Fields of Clover

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Yevette Feilds

The days that follow the firebombing of your apartment pass by in a blur. Kirby deals with the police department and the detective.. Jackson and Archer visited the scene at your building for Specter's investigation..

Meanwhile, Patrick and you haven't had much time alone together to discuss the strange distance that seems to have grown while he was away or the fact that he had used the "B" word.. Boyfriend.

Now you as you both get ready to go to Spectre headquarters, Patrick is being very strange. All morning he's been quiet and has seemed tense.. "Patrick.. What is going to happen today?"

He looks up from the silver wrist watch he's fastening the clasp on.. "Paxton'll conduct an interview to cross reference yer story with the current CIA files.. Iris'll probably have some questions too.. Through, they'll be more for me.."

You check your hair in the mirror before sliding into a neat black dress with a scoop neck and flattering length that shows off your calves.. "When you say interview.." A new nervousness blooms in you, you've "interviewed" with officials before who ended up treating you like the criminal.. You had been doubted and accused of lying whenever you tried to speak out..

"I jus' mean interview princess.. I'll be with ya the whole time.." You nod as he closes the distance between the two of you and puts his hands on your upper arms comfortingly.. "Paxton is a dickhead, but he's not in the Senators pocket, I can promise you that.." You blow out a nervous breath..

"Okay.. Then I'm ready.." You take the elevator down to the parking garage where Patrick's BMW is parked, he opens the door for you and you drive the half hour to Specter's headquarters with only a few more words spoken between you..

When you arrive, Ellerie greets you both and points you to an empty conference room.. Where you wait anxiously for Hunter Paxton to arrive for the interview.. "Breathe princess.." Patrick's reminder is well timed, you are so wound up you are beginning to freak yourself out..

All this talk of Hunter Paxton, but you have no idea what he's going to be like in person.. "Right.. Yeah.. I can do that.."

A rumbling voice interrupts your thoughts and you squeal in surprise turning toward the door..

A tall, broad shouldered man with neatly trimmed blonde hair and a wickedly handsome smile enters the room with a clap..
Immediately you know this is him.. He even looks like a Hunter..
No.. He looks like a Viking.. "Miss Feilds.. Thank you for coming in to talk with me, we all appreciate your assistance.." His smile may be kind but it doesn't quite reach his eyes.. Instead, there is a sadness there.. Maybe even a loneliness..

"I want to help, if I can, Mr Paxton.."

He drops a stack of folders onto the conference table.. "Please, call me Hunter.."

"Only if you call me Yevie.." You smile.

"Deal, Yevie.."

You tell Hunter everything you told Patrick and maybe a little more, that he manages to pry from your memory with his questions..
Questions about your mother, Anderson, about the Senator and Zach.. Through the interview Patrick stays by your side, his eyes never leaving you, always assessing. And to his credit, Hunter is always patient in waiting for your replies, he never forces an answer beyond your comfort.. The whole thing is unpleasant but not as terrible as you had made up to be in your head..

There's a knock on the door and Archer and Jackson come walking in taking a seat at the table, followed by a beautiful older blonde woman in a flawless white pantsuit who can only be Patricks boss, Iris Santiago.. "Alright everybody is here?"

"Wait for us!" Ellerie and Honey come in last, Honey closing the door before taking the seat next to Archer..

"Alright Paxton, let's hear this proposal.." Yep, she's definitely the boss, Iris..
She looks like the boss.. Elegant and confident, she takes her seat at the head of the table like it's her birthright..

Hunter stands and addresses the whole room.. "There are rumours that Miss Fields.. Sorry, sweetie.. Yevie.." He corrects himself and winks at you in a way that would be attractive if he wasn't so darn cocky.. "Is going to be abducted from the Carrington Corp building in three days time by the Senator's people... And I want you to let them take her.."

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