Fields of Clover

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Yevette Feilds

As the three of you stride out through the lobby of the country club, as the reality of what you have just done begins to set in.. "Oh my god, you guys.. Did I really just do that?"

Patrick stops outside, on the stairs leading down to where the valet has already pulled his car around and is patiently waiting.. The low orange afternoon sun casting long shadows across the front gardens.. "That was somethin' princess.. You okay?"

Ellerie flicks her reddish hair over her shoulder and grins.. "I think it was bad ass.. Total fucking baller move, Yevie!" He tosses her a scowl and a head shake before turning back to you with his worried puppy eyes..

You look up at his handsome features, the lines of concern written around his searching eyes.. "No, she's right, Patrick.. It was pretty badass.." You share a smile of solidarity with your new friend..

"I'm not debatin' that.. But.." He shifts uncomfortably.. For the first time you begin to see a real crack in his confident facade..

"I know.. I just wrote myself out of the family inheritance.. I don't care. I still have the trust my mother set up before she died and my job at Carrington Corp is respectable.."

He rubs the back of his neck.. "It's not that sweetheart.. I know you'll be fine when it comes to all that.." Glancing over at Ellerie he gives her a knowing look..

"Hunter Paxton?" She raises an eyebrow as the three of you make your way down to the Silver BMW..

"Yeah. Fuckin' Paxton.. What the fuck was that?" Patrick opens the front passenger door for you..

Ellerie looks over to the valet who is now retuning with her car, parking it behind Patrick's BMW.. "How are you going to handle him?" She asks..

You linger in the doorway, not quite getting in, hoping to hear the rest of their conversation.. Patrick doesn't fight you on it.. "I'm not.. Iris and West can deal with Paxton. He's not my priority.." As his eyes go back to you, his expression softens.. "Let's go, princess.."

You nod emphatically.. You want that more than anything.. Before you slide into the seat you call out to Ellerie.. "It was nice to meet you Ellerie.. I mean.. Not the circumstances obviously, but--"

She laughs and pulls open the door to her red mini.. "It was great to finally meet you too, I'll see you soon Yevie.. Remember what I told you!" You pull your door closed and Patrick starts the ignition..

"Will you come back to my place tonight, princess?" He turns to you, all sexy and smouldering, the crackle of your magnetic energies rippling through your body, making your heart skip several beats..

You nod, a little surprised by his bold question.. "I will.. But when we get there, I want to tell you the truth.. And then, you're going to do the same.."

He swallows hard .. But never looks away from your eyes.. "Alrite'.."

That was way too easy.. Is it really like Ellerie said, did you just have to ask?

No.. it wasn't that simple .. Because in order to ask.. You have to tell.. You can't expect him to be truthful with you if you can't be honest with him.. That's not how a real relationship works..

"I'm.. Scared, Patrick.. I'm scared that you will feel differently about me once I tell you everything.." You speak softly, almost hoping he can't hear your confession..

"Me too.. So, we've got that in common princess.." He pulls the car out of the country club driveway and heads in the opposite direction of your apartment..

You settle back into the soft leather of the seat and close your eyes.. You feel Patrick's large, warm hand slide into yours in your lap and you give a little squeeze.. You ride like this in a comfortable silence for ten minutes before Patrick is pulling into the parking garage of an expensive looking high rise..

"You live here?" You look up out the window as the building disappears from view above you..

He chuckles.. "Where'd ya think I lived?"

You shrug your shoulders, a little embarrassed by the assumptions you had made.. "I don't know.. Downtown?"

He laughs, a deep rumbling that you feel reverberate in your chest.. "Once upon a time, princess.." He grins at you before jumping out and jogging around the front of the car to open your door.. He offers his hand to help you out and you take it, the contact immediately sending a jolt of desire to your core..

"The puppy who became a prince?" You tease and he grins even wider, those dimples working overdrive..

"I'm no puppy.. And I definitely ain't no prince.. But you sure are real sweet Yeeves.." You take his arm as he walks you to an elevator which he opens with a chip on his car key.. He leads you in and presses the button for the top floor..

You peer up at him, completely puzzled.. This guy, this gorgeous, caring, fun guy just continues to surprise you..

He grins down at you and wiggles his eyebrows playfully.. "Who are you?" You're half joking.. But half wondering just that..

" I'm jus' me princess.. I promise.. " The elevator pings open and you pass through a small entry to the door, on which he opens three separate locks before swinging it open, stepping aside for you to enter..

You cross the threshold, eager to see what's inside.. His apartment is light and airy, White walls and high ceilings, with striking navy blues, yellow accents and quirky artworks.. It's.. Kind of perfect.. "Patrick.. Your apartment is.. So like you.." You smile, spinning around to take it all in.. His Vinyl collection, his industrial style furniture, how clean and neat everything is..

"It is?" You take a few steps, closing the distance between you in the centre living room.. You bring your hands up to his chest as he takes you gently by the waist and tucks you close to him, pressing the full legnth of himself against you..

"Well, It's incredibly warm and cozy.. mmmm, and its somewhere you immediately feel comfortable.. And safe.. So yeah, it's perfect.." You feel the tension seep out of his shoulders in your embrace..

"You are the only perfect thing here princess.." He leans down right as you tilt up to meet him.. Your lips collide in a heated kiss, a kiss that threatens to take your sanity away along with your worries, the delicious way his tongue rolls over yours in a sensuous rhythm numbs your doubts into nothingness..

You press your soft chest against his hard ridges, small moans escaping your throat which he captures in his mouth..

"Mmm fuck.. Yevie.. I thought you wanted to talk.." He pulls back slightly, although it appears to be taking all of his willpower..

You slide your fingers into his golden hair and grip the silky strands roughly in your fists.. He groans and you feel his hardness twitch against your belly..

"Later, baby.." You whisper, pulling him back down to kiss you again, his hands moving to your ass as he scoops you up.

You wrap your legs around his waist and he carries you through to his master bedroom..

He sits on the edge of the bed with you on his lap.. You grind your hips forward, the long drawn out foreplay from months of flirtatious friendship has now culminating in a passionate wildfire that is fast consuming you..

"Yevie.. Are you sure about this.. About me?" His hands continue their stroking and rubbing, wandering up and down your sides and over your ass..

You bring a finger to his lips.. "Shhhh.. I'm sure.."

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