Conflicted Affection

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While I ask myself what the hell I was going to do, I just sit down in the grass, remembering how close I was to being friends with him. I wonder what will happen now.

Then, I hear a howl from a distance, and it sounds almost as if a dog, maybe even bigger than a dog, was in pain.

Soon enough, I hear a loud growl and before I knew it, a dark brown, almost black wolf pounces on my chest and keeps attempting to bite me. He begins scratching my skin, drawing some blood and ripping my clothes. Before the wolf could bite me, a grey wolf with a bleeding leg struggles to pounce on the other, whimpering and losing balance as he fought him, the wolf can barely move, can barely fight. The brown wolf pushes him away into a tree and it begins sprinting towards me at full speed, and I begin to scramble to my feet. But the grey wolf howls and the wolf coming towards me, inches away from granting me my doom, stops and his eyes widen. He looks back at the other wolf, then back at me, and ran toward the other wolf, sniffing him and a pack of wolves are now in sight.

The brown wolf whimpers in the direction of the pack. One of the wolves, the biggest one with deep black and brown fur, pushes him to the side with his hips and goes to go sniff the grey wolf. The wolves look toward me, the grey one gives me a yelp and tries to get up, but the big wolf stops him.

I am pretty much in awe at this point to what is happening, to why the wolves are acting this way. Granted, I don't really know much about wolves, so maybe it can be more normal than I think. But, dang this is weird. All I can really do is lay there on the ground, mind jumbling as it searches for what to do, but nothing is coming up. I guess the wolves were thinking the same, simply because they keep looking at each other then me, as if asking each other what to do. But then, the grey wolf began staring at me, and the pack of wolves jolt their attention at the grey wolf and I began asking myself if they are speaking to each other in some way.

The brown wolf who attacked me slowly turns it's attention to me and tilts its head, slowly walking toward me. At this point it was fight or flight, and I know I can't fight a damn wolf, so I run, I run as fast as possible in attempts to finding how to get out. Panic arose when I realize, I don't remember how to get out of here, I don't even know these woods! Then my mind becomes jumbled again as it searches for another way out of another mess. No solution comes to mind, and I pretty much lose control of my breath.

The pain of the scratches soon come to my notice. It hurts so bad that all I can do is collapse to my knees and cry on the ground.


I awoke to someone shaking me and a faint voice of a woman.

"Dillan! Please, Dillan, wake up." The voice fades in, and I soon realize it was my mothers, and she is sobbing, "Oh, god."

"No, ma'am, you can't shake him! I know you're in shock but you need to stop for his safety, okay?" A strong, confident mans voice comes in.

The dialing of numbers can be heard and the man begins talking, "We got a young man injured near South Venture Street and we need paramedics. This is Officer Bryson."


Soon enough, sirens are heard and I can hear a tiny group of people chatting, some shouting commands.

Soon I feel more aware, and I began focusing on the conversation. I am calm and relaxed, focusing on every sound and smell I sense, but my concentration ends as I was greeted by a shooting, burning sensation in my arms and a liquid pouring down it. I jolt up, shouting.

"Hey! No, no relax and lay back down." A lady says to me, laying her cold hands on my hand and laying me back down on my back.

The pain begins to get so bad, I start crying and nearly shouting, "It's burning, it's burning, help!" I sob.

"It's ok, we got you." The lady says, wrapping a bandage around my arm. My eyes slowly open and the blurriness stopped just enough to reveal my mom in front of me, tears in her eyes. "We have to take him to the hospital. You can come if you'd like."

"Of course." says mom.

They begin putting me on a stretcher and into the paramedic van. They rush off as fast as possible, sirens blaring. My whole body begins burning as if I was actually on fire. I am afraid I can lose my mind at how much it's hurting.


We get to the hospital and they put me to sleep, just so the pain would stop and they could operate. When I awake I swear it feels as if my body was new, except with bandages that feel really weird on me. They tell me to take medicine for any pain and use neosporin on the less severe cuts and to make sure they stay clean.

We go to check out and I notice from outside of the rectangular, long windows, that it is nighttime.

When we get into the car, mom sighs and looks at me, clearly ready to yell, but she doesn't.

"Listen, I know you're hurt and I'm too happy that you're alive to yell at you, but why in the hell were you in the woods and what happened?"

"Ryland and me.. We had a fight, so I followed him into the woods-"

"Did he hurt you?!"

"No mom, there were wolves and one of them hurt me. Ryland would never hurt anyone, trust me. We just had an argument, I should have just let him go."

Mom sighs once more, accepting my explanation, "Ok. Just know, you're grounded. Not grounded from electronics, not this time, but from leaving the house other than to go to school or anything needed. No party's and no taking Alexa anywhere, I will do that. Got it?" She really hits me when she says no taking Alexa anywhere, but what I did was stupid so I understand. I mean who knows what else could have happened, and I don't think mom trusts me all that much right now.

"Got it." I reply.

"Don't worry, I'll tell Alexa so you don't have to break her heart." She pauses, "Oh, and I know you can fix things with Ryland. He seems like a nice kid. If not, maybe it wasn't meant to be. Either way, it'll be ok." She gives me a weak smile and I give her one in return, then the car goes silent, but in a soothing way, throughout the whole drive home.

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