Deion & Aarav

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TW: sexual assault

Aarav sat in class, trying not to look at Deion. All that happened yesterday has changed everything. Deion hasn't once talked to him or looked up at the teacher.

All Aarav wished to do was hug him. Thinking about it just makes him all fuzzy. I guess it's just because he hasn't comforted anyone at all.

Aarav finally looks at Deion, but now he can't take his eyes off. Deion bit his lip, scribbling heavily on the lined paper. He's so beautiful, Aarav found himself thinking. Wait, huh?! His cheeks reddened and he raised his hand, asking to go to the bathroom. He is given the ok and quickly rushes out the classroom and under the staircase.

He takes many deep breaths, trying to calm himself down. But all he could think of was Deion. His smile, his laugh, his teasing, and worst of all: his tears.

"Hey," Someone whispered behind him making him shudder.

He turned around to see Breeanna. "I saw you looking at Deion... You know, I can change your mind about boys. I can make you normal. Wanna see?" She asked. Without letting him answer, she began kissing his neck.

Aarav stood still, too paralyzed and confused to even act. He needed to push her away, but he couldn't move. He couldn't think.

She slid her hand down his chest and towards his pants. She grabbed his privates and whispers, "You like this baby?" Then she stops. "You aren't hard... Why?" She demands an answer.

All he does is stand there. He can't speak, he can't move. He is weak. He is a football player for god's sake, why can't he push her away?!

She grabs his privates harder then starts to undo his jeans. "Stop, Bree." He manages to say.

"You like it." She giggles.

Stop it! He screams, yet only in his mind. Push her away! Do something, you idiot!

She begins to touch him under his boxers and Aarav stands as still as a steel tower.

"You aren't hard!" She whisper-shouts. "So much for that!" She says, slapping his face and walking away.

Aarav still stands still, not knowing how to act. He feels dirty. He needs a shower, now. What the hell just happened? Tears threaten to spill from his eyes, but he pushes them down. He was always skilled at forcing his emotions away.

Maybe thinking of Deion will make it go away? But no, he couldn't. Thinking of Deion meant he was even dirtier.

Only girls had this stuff done to them, but he just had a girl do it to him! Or is this even a bad thing? What if this was all normal and he is just overreacting? I mean, he has never really done anything like this with a girl. Maybe it's normal. Yet he still stands still, trying not to cry or chop off every piece of skin Breeanna touched.

He just couldn't believe that happened. What did happen exactly? Should he report this or is this something he should keep quiet? He decided, for now, to keep it quiet. If it was a big deal, it's not like anything would happen. He was a guy! He was supposed to like it! If people know he didn't, he might be called those words he dreads every day of his life. Fairy, fag, pretty boy. He hates them all.

But, what did it all mean? Surely he wasn't gay... Maybe he just hasn't found the right girl yet and Breeanna just made him uncomfortable so he couldn't get aroused at all. But, he thinks, all guys would feel something if Bree did that to them.

What was wrong with him? Was he born wrong? What is going on?! His head spun in confusion and many, many thoughts. He couldn't get a grip on reality. His head began to hurt and the tears finally fell.

Run, he told himself. He walked briskly towards the nearest door and started running. The trail behind the school was his first thought.

He ran through the trail and into the woods, finding a small opening and sitting at it. He took a deep breath. He sat at that spot until the next period. He then got up and took his precious time getting back into the school. He ended up being late to class, but he didn't care.

After lunch, which Aarav made sure not to sit with Deion, Breeanna grabbed him by the shoulders and announced her presence.

"Hey everyone! You know Aarav here? Yeah, guess what, he can't get to third base. He can't even get aroused! Why, because he's in love with Deion Brown." Breeanna announced. Everyone either gasped, gagged, or laughed at him.

Aarav looked around with a face as red as a tomato. His eyes found Deion's. Deion was giving him a look he couldn't describe. It didn't seem bad but it didn't seem good, either.

"Faggot!" A boy said, pushing him backward.

"Payback is a bitch." Breeanna whispered to him before walking off confidently.

"He likes boys?!" He heard someone say.

"No wonder we never see him actually kiss any girls." Another person says.

"How revolting." Another says.

"How hilarious." The comments kept coming, threatening to make him explode. Finally, Aarav got control of his feet and sped off into the furthest bathroom in the hall.

"Eww don't use that bathroom." Someone said followed by a giggle by another.

He went into a stall and shut himself in. Much to his dismay, he heard footsteps.

"Aarav?" He heard a familiar voice say.

He stayed quiet, not even breathing.

"I know you're in here." The voice said, knocking on the stall he was in. "Come out," The voice softened, "Please."

