Fields of Clover

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Chapter TWO

Yevette Feilds

You had about a million questions for Patrick as he led you to the car and tucked you into the passenger seat, but you just felt too tired, too beaten to ask any of them.. Today had not been the day you had hoped it would be..

Instead of Zach going to prison and you getting your life back.. He had been completely exonerated!

It's so unfair you could scream.. But you don't.. Because that wouldn't be the ladylike thing to do in the middle of the courthouse parking lot..

Patrick drives the entire fifteen minute journey back to your apartment, allowing you to stew in silence.. When he pulls up out the front and kills the engine of the silver BMW, you don't move.. You can't.. "Yer.. Wannae' go inside, or?.." His sing song Irish accent still gives you tingles, which you try to ignore..

You can tell he's trying to act normal, trying to make you feel comfortable because he knows you don't want to talk about what just happened.. He knows that because you have never talked with him about any of it before.. You've never mentioned Zach, or your father or the trial.. So how did he know to show up today?
You turn to him.. "How did you know where I was today?"

He spins the keys around his finger and flashes his dimples.. "I always know where ya are princess.." A deflection if you've ever heard one..

"Patrick.." You say his name warningly, looking over at him.. He's the most handsome guy you've ever laid eyes on.. Sandy blond hair, short and brushed back, long limbs, and lean toned muscles.. His squared jaw accentuated by the straight line of his nose and two smouldering eyes, deeper and bluer than the ocean..

You've been friends for a few months now, and nothing has happened.. Patrick never made a move and you certainly weren't going to, with your crazy stalker ex on the loose and all, that seemed like asking for trouble..
Still you can't help but wonder what it would be like to kiss his perfect pouty lips..

He lifts his hands in surrender.. "Alrite' alrite'.. Honey told me where yer'd be, and that you could maybe use a friend, is'all.."

Of course she did.. Honey Sinclaire - your best friend - is a sweet southern belle with a big heart.. She had been so anxious about missing the trial and not being there for you .. But she had a pretty good excuse, let's face it, delivering a baby is probably a higher priority than you..

"That was sweet of her.." You look up at your apartment building, then back at Patrick.. "I suppose you'd better come in so we can talk.. I should have been more honest with you about some things.."

He reaches across and takes your hand, lifting it to his lips and kissing the back of it softly.. "Yevie, you don' have te' tell me anythin' ya don't want to.."

Your heart does a little loop-de-loop in your chest at the contact and the way he says your name.. It's been a while since a man set your pulse pounding like he does.. Actually, no man has ever made your heart race the way Patrick does.. "Are you saying you don't want to come upstairs?"

"I'll go wherever you want me to go, princess.." He smiles at you, broad and genuine.. He's so kind.. So caring.. So sexy..
Making you want to lean over and kiss him right there..

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