Deion & Aarav

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He sat there motionless. How could he make it stop? The wedding, whatever Breeanna was going to do, and these annoying ass feelings that won't go away. Is he just cursed? Why can't he stop thinking about Deion?! He needed to get out and fast. The only place he could think to go was Deion's. He had to go there anyway. He would just be there early.

Even though he should've stopped to think, he didn't. He climbed out of his window and began walking.

Google maps helped him on his journey and he found his way within minutes. He did feel unsafe. Who wouldn't in a neighborhood like this? All you ever hear about here is crime.

He found the house and walked up towards it. He knocked on the door and waited. The door opened to reveal a woman with hoop earrings and a fancy blouse and a man who looked severely unhygienic and smelled of alcohol.

"Hello, young man." The girl said a bit flirtatiously. The man didn't seem to notice.

"Is Deion here?" Aarav asks.

"Oh," The woman said in disgust, "Deion!" She shouted, "Someone is here to see you!"

Footsteps came strutting down the steps to reveal Deion. "Reddy... You weren't supposed to be here until after four." Deion said.

"After four?! Oh, so you didn't want us to meet him?" The woman interrogated Deion.

"No, I just thought it would be easier for you two to go ahead and have fun. This is just a classmate here for a project." Deion informed.

"Yeah, yeah. Come on, baby, we're going clubbing!" The woman sang and grabbed the man's hand before walking out. "Y'all do anything wrong in here we'll get ya." The woman threatened jokingly. A part of Aarav knew it wasn't fully a joke.

Deion sighed, "Come in..." Aarav walks in and Deion shuts the beaten up door behind him. "You really should've come after four," Deion says.

"Yeah, I know that now." Aarav retorts.

"Well, if you're hungry we're gonna have to go out for food," Deion informs.

"Why?" He asks.

"Do you wanna eat the powdered cake mix and stale chips?" Deion asks.

"No..." Aarav trailed off.

"Exactly," Deion said with a smirk. "Come on, my room is upstairs." He said, leading Aarav up the steps and toward the first room in front of them.

Deion's room wasn't much, just like the rest of his house. He had a big fan, a towel covering the window, and a creaky bed old bed.

Deion picked up the heavy box on his bed and tried to move it, but couldn't.

Aarav thought of the pros and cons of helping Aarav. Kindness makes you a better version of yourself, that Hindu priest said so. But that was a stupid belief. After a minute of debate and Deion grunting in a struggle, Aarav walked over and picked up the other side.

"Thanks, man!" Deion said in amazement and relief.

"Don't get used to it." Aarav joked, making Deion giggle. The box slipped and they both went to grab it. Instead of touching the box, their hands met. The box crashed to the ground and spilled all of its contents on the floor. Aarav looked at Deion and Deion looked at Aarav. Aarav could feel his cheeks heating up. Why do they always get warm around him?! He's just another asshole.

They stared into the eyes of each other for a while, their hands never leaving one another. Deion leaned in slowly and Aarav's eyes widened. No matter how much he felt he needed to move, he couldn't. You know what else? He didn't want to move.

"You have very nice eyes." Deion complimented, making Aarav blush deeper. As if coming back to earth, Deion cleared his throat, pulled his hand away, and began to clean up the floor.

Aarav stayed put as if in a trance, then finally getting his act together and helping. He took every measure he could to make sure their hands didn't touch again. He couldn't stand feeling the heat on his face when they did touch hands. Why did it always happen? He may never know.

"Let's just finish the project," Deion said, standing up and strutting towards his computer.

A question struck his mind, "Deion?"

"What?" Deion asks with a sigh.

"You said your mother died... May I ask what she was like?" Aarav asks.

Deion looks up at Aarav. "My mother was a very strong, determined woman. I'd say I'm a lot like her, which is a blessing. Why do you ask this?"

"I'm just curious. You seemed like you cared for her very much. I just wondered what she was like when she was alive..." The more Aarav thought, the more stupid the reason sounded.

"Well, if you wanna know, know that she was a very active, kind, talented, and determined woman. She almost died giving birth to me. If that didn't kill her, she was one strong woman. Dad doesn't talk too much about her, though. But I remember what I can. I'm glad I wasn't too young not to remember anything about her." Deion said. "I remember exactly what her voice sounded like. In song and otherwise. Once she grabbed a fish with her bare hands. She said that was the way they did it before fishing lines." Deion finished with a smile.

"She seems pretty hardcore." Aarav says.

"Nah, maybe sometimes but she's pretty gentle. She never once yelled at me." Deion informed with a smile.

"Lucky." Aarav said, making Deion giggle.


The next day he saw Deion sitting alone. He wondered where Quincy was. Just do it, he thinks. He makes his way towards Deion's table and sits down without a word.

"What are you doing?" Deion asks.

"Sitting with you. What does it look like?" Aarav retorted.

"But why?" Deion asked.

"Can't I just sit with someone without being questioned? I just saw you sitting alone so I decided to come sit with you." Aarav explained.

"Aww, how sweet." Deion mocked.

Not again, Aarav thought as he felt his cheeks redden. "Shut up! You're lucky I'm not kicking your ass."

"You say that all the time yet... It never happens." Deion declares.

Aarav shoots a comeback, "Keep talking and it will."

"Ooh, scary!" Deion mocks.

Aarav rolls his eyes. "And they say I'm the bully."

Deion smirked, "Oh get over yourself. I'm not bullying you I'm simply talking. Besides, you've bullied me for years. You kinda deserve this."

Aarav scoffs and continues to eat his lunch in silence. A couple of times, their eyes lock. Aarav's curse being what it was, his face flustered once again. Would he ever make it stop?

"Are you ok?" Deion asks.

"What? Oh... Yeah, I'm fine." Aarav fakes a smile and turns his head down, trying not to give Deion another look.

Why did he feel like this?

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