Conflicted Affection

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The crowd applauds as Dillan kisses Ryland happily in their black suits.

"Toast!" shouts one of their past enemies, Michael Kearney. "Alright... Now, I am as shocked as everyone else to be here... But, even though its not an excuse, I had a very hard life and the only way to get through it was to ruin others lives. Just like Ryland's... I was always jealous of his seemingly perfect life. But, boy was I wrong about the perfect part. He was nothing but tolerant to my constant bullshit, and I give him props for that." giggles are heard through the crowd, "I only subsided that reason of bullshit after I saw the googly eyes Dillan would make at Ryland in health class every day in 7th and 8th grade."

"Hey!" Dillan yells.

"Everyone knew!" Michael retorts back, earning more giggles. "I continued with the bullshit because my dumb ass self thought it would help Dillan admit how he felt. Yet, I only drove them farther apart. One day, they found me once again and they were finally together without my schemes. I finally told my old best friend everything I kept from him and I finally apologized to Ryland. These two great people forgave and accepted me when I was the worst person ever to them... That's why they deserve this toast, and that's why they deserve to finally freely give each other googly eyes all they want. To Dillan and Ryland!" Michael shouts, taking a big gulp of red wine.

"To Dillan and Ryland!" Everyone shouts back, making the two grooms smile.

"My turn!" Sean shouts, standing on a table to get the most attention possible. "Ryland didn't always accept his feelings for Dillan... In fact, it was a challenge for him. He thought it was wrong and tried to ignore his feelings. Oh, but it didn't work, boys and girls." Only a few people giggle at that, but it make it funnier in the end, especially when Max rolled his eyes behind him. "They fell into each others arms in the end and here they are! So, ha! Loser! Give me my money Mr. Hilton!" Sean shouts and jumps down from the table.

"What?" Ryland asks, making Sean stop.

"Mr. Hilton and me made a bet. I bet that you guys would fall in love and..." Sean hinted at the mate part, "He bet that you would be enemies forever. Therefore, he owes me money." Sean winks mischievously before running toward Mr. Hilton's table.

"Oh my goodness..." Ryland complains, making Dillan chuckle.

Now it was Max's turn to step onto the table. "I never thought I would be here with a wife. I was always one for pessimism and thought love was impossible... Ryland was the one with hope who told me it would happen no matter what, as it does for us all. I refused to believe him, until it happened. Now I have a beautiful wife and a beautiful group of friends and family all around me. I wouldn't have done it without that tiny bit of hope Ryland would give me, even if I dug it deep inside me. And Dillan...I didn't trust him at first. Then again, I don't trust anyone. I saw him as a bully, a traitor, someone who isn't good enough for my little brother... But that wasn't it at all. Just like love, I was wrong about my views. You can't find two people more perfect for each other, unless you include his parents or Lela and Sean... But that's not the point!" Sadie, his mate and wife, giggles. "The point is...their love is special and never ending. I'm so proud that my little brother could finally find true love and I'm proud of Dillan for being so loyal to him and my whole family. Thank you, Dillan." He gulps his wine down in one sip and is gifted an applause.

"To the two grooms!" says Dillan's father, making Dillan smile even bigger than before.

"I love you, Dillan." Ryland whispers to him in the chaos of the crowd as the dancing begins.

Dillan giggles, "I love you too. I'm just happy we could get over that fight three years ago... I was afraid we would never be the same."

"I wouldn't let that happen, no matter how angry I was. You're my life and there's no way I would let a stupid fight take you away from me." Ryland says, kissing him on the cheek softly.

"Oooh!" Sean says from a table over, chuckling at himself.

"Shut up!" Ryland shouts, giggling as well before giving his husband a peck on the lips and a warm smile. "I love you."

"I love you too, Ryland." Dillan whispers to him, holding his hand tightly and laying his head on his shoulder.

Ryland caresses his head as he relaxes, until eventually they are both dragged toward the dance floor against their will.

Regardless, they dance all night together with happy smiles and acceptance from each and every person they love and have no stress whatsoever. It's all so perfect.

Just you wait until they get children.

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