Aarav tilted his head towards the bottom of the stall, looking up to see Deion looking down at him. His eyes went wide and he went back to hiding in the stall.

"Aarav... Please, let's talk."

"I don't like you, ok!" Aarav says.

"No, that's not it. Please, we need to talk." Deion begged. After a long moment of silence, Deion sighed. "Fine, I'll talk outside the stall."

"No people will see!" Aarav warns.

"Then let me in."

"Eww, what?" Aarav exclaims in disgust.

"Not like that! Just, let me in or I'm screaming." Deion persuaded.

"Fine!" Aarav opens the stall, peaks out to check, and lets Deion inside.

"Hey..." Deion starts.

"All you gotta say is hey?!" Aarav retorts.

"Look, we'll talk about that later. Right now I gotta ask... Are you alright?"

"Peachy." Aarav says sarcastically. "Are you?"

"Peachy," Deion repeats with a smile.

Aarav's mouth slowly curls into a smile, but he quickly wipes it away.

"I'm sorry that happened to you, Reddy..." Deion says.

"You're calling my Reddy again?"

"Of course, it's what you asked of me. Earlier it was too much of an emergency." Deion said with a smile.

"You shouldn't worry about me." Aarav says.

"You worried about me... Sorry about that by the way... I was just upset. Very upset. Still am..." Deion informs.

"I'm sorry about... Quincy..." Aarav says.

"No worries. I just hope he's alright up there." Deion sighs, "Fuck cops."

Aarav chuckles, "Fuck cops."

Without warning, Deion wraps his arms around Aarav and holds him tightly. "Thanks, man," Deion says.

Aarav slowly and reluctantly hugs him back. Gradually, Aarav sinks into the hug and lays his head on Deion's shoulder. "Thank you too, Deion."

Deion sniffs as if to laugh shortly. They pull away and they both find each other's eyes.

After a little bit of staring, Deion asks, "Did she mean it?"

"Did she mean what?" Aarav asks, feeling his heart race in anxiety.

"Did she mean it when she said you... Loved me?" Deion asks.

"Uh... I- I don't- no!" Aarav stutters.

Deion chuckles, "I'm just kidding, I know it wouldn't be true." Deion's smile fades and he continues, "She did do a pretty shitty thing though... I'm sorry she did that to you."

"It's fine." Aarav lies.

"We both know it isn't. No one likes being humiliated. Plus, it's pretty inappropriate to announce any sexual contact you've had with someone even if they felt something." Deion says.

"I guess..." Aarav says, his head hanging low. He begins to hug himself.

Deion lifts up Aarav's chin, "You alright?"

"Uh..." Aarav's heart begins to beat so hard and fast he could barely think.

"I know this is all hard... But it'll fix itself. Everything will be ok." Deion comforts.

"Oh... Uh, thanks." Aarav stutters.

Deion gives him a smile and looks from his eyes to his lips. What is he doing? Aarav asked himself. But, before he could figure it out, Deion stops and pulls away.

"Let's get back to class," Deion says, opening the stall.

"No," Aarav says, "I can't."

"Sure you can!" Deion encourages, coming back into the stall. "Just be normal Aarav and tell them to fuck off." Deion smiles.

Aarav scoffs. He doesn't get it, he thinks. The only reason he was ever like this was that he had to protect himself and his reputation. Now that was all ruined and he had no motivation to be an asshole anymore.

"Look, Reddy-"

"Call me Rav." Aarav says.

Deion gives a smile, "Rav... Right. Look, Rav, don't let them get you down. You're stronger than this! Regardless of how much of a sheep you are under all that wolf you got going on. You're much stronger than you think. You aren't just some guy who just got humiliated. Now come on, we gotta go."

"She touched me." Aarav spits out.


"Breeanna... She touched me. I didn't want her to but she did. Man, it sounds stupid coming out of my mouth." Aarav chuckles sadly.

"What?!" Deion shouts.

"Shush!" Aarav says, checking his surroundings.

"You should've told me! You should've told someone!" Deion exclaims.

"I'm a boy... I'm supposed to like it."

"Just because you're a goddamn boy doesn't mean you aren't allowed to feel uncomfortable when some bitch touches you inappropriately. Sexual assault happens to everyone, Rav." Deion says angrily.

"I wouldn't say it's a sexual assault..." Aarav says shyly.

"Did she touch you inappropriately? Did you tell her to stop?" Deion asks.

"Well... Yeah... But-"

"No, no buts. That's sexual assault. That fucking bitch." Deion slams the stall door open and rushes out the bathroom.

Aarav had an awfully bad feeling about this.

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