Fields of Clover

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Patrick O'connor

If Yevie wants me to shut up, I'll gladly shut up.

She peers at me with those molten eyes, and I can feel the heat from her pussy through my suit pants.. She moves over me with the confidence of a woman who knows her own body and isn't afraid to take what she needs.. If that's the way she wants it, I'd be willing to let go of the reigns.. For her.. "Tell me what you want Yevie.."

"I want you, Patrick.." She takes my hands and brings them up to her breasts.. I feel their weight in my palms and they swell beneath her dress as I cup them and tease her nipples with my thumbs through the slinky fabric..

Her lips come back to mine as her hands pluck at the buttons of my dress-shirt.. She pushes the material back from my shoulders and digs her nails into the muscle there.. The pain is sharp, but a fucking turn on.. "Jeezuz hellcat.. You're drivin' me fuckin' crazy.."

My cock is pulsing behind my zipper, straining to bust free. She shoves me in the chest, and I allow myself to fall back onto the bed.. "Oh, You like that, Marine?"

She toys with the buckle of my belt, undoing it and sliding the leather strap from around my hips.. "Fuckin' A, princess.."

She crawls up to straddle my chest and I watch as she loops the belt around the bar of the bed head and pulls it tight.. Then she takes my hands and lifts them over my head, wrapping the rest of the length around my wrists..
It's not secure.. She knows it.. I know it..

But I also know that's not really the point.. She wants to feel in control here and to be honest, it's hot as fuck and I ain't mad about it. She unzips my pants next, pulling them down just enough for my stiff lad to spring free from my black briefs..

"Shit.." The word whooshes out of her mouth along with her breath.. Her wide eyes glued to my dick..

"What?" I glance down at her, then follow her gaze..

"It's.. Huge.." She sighs..

I chuckle.. I've never had any complaints before, but huge? That seems generous of her.. "All yours, princess.." She reaches out, taking my mickey in her grip, I can't help but let out a hiss of pleasure as her tiny warm hand envelopes my bulging head..

"Mmmm.." She lowers her lips to the tip of my throbbing cock and she kisses the crown before pulling all of me into her hot wet mouth, sucking hard in a fucking mind numbing motion.

"Grruggh.." The air punches out of my lungs.. I grip at the leather strap in and around my hands, the sensation of her swirling tongue reeking havoc on my self control.. She pulls away and slips backwards from the bed to her feet.. I watch, mesmerised, as she slowly slides the zipper on the side of her dress down..

She let's the top half fall to her hips, her perfect round tits and hardened pink nipples are left exposed..

"Mmmm..Goddd.." I groan.. The sight of her alone is enough to send a guy mad.. Her tight toned muscles, and full curves call to me, wanting to be kissed and caressed... And jeezuz, the way she moves her body, the sway of her hips, the grace of her delicate limbs and the flick of her long hair.. Its about the sexiest thing I've ever seen..

Flames of desire lick at my heated flesh as I watch her strip, eager to see all of her.. Every inch.. She let's the dress fall the rest of the way to the floor.. All that is left is a lacey white thong and a pair of black high heels.. Fuck she's lovely..

"Mmm, are you a naughty boy Patrick?" She pushes her hair back off her shoulders, giving me a better view of her body.. A coy, challenging smile spreads across her lips, which are now puffy and pink from kissing my stubbled jaw..

"Uh, fuck yeah I am. Princess, you should punish me.." She hooks her thumbs into the waistband of her underwear and bends sliding them down her slender legs..

As she stands before me, a high society princess with her perfect body, my brain goes into overdrive trying to fight the urge to free myself from the loose binds and ravage her..

But she needs the power here, I want her to know that I could never pressure her, never hurt her or use her.. I need her to understand that I would give anything, do anything she asked of me... Because whether or not I admit it out loud.. I'm hers.

So I lay there, patiently waiting and watching, getting more and more horned up by the second.. Then she steps out of the sexy shoes and crawls back onto the bed, hovering above me, running a long lick along my shaft on her way up.. Her lips trail over the ink on my abs, up to my chest..

Her warm breath reaches my neck, and the fresh scent of coconut in her flowing hair wraps around me.. She brings her soft lips to mine, licking and nibbling gently.. "And what punishment do you think you deserve?" She pinches at one of my nipples and twists.. Not too hard, but enough to send another rush of blood pumping to my cock..

"I'm pretty sure nothin' you do to me rite' now is gunna feel like punishment, Yevie.." I grin at her, letting her know I can handle whatever rough stuff she wants to throw at me..

"Hmm.. Then what should I do with you, Mr O'connor?" She lowers her wet heat to my cock and slides my length through her slick folds, rubbing her swollen clit against my hardness.. Letting out throaty moans that echo from the cavernous ceiling, all the while..

"You should bring that sweet little pussy up here and sit on my face.."

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