Fields of Clover

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Yevette Feilds

After a steamy make-out session in the kitchen, Patrick had led you through the bedroom to his bathroom.. Stripping off the white button down and guiding you beneath the even flow of the shower jets.

You watched, hypnotised, while he lathered your body in a bubbly soap that smelled of peppermint and lemongrass.. His hands coasting over your breasts, down your sides and between your thighs to the mount of your arousal before smoothing over your hips and down the cleft of your ass..

You'd let your head loll back into the water, allowing it to rinse the suds from you while his touch and his gaze had wandered all over your curves.. After shutting off the water he had dried you off with a huge fluffy white towel, using gentle massaging stokes to wick the moisture from your clean skin..

The tenderness of his treatment stoking the emotional connection you already feel.. Now, you lay on the bed looking up at his perfectly cut muscle as he stands over you, both hands raised above his head, his hard length dangles heavily in your eye line while he roughly rubs a small towel against his wet hair.

"You are seriously hot.. You know that right?" You lick your lips..

He grins, dimples flashing as his eyes light up.. He drops the towel and sinks to his knees on the floor in front of you.. "I'm seriously hot fer' you, princess.." He growls, his hands gripping the bed either side of your naked thighs.. You can tell he's waiting.. Waiting for you to give him permission. Permission to take what he wants..

There are no secrets between you now, nothing to hold you back.. The voice in your head tells you to be careful, you won't come back from this.. But in your heart, you already know it's too late and you will never recover from the complete package that is Patrick O'connor.. "I'm all yours Paddykins.. Please, baby.. Take me.."

His hands slide over your thighs as his mouth descends to yours.. The kiss ignites you like a firework, and you groan, pulling his shoulders towards you to bring him closer.. He prowls up onto the bed, laying beside you he licks and sucks at your neck, murmuring into your heated flesh .. "Mmmm.. you smell so good.. skins so soft.. perfect.."

His hand dips between your legs to play in your slick folds, he presses two fingers into your wet entrance, stretching and opening you to him, making you cry out..."Ohhhhhh.."
His fingers begin to scissor and pump while his thumb comes to press against your swollen bundle of nerves, circling relentlessly.. You're falling over the edge fast, nerves going electric as you erupt over and over, clenching his still pumping fingers with your tiny muscles.. "Oh.. Patrick... Mmmm.." You heave in breaths while he groans in your ear..

Zach never paid this much attention to your pleasure in all those years.. You had been missing so many pieces your whole life, but now you feel more complete than ever before.. Patrick is the definition of a real man.. Generous, sensitive and skilled as hell!

"Fuck Yevie, the way yer say my name when you cum.. God, the way you squeeze me.. I gotta' feel you wrapped around my cock.." He growls..

You want that too. You want to feel all of him deep inside you, filling you up with his magic muscle, instead of those magic fingers.. "Yesss.. Ohh yess. Fuck me Patrick.."

He slides over you, taking a scorching kiss before lining himself up with your dripping opening.. "Mm, say it again.."

You can feel yourself beginning to stretch open to him already, as he presses into you a little firmer.. "Fuck me Patrick.. Please, now!.." You beg and he gives you what you want.. He pushes into you, slowly but deeply, giving you time to adjust to his thickness.. "Mmmmm ohh!.."

"Fuck, you're so tight.. So wet.. The perfect fit for me, princess.." He growls as his hands press your inner thighs apart, opening you wider, until your knees touch the bedspread, allowing him deeper and deeper access, he brings his thumb back to your aching clit, flicking up and down in time with each thrust of his hips..

You can't tell where he begins and you end as he pushes and presses into you at a sweet, steady pace, your hips rocking up to meet his over and over, each beat taking you to new heights.. "Yess! Right there, oh god!" The coil within you is wound so tight it'll snap any second.. He straightens his ripped core and tilts his pelvis, hitting a new angle so instantly your world shatters..
A white glow blinds you and your mind slips away, leaving nothing but the rolling waves of extacy to crash over you as you chant his name.. "Patrick.. Oh god.. Yes.."

Feeling the grip of your inner walls send him over the edge with you.. When he cums you feel the force of his hot thick eruption deep inside your still pulsing heat.. "Fuuuuuuuuuuck!" His arms give out and he collapses downwards, half on top of you, the thunder of his heart beat pounding against yours..

Your hands slide over his slick sensitive sides and his muscular back and he exhales a satisfied hum.. "You're, perfect princess.." His warm lips and scratchy stubble slide across your neck as warm glow sets over you both and you lay there entwined, catching your breath..

In that perfect moment you realise something.. Something even crazier than the whirlwind drama of your lives..

You are completely in love with Patrick O'connor.

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