Deion & Aarav

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That bitch was gonna be dead. His whole life he made it a goal to always be respectful to women in honor of his mother, but that stopped now. He was going to take it all out on her. Brian's death and Quincy's death would fuel what he was about to do.

He saw her in the midst of the crowd. Her blonde hair moved with her every turn. "Hey!" Deion shouts.

"Oh... Are you here to defend your boyfriend?" Breeanna says with an evil smile.

"Listen here you bitch, you have no right to put your nasty little fucking hands on anyone. Not a man, not a woman, not a fucking dog. You're disgusting and I hope you rot in fucking hell you little-" Deion raised his fist and was stopped during his speech.

Breeanna sat there wide-eyed. "Deion, stop!" Aarav shouts.

"Oh, they are boyfriends." Breeanna chuckles.

Deion huffed heavily and began to slowly walk away. He wanted to turn back around and beat the hell out of her. After all, what did he have to lose? He didn't have Quincy or Brian nor did he have a family that actually gave a shit. But then, he remembered. He did have something to lose. His many years of trying to get perfect grades would die. But then, he remembered that grades were such a small piece of importance after someone close to you has died. He began to turn back around and stomps back towards her.

Aarav pulls a football move and gets in front of Deion, pushing him back with all the strength he could.

"You better let me go, fullback," Deion warns when they get far away from everyone.

"No deal, QB," Aarav smirks. "Look, let's just leave today. I don't wanna be here and you need to calm down so... Let's just go." Aarav suggests.

"Your family will be pretty upset..."

"They are always upset with me. Come on." Aarav says. With that, they both walk out the nearest door and towards the trail near the school.

"I always love to come here," Aarav confesses.


"Well, why do you like that bridge?" Aarav asks.

"Gotcha." Deion smiles.

They find a spot that was closed off and secretive and they sat there. They both listened to the cicadas and birds singing and feeling the light breeze grace their skin. Aarav sighed, "Can we stay here forever?" He asks.

"I'm afraid not." Deion smiles.

After a small pause, Aarav speaks. "I want a tell you something."

"Alright, go ahead."

"I've always hated you. Always." Aarav says.

"Wow, thanks."

"You didn't let me finish," Aarav complains, "I always thought you were better than me. You got better grades, everyone seemed to love you, no one made fun of you, and you were the quarterback. I was just a fullback who got bad grades and got called a faggot since second grade,"

"Rav... I-"

"But now I know that it wasn't all true. I have my struggles, but so do you. We're more alike than I thought we were." Aarav finishes.

They both sat in silence for a couple of seconds until finally, "I'm sorry I made you feel inferior." Deion says.

"No... It was my fault. I compared myself to you. Now, look where I am. I guess all my bad decisions have finally caught up to me." Aarav chuckles.

"Are you kidding me?! You think her touching you like that was some kind of sick payback from God or the universe?!" Deion shouts. Aarav gives a nod. "Well, it's fucking not. No one deserves that, especially you. You didn't deserve what happened, remember that." Deion says.

Aarav looks over at Deion and looks back and forth between the ground and Deion. Before he could react, Deion was grabbed into a heartfelt hug. Deion began to hug back and Aarav laid his head on Deion's shoulder making Deion smile like an idiot.

Why does this feel so nice? Deion wondered. He always got hugs from Quincy, but this felt different.

"It's gonna be ok." Deion comforts, rubbing Aarav's back slowly.

Deion could feel Aarav's heartbeat and his breath both turn strange. His heart began to beat quickly and hard and his breath grew shaky.

"Rav?" Deion asked. With that, he hears silent sobbing. "Oh, Rav. Man, it's alright." He hugs him tighter.

"T-thank you." Aarav says shakily.

Deion pulls away and looks into Aarav's eyes. "I'll always be here, Rav. Come to me when you need me. I promise I'll be there for you."

Aarav nods and buries his head into Deion's shoulder. Deion smiles once again and wraps his arms around Aarav.

"Everything feels like... Like it's f-falling apart." Aarav sobs.

"I know. I feel that way too. But, you know what? It may be falling apart now, but to build something new, someone else must fall apart." Deion encourages, only partly believing what he is saying himself.

"I suppose y-you're r-right." Aarav sniffs.

"Oh no, I am right." Deion jokes, making Aarav giggle. It sounded like music to Deion and it made his heart flutter and his stomach do a little dance. He had to hear it again. "You think I'm joking, but I'm not. I'm always right." Deion jokes again.

Aarav chuckles, "No way!"

"Oh, yes I am," Deion says confidently.

Aarav giggles again and Deion sighs in happiness. He lays down, taking Aarav with him.

"Woah, I didn't wanna lay down!" Aarav shouts.

"You are now," Deion says with a smirk. Aarav stares into Deion's eyes and Deion stares back. Why are his eyes such a nice brown? Deion asks himself.

"Deion?" Aarav asks.

"Yeah, Rav?"

"What if... What if I've lost my way? Like I've gone too far off the deep end and I'll never have a great life. What if my parents always are angry at me or I will always live with them or I'll always be angry and stubborn?" Aarav asks.

"You can change that stuff, you know? You can change yourself. You just gotta work for it. It might take a long or short time, but it takes time for sure. I mean, you already seem to be changing. You just told me why you hated me and that you feel different and you're showing your emotions... Not to mention you're talking to me. I think you can do it." Deion smiles.

"Really? You really think so?" Aarav asks.

"I know so," Deion says with a smile.

Aarav smiles back and lays his head on Deion's chest. Deion knew this must be a strange thing to do and knew if anyone saw he'd be incredibly embarrassed, but he liked it too much to stop it.

He sighed again, relaxing and closing his eyes. "This is a nice place," Deion says.

"I know. That's why I love it so much." Aarav said, making Deion smile. Everything about Aarav just got better and better every day. His voice, his smile, his hair, and eyes. Everything was just so special and beautiful about this boy to Deion, but he didn't know why he admired him so much. Sometimes, much to Deion's discomfort, he found himself admiring Aarav's lips. They looked so soft that Deion wanted his fingertips to glaze across them, or possibly even better, for his lips to sync again them in harmony.

He didn't understand why he felt this way, he just knew he liked and didn't like it all at once and it drove him crazy.

Deion did something he definitely will regret. Deion moved his hand towards Aarav's lips and he slowly takes his thumb and swipes it down Aarav's bottom lip. It was just as soft as Deion thought it would be.

Oh no, what did I just do?! That was so weird, Deion! He shouts at himself.

"I-I'm sorry."

Aarav looks at him with a look Deion couldn't put down. "It's... It's fine." Aarav says nervously.

"No, it's not I totally... That was weird. I-"

"Deion, chill." Aarav says, making Deion's heart stop.

"You said my name," Deion says with a smile.

"Don't flatter yourself." Aarav retorts.

Deion chuckles, "There's the Rav we all know."

"Oh, shut up!" Aarav shouts, making Deion chuckle even harder.

Aarav punches Deion in the shoulder playfully, "Ow, you've killed me!" Deion jokes.

Aarav giggles, "You'll live."

"But you won't!" Deion shouts, standing up and chasing Aarav around the forest. They both giggled as they ran and ran around. Deion finally caught Aarav and picked him up. "Got ya!"

"No!" Aarav giggles.

Goddamn, he's cute, Deion thinks.

Aarav kicks and kicks, trying to get away from him. Deion pretends Aarav got him and lets him go. "You bastard, get back here!" Deion says, running after a giggling Aarav.

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