Fields of Clover

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Chapter TWENTY

Yevette Feilds

You look down at the spectacular hunk beneath you as you straddle his manhood.. His rigid masculinity glides along the slippery folds between your thighs as you smoothly rock over him, teasing him..

His blue eyes shine with the glint of mischief at the dare he just issued, as well as the promise of pleasure..

On all fours you crawl further up the mattress, bringing your aroused essence to his hungry mouth.. His tongue delves deep into you and he grunts in satisfaction as he begins to feast on you, devouring you as if you were his last meal.. "Mmmmm fuck, baby.. You taste like lemonade.."

You giggle.. "What?"

You look down at him and he drops his head back to grin at you, his lips glossy with your wetness.. "You heard me sweetness.."

He dives back in and your muscles tense.. Electricity zips through you like shooting sparks as he laps at your sensitive pink pearl with the flat of his hot tounge.. "Ohh.. God, Patrick.. That feels so fucking good.. Mmmm.." You straighten up your back, bringing your hands to the top of the headboard for support..

You can see that one of Patrick's hands is still tangled in the leather belt, has come free.. but he still keeps it above his head, beside the other..

Your heart squeezes in your chest at the gesture.. That he would relinquish control to you so willingly and not try to wrestle it back, even though he easily could, allows you to feel powerful and bold.. Your hips begin to move with the rhythm of his mouth, and you head falls back..

A burning liquid lava sensation pools between your legs, and your mind empties out until there is nothing but the sounds of your whimpering heaving breath.. "Ohhh god, Patrick.. I'm cuming!" You cry out and it spurs him on, his groans grow louder and his tongue presses harder into you, swirling inside your clenching tunnel as your body vibrates.. Constricting and releasing in blow after blow of pure bliss..

You slide off to the side, tugging at the leather belt around his right wrist as you do and freeing his arm.. "I don't think we need this.." You sigh, smiling as you lay back on the soft pillows..

He rolls onto his side to face you, propping himself up on one elbow he wipes his mouth with the back of his hand and grins at you.. He's so gorgeous, you don't know what you did to deserve such a god-like man, who apparently, is also the equivalent of sexual dynamite..

"Fuck me, you're too bloody lovely Yevette.." You turn to your side now and lean across to kiss him gently..

"I think you're lovely too, Paddykins.." Your hand reaches out to slide over his shoulder, tracing the lines of his tattooed stripes down his chest, his abs and lower..

He takes your wrist gently lifting your hand away and up to his lips, kissing the back of it.. "I really think we should have that talk now though.. 'Rite?"

You close your eyes and snuggle into his chiseled pecs, wanting to stay in this perfect little bubble just a little longer.. "Right.."

You both sit up, Patrick tucks his still hard member back into his pants before leaning over to pluck his discarded white button down shirt from the floor, which he helps you slip over your naked body..
"You said before ya want'd to tell me the truth, Yevie.. Do yer still?"

You look deep into his eyes and know that you have to tell him.. It's finally time to tell somebody, to let it all out.. "Yes, I do.. And you?"

This is it, the moment your relationship might change forever.. He takes your hand and bows his head ashamedly.. "I gotta princess.. I can't keep lyin' to you.."

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