boil.

"Derek!" He heard his father shout. Every time he called him that he wanted to punch him. He wanted to punch his father for many reasons, one of them being he replaced his mother with that God awful Latanya and bourbon. His father called again. Deion groaned and strolled down the steps toward the horror that was his father and Latanya.

"Derek, do the dishes. We are awfully too tired to do them." Latanya said.

"Tired doing what? Shopping all the money away?!" Deion scoffed.

"Watch your 'tude with my girl, boy." His father said.

"Don't call me boy, boy." Deion mocked.

"Go to your damn room." His father demands.

"Gladly." Deion strides up the steps once again and locks himself in his room. What a bunch of bullshit.

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