Conflicted Affection

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I still can't speak even when I feel better. The loud sound of a door hitting the wall makes me yelp in shock.

"Come on, boys!" shouts a British man.

Ryland looks at me and my leg in shock. He looks over my body, opening his mouth before the man speaks again, "Hurry!"

Ryland gets the tape off of me, earning a tiny yelp from me, "Sorry," He apologizes sincerely, "Come on, baby." He says, earning a blush from me in response.

I love when he calls me that, I think as he holds onto my waist and helps me toward the steps. He grunts as he makes his way up the stairs with my weight on his shoulders.

A tall, dark skinned man stands at the top of the steps, looking around anxiously, "Nice to see you, Ryland."

"Nice to see you too, Mr. Andrew Crane." Ryland smiles as Andrew begins to lead him around the old looking house and toward what I assume is the front door.

Before we can open the door, a knife is thrown in my direction. Ryland knocks me out of the way, causing the door to be the victim of the knife.

"How is he ok?!" The middle aged woman asks.

"Adelane knows." Is all Mr. Crane says, earning shocked looks from everyone except Mr. Crane as well as the young woman sneaking up behind him.

She knocks the woman out with a pan, "Hello, Dillan. Ryland." she says turning to me and Ryland then back at Mr. Crane, "I suppose that's why Ryland used to call me Repunzel when he was a young boy." I wonder how she knows my name, but I forget about it all when Ryland speaks.

"I said that because of your long hair that you refused to cut until last year." says Ryland.

"Whatever, Prince Charming." She says, earning a jealous pang in my heart.

"I'm not Prince Charming." He protests.

"You sure are in Dillan's eyes. I always predicted you would get a Prince Charming even when you seemed to only like girls." She says to Ryland. What she said makes me less jealous, but I am still concerned with who she is.

"Oh, and no need to be jealous, Prince Charming, Ryland is and forever will be all yours." She says to me, winking.

"Uh.." I begin, about to finish until she cuts me off.

"I'm Adelane. I healed your wounds! Also, sorry for reading your mind, I'm still working on controlling that power." She says smiling. I try to process what she had said, but she speaks again, "Let's go kick more ass and save more friends." She says purely regardless of the swearing.

Ryland grabs my hand and leads me with them, holding onto me like I am a ledge saving him from a fall.

Mr. Crane turns around to face us, "Go back, Ryland. Take Dillan to safety, please. Its for the best." He says with an agreement from Adelane.

"What if you guys don't get back?" He asks.

"Adelane is very powerful...You should know this by now. She has everything under control. Take Dillan and go, now!" Mr. Crane demands.

Ryland doesn't make an attempt to protest again as he remains to hold my hand tightly while we make our way back to the front door. He opens the door and rushes out with me right behind him.

"Listen, Dillan," He begins while panting and running, "I'm gonna have to shift really soon. I can find my way around as a wolf much easier and I can protect you more effectively. We gotta get into the woods so I can shift, ok?" I nod my head, "Ok. When I shift back you'll most likely see me naked...But I assume one day it'll happen anyways."

I chuckle for a bit as he leads me into the woods. He lets go of my hand and faces me. He doesn't bother to change out of his clothes this time and his clothes rip as he switches to his wolf form.

I quickly get on his back, preparing for a fast and terrifying ride.

He dashes through the forest, looking this way and that and easily dodging obstacles. I reach around to wrap my arms around his belly and hold onto him tightly, hoping that we get to safety quickly and without getting lost.


I shake my leg anxiously while I wait for Ryland to come back from the bathroom.

I, indeed, did see him naked once again. But this time, he expected it and I am less shocked about it. We found refuge in this tiny cottage--which Ryland says was his grandfathers that they always have the key to. He said it was always their hideout for things like this.

Finally, I hear a door creak open and Ryland's voice comes through, "Dillan?"

"Yeah?" I ask quietly.

He doesn't reply but instead comes up behind me and wraps his arms around me, "We're going to get through this. We'll have everything back to normal very soon. I know this is scary, but I will not let them take our lives away. I love you." He tells me softly before kissing my cheek and laying his head on my shoulder.

"I love you too." I play with his hair.

The door suddenly bursts open, "Oh my god you're ok!" my mom shouts. I get up and run towards her, pulling her into a tight hug.

"Is everyone out safely?" I ask, pulling away.

"Yes. They'll all be here soon." she smiles at me.

"Where are they?"

"In a separate house for safety." she sighs, "I'm so glad you boys are ok." a tear rolls down her face.

Now its Ryland's turn to hug her. He pulls her in and lets her cry on his shoulder, "We'll make sure everything remains safe for you and your family." he promises.

"Thank you. I love you boys!" she sobs, earning a smile from me.

The door bursts open again, making my mother scream.

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