Deion & Aarav

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How could that asshole just leave like that? Not to mention his gross touch felt so strange... Not normal definitely. It probably just meant he was allergic to his touch, right? He can't be nervous around him or anything so it was just disgust. It had to be!

A slight part of him liked the strange feeling of disgust, but it was wrong. He wasn't a fairy and he never would be! Get that thought out of your head! Breeanna was with him and he wasn't going to let that disgusting feeling ruin it. Not even the constant memory of Deion biting his lip in concentration will fuck this up! He has a girlfriend to attend to and he has her in his clutches. Wrapped around his little finger until prom. Then, and only then, can he let her go.

Deion biting his lip. No! Only think of Breeanna. Think of girls, not boys you disgusting freak!

"Ramachandra?" His mother shouted from downstairs.

He rolled his eyes, "Yes?" He shouted back.

"Do your chores today." She shouted and he groaned. This day just keeps getting better, huh?


After his chores, he snuck out to see Breeanna in her bedroom.

"Hey, baby." She said, kissing his cheek.

Aarav tried his best not to wipe off her wet kisses, but they did feel gross.

"Hey, darling." He smirked.

"We can have some fun tonight, baby." She giggled, pulling him further into her room and onto the bed. She kissed his lips for seconds, then minutes, then more minutes. Aarav only felt uncomfortable. Contrary to popular belief, he has never kissed anyone.

He felt her tongue graze his lips and he pushed her away without meaning it. She fell onto the ground.

"I- I'm sorry Bree..." He said, holding back the urge to just leap out the two-story window.

"You... You threw me!" She said, shocked.

"No! I didn't mean to. You just shocked me... I-" He blushed in embarrassment.

"You didn't want to kiss me... That's why! All guys want to make out and fuck girls. Have you not done that or am I just gross?" Breeanna interrogated.

Aarav gulped and Breeanna gasped, "Oh! You have a tiny dick! Or possibly you're a little fag!" Breeanna shouted sharply.

Aarav sunk into the bed. He found himself wishing a void would open and swallow him whole.

"You don't wanna do this with me, then do it with yourself! Get out!" Breeanna demanded.

"No! No, I do!" Aarav defended.

Breeanna gave a smile, "Then come here..." Aarav reluctantly walked towards Breeanna and she grabbed his face. Within seconds, her tongue entered his mouth. He wanted so bad to push her away and go home maybe wash out his mouth five thousand times too, but he couldn't fuck it up. This was his reputation! Breeanna was awfully too popular for Aarav to let her think he was gay or a virgin. She lifted up his shirt and took it over his head.

Breeanna started kissing his chest. Aarav felt this strange sinking feeling. He knew it wasn't good, but he didn't know what to call it.

"You ready, baby?" Breeanna asked, undoing his pants. Aarav felt a sense of urgency. He needed to get out now.

Aarav pulled back and grabbed his shirt. "I gotta go, bye."

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" Breeanna asks.

"I'm leaving, Bree. That's all I'm gonna say." Aarav opened the window and climbed onto the tree.

"You'll regret this you asshole!" Breeanna shouted after him. He ignores her and jumps down as he gets closer to the ground. He takes no time to run as quickly as he can away from the house.

He knows this will come back to kick his ass later, but he doesn't care. He couldn't go through with it. He always made the excuse that he was waiting for the right time to kiss girls he was with, but it was all a lie. He never wanted to even touch those girls, but he preferred not to be called a faggot or a virgin anymore. He just wanted to feel normal, like he belonged. Deion Brown always belonged, Aarav never did. That's another reason why Deion is such a menace in Aarav's life.

Why did Deion have to be so perfect when Aarav was just some stupid little wimp who can't even kiss or touch a girl without feeling uncomfortable? He was nothing, he was a failure. Even worse, he had to marry this stupid girl he didn't even know. He was meeting her tomorrow and he couldn't be less enthusiastic. What a great gift to be given a wife you know nothing about! Fuck his father, fuck stupid traditions, fuck that stupid girl he has to marry, and fuck marriage. It's all some stupid game you're forced to play and the stereotype of marriage and love is way overrated. Aarav had no feelings for anyone, not even himself. You know what? Fuck love too. Fuck it all.

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